The Solar Numerics, Sunspot Cyles, 2012 and Warnings for Indonesia?

Clif High: The Solar Numerics, Sunspot Cyles, 2012 & Warnings for Indonesia?!

The 26,000 year solar winding (magnetic pressure) cycle, which is displayed to humans (and other life) here on terra in the form of the ‘sun spot cycle’ that is variously considered to be either 22 years or 11 years in length begins with the now, somewhat notorious, 87 day magnetic winding cycle.

This cycle is responsible for the volcano problems now facing the Indonesian populace. As forecast from the August 1, 2010 solar disruption, the Indonesian volcano eruptions and earthquakes commenced on schedule in advance of the October 27th day of the completion of the most recent 87 day ‘bit’ component to the larger cycle.

The next 87 day bit on this cycle completes on January 22, 2011. For many reasons, i suspect that the volcanic activity will increase (along with earthquakes and really strange weather) nearly 2/two weeks before that day. The ‘anticipation’ of the actual day of the winding lap (Jan 22) is due to the lack of release of the magnetic pressures affecting the sun, as well as the continuous build up of magnetic pressures here on earth.

The thinking is that as we progress further into each of these 87 day cycles, the amount of ‘anticipation’ and ‘carry over’ from previous cycles will increase. So as an instance, August 1 of this year produced only 5 days of geomagnetic affective actions, where the beginning of the next cycle that occurred on October 27 is *still* producing activity in the Indonesian islands. So as we progress into 2011, i suspect that the activity will join together at both ends such that between one cycle and the next full 87 day sun polar ‘lap’ cycle, the activity, with volcanoes and earthquakes and such, will continue without significant decrease.

It is my OPINION and personal conclusion that the most likely cycle for a complete 87 days of earth activity will be the cycle beginning on July 15th, 2011.

The thinking also is, that as each cycle is encountered in our progression through 2011, the amount of intensity of earth activity will escalate. Here at HPH we have some internal debate about how rapidly the escalation will progress, however the next 2/two cycles, that is to say, the ones starting on January 22, 2011, and April 19, 2011 will ‘tell the tale’. That is to say, we should be able to plot/chart the activity levels of volcanoes and earthquakes from October 2010 through to June and then project the trend line for increased energies impacting our planet into late 2011 and 2012.

It is also our conclusion that the 26,000 years (approximately) larger solar cycle has, and is showing, definitive harmonics within the solar magnetic cycle. As the planets spread themselves out in a harmonic fashion, it should come as no surprise that cycles within the sun caused by the planets would also exhibit such harmonics. Soooo…the 26,000 year cycle has a 5th harmonic of 5115 years ….which is…guess what? the length of the Mayan Long Count calendar! And other harmonics (3rds, 8ths), as well as this 5th harmonic ALL show climate and crustal changes here on earth (historically). It is also our conclusion that these harmonics are manifesting in a scalar fashion and can be found down to the level of mere days.

So the warning to the residents of the Indonesian Islands, the Malay peninsula, and SE pacific plate regions in general is that this part of planet earth is currently demonstrating vulnerability to these solar effects, and as the solar effects will continue to escalate in frequency, duration, and intensity, changes to life patterns, locations, and requirements in the region should be considered. There will be many reasons that local officials and governments will NOT want to consider this warning, and my theory/conclusions. And i presume that they will argue very fiercely that my conclusions are incorrect. The next year will settle any such disputes. Any officials in the region are invited to contact me should they feel the need.

Next few bit days in the sun magnetic lap cycle:

January 22, 2011 (expect earth reaction from January 7 onward).

April 19, 2011 (expect earth reaction from February 25th onward)

July 15th…continuous impacts from this point through 2013.


The type of meditation i practice began with vipasana (a technique) and continued through chan (zen) and taoist and yogic techniques to my current practice which is described in the hui ming ching. (a good translation into english was done by Eva Wong).

masa katsu = short carry phrase for ‘true victory is victory over self’.

and as we say on the aikido mats of universe (i am convinced aikido will/has been ‘discovered’ on other planets)….

with respect…let us begin (‘the work’ is implied).

Author: Clif High

Source: halfpasthuman

One response to “The Solar Numerics, Sunspot Cyles, 2012 and Warnings for Indonesia?

  1. I love your post here as I’ve known for a long time without scientific evidence that most of what is behind the Earth’s ongoing recycling phase was our sun/star/Sol but of course in combonation with all else.

    Then at the end of this post I noticed your spiritual practice and there is a great deal I can say about that, which has a start in a video series I’m doing that the following url is part 8 to.

    I chose to give you part 8 because it briefly brings together both Hindu and Buddhist thought as I am sure all the records termed religious and/or spiritual are ONE record of highly evolved beings that literally created all we that exists and that they are NOT space aliens in the normal context of the term as space aliens from ALL the reports have either mammalian bodies or reptilian, thus they reproduce, need food, have sex, and die after a period of time, all things that these beings from the Level Above Human have outgrown, the training of which has been given to countless humans and human equivilent civilizations on Earth and/or throughtout the Universe.

    I was a student of Two individuals whose souls were clearly from that Level Above Human. They were miles in advance of even all the ascended masters. I could say a great deal about them and if you are curious (though the tendency will be for most to write them off quickly instead of examining what all they said and did), then start from my first Part of the series that should come up if you go to part 8.

    But yes the process of purification involves selflessness BUT and it’s a big BUTT, becoming selfless is great but when one or more of these members from that Level Above Human are or have been incarnate then the only way we can evolve mentally AND physically above and beyond human is to instead of being selfless, give our SELVES to Them entirely.

    That can’t happen now as these TWO left their physical bodies to return to pick up the physical bodies they had before they did this recent task.

    So here’s the link. Their names were Ti and Do and they were the same souls who were called the Father and Jesus and the Father came this time in a female vehicle.

    and this is NOT a new religion nor Christian in any shape or form nor is it raelian, etc.