Possible Meteor Seen From Southern California, Arizona and Nevada – Sep 14, 2011

An object that may have been a meteor was seen streaking across the sky on Wednesday night, September 14, 2011.

But what exactly was seen in the skies across the Southwestern U.S. Wednesday night? Was it indeed a meteor or, perhaps something more mysterious?

NASA officials announced this week the now-defunct Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is expected to fall back to Earth in the coming weeks. There was no word on whether what was seen Wednesday was that satellite.

Reports say that the object was seen in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada in the United States.


Please see the latest update, video below

Witness: I was at a football game, at Desert Visat Highschool, recording, and I caught this at the last second. and yes it was today!


LA. Now: Fast moving object, perhaps a meteor

ABC15: Glowing object flies across PHX tonight

ABC15: Reports of ‘glowing object’ flying across Arizona sky

MSNBC: Multicolored fireball in sky dazzles Southwest

Source and author: Sheilaaliens *  (youtube)

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14 responses to “Possible Meteor Seen From Southern California, Arizona and Nevada – Sep 14, 2011

  1. So it’s space junk. Simple.

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  2. Yes. Obviously from out side the atmosphere, and definately artificial or constructed.
    But Man made space junk is accounted for in most all cases. They know what, and when it will fall within hours.
    Any notion that suggests that nassa does not have an exact time for large known orbitals to re-enter earth is a false hood. They track them quite well. So WHAT is the object, and Why is it entering with out warning?
    Was it Shot down, tampered with, forced out of its orbit or flight path? If so, by whom and why?
    I think this mystery is more than merely a common piece of space junk falling.
    Because it was Very large to be seen by so many across so vast a distance.
    I do not by that it may be the weather monitoring device that nasa claims will come down around elenins closest to earth trajectory time.

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  3. It’s the roof of the nuclear power plant in Japan. It blasted into space and is now returned by aliens because it was dangerously radioactive glowing :P

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  4. I’m about an hour south of Puerto Penasco Mexico and I saw it too last night

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  5. Pyramid UFO over Hebei Luannan, China, Sept 9, 2011

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    • PYRAMID UFO’s are my Favorite.
      Mostly because the majority of sitings have that smaller orbital diamond rolling around it.
      I like that it seems interested in the nuclear power plant below.
      Good close up.
      ~ V.

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  6. last night in ventura county my daughter and I heard what we thought was missiles/rockets testing in the sky. The whole sky rumbled like a explosion in the sky.. Maybe this was this object entering our atmosphere. However we did not see anything,, perhaps due to the fog. anyone else hear that?

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  7. I saw it also, but I live in South Louisiana. My cousin and I were talking about it this morning on our way to work; had no idea that this thing was making headlines. The strange thing is that I saw it tuesday nite around 9:30 p.m. I was outside smoking looking at the stars, facing north-west. Then this white ball of light came from behind me and dissappeared on the horizon(treeline). It was identical to the video, but it was so fast it created the illusion of a tail. I’ve seen numerous sky phenomenon(including hi-tech craft, comets, meteorites, etc.) This was very different. It didnt appear to be burning, just illuminated? WTF?

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  8. may be that just a satellite pass the sky….
    or the effect of the light???

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  9. I saw it on my way home from school and it looked like something out of a movie. like a giant green shooting star

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  10. VARAKIENEN – if any video deserves srutiny by experts, this one does. Has it been submitted to analysis?

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    • UNKNOWN.
      Damn, my caps lock. Im too tired to go back and re-write. lol

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  11. Wow….the two remind me of of a “supertanker being led by a tow boat to dock it at a harbour at bay”
    though in this case it might be that the larger pyramid ufo is processing/cleansing/assessing/neutralizing the nuclear plant below, under the direction of the smaller baby ufo.

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  12. I am convinced that the bright object seen Sept 14 was my dad going home.
    We stood at the hospital around his warm body in shock, Sept 6, 2011.
    He had died suddenly from a blood clot caused by a finger injury that required surgery. For over 45 years he sacrificed, loved God, provided for us 10 kids, worked tirelessly at church, gave to missionaries and those in need. After he was saved in April 1967 at Bible Baptist Church, I never saw him swear, drink, go without a shirt, miss church , help the needy.
    He went without necessities so others might have. One in a million.
    Scripture backs this up.

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