UFO Secrets of the Black World

Area 51 is the most mysterious “top-secret military test facility” in the world. New technologies vital to United States national security are developed here. Insiders claim that even recovered spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin are studied and test flown at Area 51. In a three-year investigation, a German film crew dove deeply into the secrets of “Dreamland” and Area 51, interviewing top scientists and security personnel who worked inside Area 51 and claim to have seen what can only now be described as alien spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. This program presents the facts about these amazing discoveries and includes stunning film footage of the remarkable flight maneuvers of these mysterious alien spacecraft secretly recorded during test flights at Area 51.

Source: UFOTVstudios (youtube)

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  3. Area 51 has been relocated to Hill Air Force Base near Ogden, Utah, referred to as “Tooele” by insiders. The land belongs to the State of Utah. The Space Command, Research, and Development has less to do with National Security and everything to do with Black Ops. Researchers can have a field day looking at records there if they so desire. Even if it takes another eon through the Freedom of Information Act ; )

    Its military and space operations are the largest employer in the State of Utah. Information is ripe for the picking of activities surrounding it including the Dugway Proving Ground and Testing Range and an extensive underground base of operations in the Utah desert. A pretty extensive area and great cover for the new Area 51. How could we have missed it?

    Disclaimer: The State of Utah has not paid me to bring in tourists, researchers, investigators, or more spooks even though, I have a zillion relatives there and an LDS background.

    I am also not in the employment of the Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy, CIA, NSA, PBS or any military agency who seeks fame from public speculation. It is possible, however unlikely, I am compiling a script for a Hollywood movie that stars some of my family members who may be out of work and need jobs.

    Attention focused on the old Area 51 site is no longer valid, it attracted so much attention, the site was moved. The ramifications of it’s new location, it’s cover, protection, and what continues to be done there in our name ~ will be enlightening to say the least. I can’t wait for you guys to get on it. We have come to a time when all secrets will be revealed and here is a key for you to unlock that door.

    To learn more about the site ~ go here:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hill_Air_Force_Base ~ and here:

    Let love prevail with everlasting residuals and may the bounty of Heaven be upon us all. And so it is… xoxox


  4. Darla, thanx for the new info. about Ogden , Utah! I am way out here in Cali, but now I have another reason to visit my friend, Larry B., who lives in Ogden.
    Ofcourse, that is all up to the Universe, and Publisher’s Clearing House!