UFO hologram planes spraying chemtrails

UFO hologram planes spraying chemtrails. Exposing UFO Planes video taped near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, January 28 2009 and video taped near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, July 21, 2010


January 28 2009

July 21, 2010

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Source videos: FakePlane (youtube)

7 responses to “UFO hologram planes spraying chemtrails

  1. These holograms have nothing to do with UFOs. It is clear that the powers projecting these images are black and malignant either US or British misnomer “Intelligence agencies.” Most likely US with military assistance. Also all those UFOs of triangle shape ~ belong to mortal beings connected with black ops to instill and maintain a certain amount of fear in us.

    Like the 911 caper ~ death toll 10M+ & rising, the use of holograms has been thus far, successful, in creating the “terrorist” agenda. If we look more closely at our secret black ops and intelligence budgets, there will be found traces of hologram funding ~ it is too bad we don’t have access to those records at the moment. Soon the world and everyone in it ~ will have access as Light and transparency will reveal every secret and this will banish any fear ~ especially ~ when those who are responsible are held accountable. We knew this day was upon us just by how much of the old system is falling to the ground but it sure felt like a long time coming! Remember that the Afganistan war is about Opium and CIA et al funding of massive criminal activities. This hologram op is just one more of the same.

    Say hello to a bright new reality playing now in your community!

    And so for a very short time, it continues… Look closely and see these events for what they are~~~disinformation to maintain fear. False flag activities. We’re not bad, it’s UFOs, Taliban, North Koreans, Iranians. Creating old & new enemies. This must also stop within our own hearts if we are ever to graduate into galactic citizens. We have full power over our own fear and we must say, “Fear be gone!” And so it is… transformed into something good, kind, and useful in our lives and fear is banished from the kingdom forever. We have, indeed, outgrown it. xoxox


  2. The us has had holo tech for awhile its wasn’t that long ago that there was talk of its use to bring on a second coming of chirst in non conforming countries


  3. dave struthers

    I’m sorry- I just don’t get why Holograms of planes are appearing in the skies. What’s the point? That’s like projecting holograms of cars onto roads!! Woooo!!!


  4. Holograms of planes with chemtrails are being used to promote fear. They seem to be warming up to greater more complex cartoons in the sky for our enjoyment and terror. If it were holograms of planes alone it would be odd but not necessarily alarming.

    Let’s think about this: Many know about the toxic nature of chemtrails. We could get together and stop flights from airports and eliminate them if they are real. A hologram on the other hand is an illusion to promote FEAR out of thin air.

    Fear is the enemy because it is the opposite of empowering. It is meant to be paralyzing. When we become aware of these sick tactics ~ we empower ourselves in light and love rather than toxic darkness. This enables us to transform fear into knowledge.

    Current events reveal that our corporations and governments are not working on our behalf ~ they have used all of Earths’ resources and kept us imprisoned in fear. Then in slavery taken of our sustenance.

    Fear is how they an accomplish this and it has come to an end falling of it’s own weight which is one of pure unalterated POWER and GREED. Ignorance is not bliss. Once we become aware, they have no power over us and balance is restored. xoxox


  5. dave struthers

    Many thanks for the response, Darla. You’ve certainly done your research! I just don’t see what’s so scary about it. A fire breathing dragon, perhaps- but planes? They’re an everyday sight.


  6. If they are using holograms , then as the bible says the anti-christ will cause the people to worship the image of the beast . Did you get that the (image ) of the beast thats deadly wound was healed or appears to be healed . I also read that a fake rapture was going to be brought about . And that holograms would be used . But , to make you think you missed the rapture highly religish people would be removed and taken underground . But read the book of revelations , the first rapture accures in revelation 20: 5 . It says this is the first resurrection . But if you follow revelations 3:7-10 you can have Gods protection through this whole thing .


  7. Yes, this is true, we have God’s protection ~ and we are under Divine intervention. The Chemtrails have actually been stopped for real, these holograms are the dark instilling fear ~ as if to make us think they are still happening when they are not. They want us to think they are real. Just a thought, can make us ill. It’s how they’ve maintained control over us for so long. Keeping us in the FEAR MATRIX. We are leaving it now. Adios!

    They are not allowed to do this poisoning of us anymore. Celestial beings are here and watching over us. They are modifying things that were meant by the dark to harm us and they are actively “neutralizing” and modifying them. You will see much UFO activities in the Sun and all over the Earth ~ as we are being assisted towards Earth and our own Ascension into a higher frequency of being. Nothing can stop this evolution from occurring now. It’s your choice whether to participate and allow your own consciousness to be raised up into a higher level of vibration.

    Towards happiness and bliss instead of wars, destruction, and scarcity.

    It is by our Source and Creators’ Decree of Heaven! The dark’s days of power and control on Earth have, indeed, ended. They are very numbered now ~ so be of good cheer. All great and good things are upon us now. Many of us believe and think, it’s about time! Look and be prepared for many great changes to come to all of us and soon.

    We can see and feel these changes happening within and around us every day now ~ if we pay attention at all. Turn off those TV sets and get out of the FEAR MATRIX and pay attention for once! Become love, it’s the wave of the future instead of darkness! Love is your ticket to ride!

    Much love! xoxoxox