JAPAN is Sinking!

Japans stability has been compromised and there is evidence supporting the possibilty that Japan could eventually slide off the ocean shelf it is stting on and crash into the ocean!

As powerful earthquakes continue to jolt Japan and radiation levels near Tokyo are rising, the Asian country’s authorities are considering moving the capital to another city.

The most probable location for a new capital are Osaka and Nagoya, according to ITAR-TASS. Both cities are located near international airports. novinite

Geologist Athula Senaratne “more earthquakes are likely”

More earthquakes are possible to hit parts of Asia, including Japan and the Chinese border with India, according to a Sri Lankan geologist.

“We can predict another earthquake occurring in Japan between April 16 and 20. One in China closer to border with India between April 14 and 16 and one in Indonesia’s Java, Sumatra regions between April 10 and 17 ,” Athula Senaratne of the Peardeniya University’s Geological Research Department said. Full article: ufo.blogger

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26 responses to “JAPAN is Sinking!

  1. I was praying this would not happen, as this was a prophecy of Cayce and Nostrodamas.

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  2. OMG! The news here getting dumber and dumber. Greetings from Japan!

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  3. Yoda, if you are in Japan, I pray you, your family and all of Japan remain safe through this horrific time. Our thoughts are with you.

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  4. Yoda your a wanker… that you dismiss the suffering of all those poor Japanese people who are enduring all these disasters with great strength, honour and humility, just shows how inhuman and insensitive you are…

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  5. Geeeeze …. this is a fantastic report!!!
    Many thanks

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  6. I’m here in Japan also,
    Come one guy’s do your research, this video is in Chiba Prefecture where they have filled soil into the bay and build ontop of it, so naturally when the earthquake hit the Sea wall cracked allowing the sea water to seep into that filled soil, Japan is not going to fall into the ocean, I agree with Yoda this is a dump.

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  7. I meant dumb, and Believer, I don’t think Yoda was being insensitive we are writing about the first video on this blog Japan is not sinking.

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  8. This is just the begenning, soon there will be more to come. The whole planet is in trouble. Why is it that we need FUSION CENTER by FEMA build by Halibirton in the USA? To contain the rest of the Popullation after all but the ellite and a few lucky one exscape. Mass CHOAS! No food,water,electic,$$$ is worthless, and Gold,Silver will be worthless too. Guns,water,food is going to be the most important think on this PLANET.

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  9. Is Japan really sinking into the Ocean? I’ve been hearing from unreliable sources, that within some cities of Japan, streets are flooding with the surrounding seawater. People have said that the earthquake had damaged the underground sewage reservoir and the sea is seeping in from cranks between the sea and sewage cannels. Some have also seen water boiling up from the manholes. When will the nightmare end?

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  11. Ask Henrick at redice about me if you feel what has just happened is significant.

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  12. “Japans stability has been compromised and there is evidence supporting the possibilty that Japan could eventually slide off the ocean shelf it is stting on and crash into the ocean!”

    which idiot wrote that rubbish?
    japan cannot “slide off the ocean shelf it is sitting on” as it is not sitting on an ocean shelf as implied – japan, like all other land on earth, is part of a tectonic plate – the part that is above water – the part of the plate above water is not separate from the lower plate and cannot slide off it into the ocean
    the plate japan is part of might well crumbling or be gradually sliding under the pacific plate, but japan is not going to slide off anywhere

    posting this nonsense is just prolifigating ignorance & misunderstanding

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  13. According to the satellites, Japan has already tilted 25 ft. You all better start reading your bibles because thats where Nostradamus pulled his “prophecies” from. Keep thinking its not going to happen! The same has been said about California. If those earthquakes keep happening of course water is going to submerge it. I just feel bad for the people there chosing to ignore this.

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  14. I think all these stories just scare people for no reason, who once start looking at all the other events/forums etc start believing in the “end of days” “end of the world” and so on.

    The video footage of so called “is Japan sinking” was most likely taken close to the time of an aftershock, and was also in an area that was built on reclaimed land. This has already been stated in many forums and on other video footage.

    I live in Christchurch New Zealand, land area similar to Japan but we have a fault line down the middle of the South Island. We have had 2 earthquakes a 7.1 and a 6.3 abut 5 months apart, the 6.3 was a much stronger quake than the 7.1. In both quakes even though the main shaking had stopped the liquefaction and water started coming out of the ground at all different times for 20 minutes or more in some areas, causing the ground to sink and move. With every aftershock more sinking of the ground, more water, silt and movement to be seen, more buildings start sinking/tilting etc.

    So this video of ground moving and water popping out, several minutes after the quakes/aftershocks is certainly no surprise to me. Also some aftershocks can continue to have a rolling/rocking motion just like at sea, you can trust me on that we have had over 6,000 aftershocks since our first quake.

    As for Japan falling into the sea “read that in a few places” OMG are you serious …. I’m no expert but if you look at the data and distances etc it would take Japan millions of years before it was even close to the coastline sinking into the sea…. What so now there has been an earthquake off the coast of Japan, all of a sudden it’s sinking into the sea…. Okay then, I say wait for the real scientific proof not a bunch of people trying to tell you “it’s the end of the world”.

    At the end of the day what can you do about it, nothing. Just get out there help others and get on with life. Start worrying about things that we have no control over we may as well not even be here in the first place. Before you know it everyone will be on anti depressants living in caves.


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  16. I do agree with you effestein. Land mass does move gradually but the movement will intensify if earthquake becomes stronger and frequent. There were old ancient japanese cities under water already perhaps happened during few thousand years ago. I absolutely believe some very very very terrible things are about to happen to the earth in randomly manner. Prepare yourself. Not world ending and I never believe in end of the world…..I feel we all die first…the world still not end yet. Disasters are certain.

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  17. Giselle Wilding

    Yes I agree it cannot actually slip as it is part of the earth’s solid structure (do any of your remember the silly congressman who thought an island would sink or tilt because of the population?) but what would happen if the poles shifted or the planet flipped as has been talked about?

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  18. I do agree….just look at spain….more terrible things are coming

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  19. countries can… theoretically ‘sink’ into the ocean through tectonic movements, however this is highly unlikely for japan. Japan sits upon 3 tectonic plates, two of the plates go under japan pushing it up, and the otheris pushed away which equalises it. The chances of japan sinking are almost nil, whereas the chances of the country being ‘displaced’ by sudden movement are more likely.


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  20. The bible says in the last days things would happen unimaginable to men eyes.I don’t want to judge on these vids am seeing but what I think in the time we are livin in nw we have to look out for all kinds of things.

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  21. Congratulations from China for one day The Asian-Virus-Japan will sink into the ocean!

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  22. I’m from Korea where the most near country from Japen.
    Now Korea, is very confusing about this happen.
    Korean netizens are debate of this: ‘help or not’
    Japen and Korea are haven’t a good relationship, but I think we must help Japen
    ‘Pray for Japen!’
    (please understand if I’m wrong in English. Korea don’t use English^^

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  24. Japan is going under and so is other countries inclding Egypt and Thailand as they are a Delta and the water will rise only 50 fet all over.

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  25. Japan is not going to sink at all. The pacific tectonic plate is going under and Japan will ride on the top. The Pacific is getting smaller whereas the Atlantic is getting bigger.

    Thailand is only 2 to 5 meters above sea level. Eventually the ocean waters will cover Thailand but none of us alive today will see this event.

    India will be the first to go under as it is mostly all at sea level and India is also going under the Himalays mountains. The Indian plate is sinking and not rising.

    Again none of us today will ever see this event but might see some signs of it say around 2300 AD.


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