Weird Deep Sea Creatures (60 images)

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Weird Creature

Fanfin Seadevil





Shovelnose Guitarfish Mouth



Weird creature







Elephant Fish Mouth


Dragon Fish

Basket Star

Pale and transparent Holothurian


Hairy Frogfish


Vampire Squid



Bat fish



Brachionichthys hirsutus





Viper fish

Strange japanese fish

Spider crab


Lancet fish

Pale red Acorn worm

Snakehead fish

Angler fish

Funny fish

Bathypelagic Ctenophore

Fangtooth fish



Basking Shark Mouth

Black Chimaera

Hatchet fish

Scaly dragonfish


Deep-sea jellyfish

Benthic Holothurian


Weird Creature


Angler fish

Polynoid Polychaete worm

38 responses to “Weird Deep Sea Creatures (60 images)

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  2. wow, that was real cool

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  3. awsome site it really is! ^.^
    the picture below the Scaly dragonfish and above the Deep-sea jellyfish is (from what I have seen on different links) a see-through sea cucumber

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  4. Robot fish??! lol

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  5. alucinante ouf!!! viaje a lo profundo y obscuro de el infinito oceano !!!

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  6. Dekaballas fotis

    The pic between the monkfish and the lionfish is a monkfish also found in mediteranian sea (in the regeon of Aegian) an i can tell you from personal experience it makes an exelent soup

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  7. The red creature thirteen up from the bottom captioned ‘unknown’ is a salp. (Cnidaria)

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  8. ewwwwwwwwwwww yucky!!!!

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  9. The Black Chimaera is A Goblin Shark actually and I’m pretty sure the Axolotl is just a mud puppy and the Rhincondon looks just like a whale shark.

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  10. Oh the topist one i thought it looked like it had hair so i thought it had a thing for a more stylish hair like mermaids do in the storytells. (mermafish-ids)
    the big look a like fish, looks like a shark and whale so it must be a whalark for a halfer
    and for the unknown on the top it looked like one of the character in disney so it could be goofyfish
    and the one that looks like it had a flower on the jelly fish can be flor a(spanish way of sayin flower)-fish
    and the last on can be beauty jellafish, for it’s beauty of a stylish looks because it looks like it was waring a dress…
    i thought they had their own unique in style and funnyness…

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  11. some of these look like they have faces,like a hybird of some sort,

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  12. Didn’t they first find the frill shark after the japan earthquake-tsunami? Its a shame it didn’t live.

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  13. Some of these weird fish are cute :)

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  14. I’m NEVER swimming in the ocean again !!

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  15. I hope they find more wierd animals

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    in our past life i didn’t saw this sea Crreatures thanks for this images & some of this are so sweet e.g.funny fish

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  17. Man that’s some strange shit, cool, love all the strange and weird in this world

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  18. those ones with the crazy fang teeth would really freak me out, on a dive!! ~leaves trail of bubbles~ yeah i agree with others, some of them are pretty cute! this makes me wish i was on a dive trip somewhere,, warm & beautiful.. :) sorry i got off track!

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  19. Could someone please tell me what the hell the 10th one is!

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  20. The creature between the scaly dragonfish and the deep-sea jellyfish is a sea cucumber found off the Golf of Mexico.

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  21. barekye Innocent

    thats so interesting!!!!!!!!!

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  22. Very cool!

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  23. So weird!!!

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  24. A lot of these are misnamed. For example, what you call a “black chimaera” is actually a goblin shark. The unknown thing that looks like a red mouth is a comb jelly. In addition, the robot fish you have listed is actually…a robotic fish, not a real fish that lives in the sea.

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    • haha yeah i know right? i actually just looked it up. but you gotta admit, these are actually pretty cool

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  25. The 10th one ehh? As you can see the white things that are sticking to that thing ( maybe a log or a floating object like wood i dont know ) are barnacles.

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  26. this pictures are awesome, and i think that there are more weird creatures out there. these are weird for sure and can give someone a heart attack.

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  27. Helbert Tedoso

    Wow.So amazing.

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  28. pictures are awesome, and i think that there are more weird creatures out there. these are weird for sure and can give someone a heart attack.

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  29. Back at brad. Hey, i’m studying to be a marine biologist! well, of course i have to get through high school first :) but still, i’m pretty sure that that is actually a cluster of the deep sea mollusks that live near the hydrothermal vents

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  30. These pictures of weir creatures in marine life were reaaly amazing. I think it would also be a great giving some scientific information’s of all these specific organisms would be helpful to the tazonomists and learners. And i would also like to know someone could help me out with the scientific name of the Deep sea jelly fish mentioned in the picture please.

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  31. Pretty much baloney. I mean, misnamed fish, same fish with different names, and some of these are not even found in the deep sea. Spider crab and a few others are found near the costs. And a lot of these are old news, not “unknown”. I suggest a legit and professional website for these kinds of pictures.

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  32. its really amazing i want to see more…

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  33. I know a lots of these animals and not all are real but i do know one (since im a pro diver and love my work ) the vampire squid is indeed real i have seen two at 200 ft below one just stared but the other attacked me and scared half of my face and arm and almost severd my air in take and after that i’m tell’en you people to respect the ocean please, its a force sronger than you or me.

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