UFO-OVNI Fleet, Night Vision Daylight (not visible in Normal Mode)

UFO-OVNI Fleet, Night Vision Daylight, recorded date 31-Oct-2010 by ZXRwarrior (youtube)

images of ufo/ovni fleet

Source: ZXRwarrior (youtube)

3 responses to “UFO-OVNI Fleet, Night Vision Daylight (not visible in Normal Mode)

  1. I saw the very same thing on a clear day in August in Socal.What appeared to be a moving cloud, v-shaped,slowed and broke-up into about six objects.These silvery-looking objects were of different sizes and reflectivity and stayed in a loose formation as it drifted n/e for about 20 minutes.So thankful to have seen this post.


  2. calling occupants ? One can only wonder


  3. Don,t know if one needs night-vision goggles to see these,although I do have excellent vision and still see two moons of Jupiter. The objects I saw in August,had a hazy cloud with them,and it seemed to dissipate when the objects spread-out. I tried to show someone else, but they could not focus their eyes enough to see what I was looking at. The cloud with the objects came from the same area as the recent sighting of the slow moving missile, airplane mystery off L.A the other day.