NIBIRU Is Coming!

Direct ‘google’ translate from Dutch: Last week, the media brought out that we in the near future, half sun in the sky can come to expect. This could be done even in 2012, according to astrophysicist Brad Carter.The question is why is just now reporting to the red star Betelgeuse supernova erupting ,while known for some years.

Could it be that the intention of deliberately created confusion because of some otherphenomenon, expected by many, soon will be shown? Maybe Nibiru?

Given the tumultuous changes at the surface lately it seems to indicate that Nibiru is coming. Who the messages follows the sinking of Indonesia, the recent floods includingthe east coast of Australia and Brazil, the entire series of volcanic eruptions in recenttimes, the turmoil in tectonic plates around the world and the mysterious animal deaths,could these things actually fairly simple to each link .

Earth changes: Cover-up and misinformation

Through the mainstream media including the floods in South Asia and Australia due to extreme weather, while in most cases even of severe rainfall. The flooded areas are still bright after week. Shifts, tilts, rises and falls of tectonic plates are now among the established cause. Also, volcanic activity has increased dramatically, where little or no attention is paid by the media, unless there are commercial drawbacks.

Much of what is currently happening all, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, bird and fish kills, the last time through alternative news sources on the use of HAARP sheared. This type of information is often deliberately brought out using so-called “shills” to the gallant people – in their quest for the truth – to mislead about what is actually happening. Usually while clever use of credible and convincing characters or spiritual or scientific sites, where roughly 30% and 70% correct information is presented by desinfo. This information is then further spread by people who accept as truth.

One has to bear in mind that a large part of the alternative media subtly infiltrated to truth seekers on the astray, so too, the following rule applies: “if you lie often long and oftenenough repetitions will the masses finally as true. ”

In short, we can from all angles much orchestrated misinformation to expect the truth about the current state of affairs is not to come out.

Magnetic and physical pole shift

The magnetic fields of the Earth are changing. The magnetic north moves now in a performance pace to Russia. Aviation and shipping, which have their navigation on this tune, increasingly need to calibrate their equipment. Recently,  a Florida airport’srunways to adjust even by this shift.

Currently there are east of Florida in the U.S. military “testing” instead of GPS.  FAAAviation Organisation warns pilots of disturbance and loss of GPS signals. According torumors, it seems a cover to go to a sudden disturbance of the magnetic field in thisregion where the Bermuda Triangle is. It therefore seems to exist a connection withprevious incidents have been reported in the Gulf of Aden and the Dragon Triangle near Japan. It was already known that in May 2009 is a Stargate near Florida would begin toopen. Presumably it is now following the “magnetic anomalies” in Aden and Japancontinue to ‘activated’ and this leads to the disruption of communications and GPS.

Although not (yet) officially acknowledged, it is clear that not only there is a shift of themagnetic poles. Diving left and right there is increasing evidence that the Earth is alsophysically makes a tilt. The Inuit, an Inuit people of Alaska, said last year that the suncame up at a different point than in previous years. Recently, several reports followed inGreenland,  Alaska and Norway that the sun a day or more early rises. This alsoindicates a change in the position of the axis.

Add to this also many climate change, snow and bitter cold or extreme heat and droughtin places where it hardly ever earlier.

If the tilting continues, the official bodies ultimately not escape notice here about it to thepeople.


The star Betelgeuse is known as a red supergiant in the constellation Orion left to find.This second-biggest star of our galaxy at any time a supernova, but it can also take some ten thousand years. Betelgeuse Star


Planet X or Nibiru in Sumerian texts refer to a red dwarf star, once in 3600 years from entering our solar system. He would follow a path between Jupiter and Mars, before hestarts his way back, the unknown space. The passage of Nibiru may earthquakes, floods, food shortages, diseases, meteor impacts or volcanic eruptions worries as theSumerian texts speak of a similar event, about 11,000 years BC. The Bible says thisevent known as the Flood.

Hopi and Mayan prophecies

The old traditions of the Hopi about the Red Kachina, who shortly after the release of theBlue Kachina will show. The Blue Kachina refers most-likely to Comet Holmes, whicherupted to more than the size of the sun and was seen in the last months of 2007. TheRed Kachina,  which apparently refers to Nibiru is also described as the ‘purifier’.

The return of the Blue Star Kachina, also known as Nan go Sohu, the alarm clock thattells us about a new world, a new way of thinking and doing. Then the changes begin.They will start as fires that our fires, we will burn up in conflict and desire as we do not remember the ancient wisdom and return to a peaceful way of life. Not long after thepurifier will come, the Red Kachina, the days of purification will bring.

Accordingto Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men, points out that their calendar Tzoltze ek, “theirname for Nibiru, arrives in 2012. Given the Mayan / Aztec calendar the most accurate, compared to others, is calculated by their arrival, within the possibilities. They describeTzoltze ek ‘as a planet that an elliptical orbit around our Sun travels, but compute theorbit at about 6,500 years instead of 3600 years on the Sumerian clay tablets indicated.Nibiru /  Tzoltze ek ‘visit us four times a cycle of 25,920 years.

It stated that the seventh moon Hunbatz One of Tzoltze ek ‘fueling the Kundalini – the energy that

the seven chakras, the power points along our spine activates.  Tzoltze ek’will also activate our genetic memories and all the pyramids on earth and under water.

The news behind the news

The reporting that the man be brought on the floods that are currently mostly north of the southern hemisphere play, serve as a cover-up of tectonic plates shifting. Parts ofIndonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia,  New Zealand are therefore white. Continentslike South America and Africa, are pulled apart, allowing water flows inland. This is thecase of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and the desert in Ethiopia.

In reporting on the star Betelgeuse, each moment can explode into a supernova, andcould be seen around the year 2012, there were bells ringing. Are we dealing with adistraction task that will soon have to explain the appearance of Nibiru? Nibiru, like thestar Betelgeuse a bright red color. They are both located in the constellation Orion. It seems therefore obvious that when it comes to a cover-up goes, these things togetherto bring to mislead the public about what is actually in the sky to see.

In January 2008 Nibiru was photographed by the American Admundsen-Scott SouthPole Station (SPT) telescope in Antarctica. The photos were shown the followingcoordinates: 5h 53m 27s, -6 10 ’58 “. On Google Sky to the respective coordinates,located to the west in the constellation Orion, just to see a black plane. Although requests to Google were asked why this area was leveled, yet remains a response.

Watch these videos about the pictures and the censorship of Google:

Fear of apocalyptic consequences

Nowhere is evidence that the Earth will be destroyed. Only the media and Hollywoodplay on fear scenarios that you already know the target. Of course it will here and theresome volcanic eruptions, shifts in land masses and a gradual tilting of the (magnetic)poles lead, but given the many previous occasions that Nibiru passed, turned the Earth and life even when just, either with some unexpected changes and discomforts.

Extreme discomfort as much as possible weakening

“There will be, what progress we make, unfortunately, always be people who havebecome fearful because of the predictions of hell and damnation. It‘s for them become apart of their belief in a catastrophic end to an era, and events on Earth This would seem to support. However, it will over the months not get worse, and in no case reachapocalyptic proportions. Mother Earth must have its input into what is happening andalso increases its vibration, but its goal is not excessive destruction cause. The negativeenergies for many centuries in the Earth fixed, must be eliminated and should be readyfor Ascension. Our presence means that we can all help to the extent of damage limitation, and that we can offer protection to those affected.

You weather patterns continue to change and whether it is natural or man-made, it will eventually come to rest and more balanced. The extremes that you are experiencing now, are less frequent and temperatures will in all respects enjoyable. The Earth willregarding animals and other life forms be re-arranged, and beauty will return in areasdevastated by the Man. (Contact: 17 januari 2011)

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27 responses to “NIBIRU Is Coming!

  1. john lee sullivan

    Can anyone else verify the Google Earth blackout on those co-ords? There are increased amounts of extreme weather around the world which are not making it to mainstream news. And there are no reports of a pole shift. We need MORE proof, to be able to accept stories like this.
    There IS increased extreme weather, we ARE experiencing food shortages around the World, the Worlds Governments are ALL struggling with the economic situation, but all these things can be explained rationally, without any out of this World interference. We need proof from EXISTING members of NASA or Governments to come forward, not disgruntled ex employees, and until they do, all we will ever read or hear are just conspiracy’s


    • John, I can confirm that there is a giant black square on those coordinates. I am not surprised. It is not the first time I have come across a black square on GE, that appears to be hiding something.

      Joyce, could you Please take your argument/statement of religion someplace that it belongs?


    • Another black square at 23h20m38.77s 18 07 54.32
      You should be able to copy and paste those coordinates and it’ll take you to it.
      A black rectangle at 23h46m02.92s 18 46 45.99
      You may have to zoom back out a bit to view them.


  2. NO ONE on earth can do anything from now on. ALMIGHTY GOD, THE CREATOR OF ALL, has raised HIS righeous RIGHT HAND, and NO ONE can stop HIM!! All this new age, or ‘so called religious’ b.s. is just that. HE has started what HE promised HE would, and all who are not taken to Heaven in an individual rapture, because there are SO FEW of HIS FAMiLY on earth, will absolutely experience His extreme WRATH for their DISOBEDIENCE to morality and goodness and against HIS SOVEREIGNTY. I give HONOR , GLORY! and POWER forever and EVER to ALMIGHTY GOD!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to these cowards of evility and torturers of God and HIS family. You are ALLLLLLLL DOOMED to fire and brimstone as HE PROMISED! THE TIME IS NOW!


  3. yes I too have checked and it has been blacked out by Google, very odd, area of Orion, and 2, why cover it up? ummmmm, we all know we cannot trust the Government lies, and rubbish they spin to us all. there is something going on all right!


  4. I have known about an seen the black out on google maps for some time now. An yes it has been confirmed that the poles have shifted before, an are currently shifting agin. Our north pole is now in siberia russia now. Do your own research folks, the answers are out there. Google north pole in russia. If they are not shifting, then why is santa clause in russia now?


  5. When the google translation is this bad,why bother ?


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  7. were all going to die eventualy one day possibly


  8. Pooky… that isn’t true. This earth/hell is just a final battle field started in heaven. NO one dies. We just go back to one of the two places we came from. My guess is you lived in Heaven. I KNOW that is where I belong.

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  9. hi everyone… im heard about planet X also know planet nibiro. and i search in youtube about that planet and i was shock what possible happen in our earth. is that true about planet? do you think we all die? i have 2 years old baby girl, she is to young. DO YOU THINK IS THAT TRUE? can you give me or send to may email the lates update about nibiro and tha exact location now. thank you….


  10. John Lee Sullivan,
    There is a wonderful comparision with all three space telescopes showing how each has blocked out the same section of the sky: Google Sky, the Microsoft Telescope, and the WIKI scope. Here is the link for the video:

    Common sense says that the world governments would HAVE to hide this info to prevent world-wide panic. A more cynical viewpoint: the wealthy running the planet, want us, the worker bees, to keep things going like normal so that they can easily transport themselves and their families to the deep underground cities. Google DUMBs and SUBs along with UFO for more info on the Deep Underground Military Bases and Submerged Under water Bases that are all over the world. JP Skipper does an excellent job of exposing their possibility at certain locations:

    One of the Russian DUMBs is reported to be 40 square miles under the mountains!! The rich and powerful are going underground along with what the ancient Hopi call the Ant people. We are left up on the surface to deal with whatever comes from space, so get prepared.


  11. John Lee Sullivan,

    Here is part of what you were asking for, it is a wonderful comparision with all three space telescopes showing how each has blacked out the same section of the sky. Google Sky, the Microsoft Telescope, and the WIKI scope. This is the second time I posted a reply to you, the first didn’t show up.???

    Common sense says that the world governments would HAVE to hide this info to prevent world-wide panic. A more cynical viewpoint: the wealthy running the planet, want us, the worker bees, to keep things going like normal so that they can easily transport themselves and their families to the deep underground cities. Google DUMBs and SUBs along with UFO for more info on the Deep Underground Military Bases and Submerged Under water Bases that are all over the world. JP Skipper does a excellent job of exposing their possibility at certain locations. His website Mars Anomaly Research covers many things, including these bases, see

    One of the Russian bases is reported to be 40 square miles under the mountains!! The rich and powerful are going underground along with the what the ancient Hopi call the Ant people. We, the last of the surface people, have to take care of ourselves.


  12. The Blue & Red kochina’s are visible folks , look through the chemtrails in Eastern USA AT SUNRISE & SUNSET , they’re here & they are coming soon, were done for , go to 2010THECOUNTDOWN’S CHANNELL & search “”Nibiru Visible Now”” OR just seach it on you tube , this guys wife got a incredible picture that includes a 3rd object on top of the blue & red planets that are here ,, WE ARE IN FOR HARD TIMES !!GOD HELP US ALL ,,SAVE US !


    • I am yet to see them , i’ve been looking ,. have u physically seen them yourself ??? we should be able to , but i’m still yet to see them ?? i hope i don’t but i did see 2010thecountdowns picture !! wow!!


  13. Here the deal! Pretty sure someone has something similar before but here goes. Personally, by the so called “evidence” people have thrown out there I have yet to be convinced Niburu is real. For those who say “the government is just trying to cover it up to prevent mass hysteria, control earths population, etc” I have a few ideas to consider. First of all, the number one worse way to die is not to be decapitated, car crash, murdered, is to be sentenced to death. When I say that I am referring to those who receive the death sentence, those dying of natural causes and given a time limit to live, etc..and their deaths are so terrible because they know about it and know that there is absolutely nothing in their power to change it. That is how I feel about these 2012 conspiracy theories. If it is meant to happen, it will. There will be now rock big enough to hide under, no hole deep enough to crawl into and certainly not another planet close enough to be immediately inhabited should earth be destroyed. WE ARE ALL DONE! So you can live the remaining year and half in fear that something (which may never even happen) is going to kill you or you can enjoy this beautiful creation our Lord has blessed us with and stop coming down on our government over speculations. IMO our spirits are largely connected to our earth and surrounding universe. When we start freaking out and acting crazy, so do the remaining organisms around us. We are all composed of intercommunicating energy (and that is a scientific fact). I don’t fear the end because I know my Lord has complete control over any and all events that take place. If he feels it is my time to go home, then guess what? That is where I am headed. Same rule applies to everyone else who is rattled up by all of these radical theories.


  14. You people are trippin hard on this nibiru stuff, there isnt a brown dwarf star, there isnt a Black carbon star , we just have comets and a few astroids flying around.. Earth isnt going to end, nothing will hit the planet.. Just like it was said May 21st, then it was july 7th, etc.etc.How much other shit are you going to swallow before you understand , tomarrow will always come..


  15. Yes where is the proof of all these subjects ? where is the pictures of the brown dwarf stars ? Where is the proof of the black carbon star ? where is the proof Elenin will hit earth ? See no one can produce any evidence of any of this.. I have my telescope up at night , Im out till 4am at times , I dont see nothing but, satellites circling out planet ..Google sky is a picture of space from the year 2007 , so ya cant go on that !! You cant go on the goverment , ya cant go on anything armature astronomer’s say & their not saying nothing , and they cant seem to find anything from positions all over the world..And what is this (answer from an alien from Andromeda ) have you seen these video’s ,? An alien from another dimension giving information to a human to post on line ? Give me a break….! Ive investigated myself, Ive read about every article ,watched every video ever made on this subject and none of them had hard proof of the exsistance of any dwarf star, carbon star, or a fact earth will be hit by a comet!! Have you people recieved ant proof pictures or been told by a proffessional astronomer that shits gonna hit the fan ?? See …Nothing !! Im from Missouri & we are the ( Show me state ) S —– SHOW-ME-PROOF !! — Ya cant !!


  16. @wheeler… its good to know that your a professional who knows the universe and for sure you will know a lot more than myself and most here.
    I am open minded and i am learning more each day about astronomy etc so i personally value your input here and do you have a website or do you post your findings from your stargazing exploits?
    it would be good for us maybe to see so we can maybe compare and also maybe we can see the real positions of stars, comets etc instead of edited photo shots, videos.
    i am only assuming that your someone sitting on the fence here and not a NASA or similar goverment employer who is here to debunk any conspiracies as we can only take your word against others here so maybe you can give us your proof if you have the time and then we will all be wiser?


  17. johnanthony Alberola

    I’m only 2 weeks into this. I found out while googling naphillum the offspring in Noah’s Genisis story. It’s been like a vivid dream ever since. My neighboors friends all now know. I even contacted my son after 13 years of astrangement. Emailing him to meet me at a designated place of refuge I had chosen and for him to google Nibiru. But this story makes me appear mad I am sure!
    The evidence is overwhelming.
    That asside, on day one of discovery of this imooending catastrophy. i played a video on utube thats been taken down. On it a man was click zooming into constellation leo. He may have claimed to had gotten somehow into hubble if i recall correctly. But as he zoomed he encountered what was a dome shaped ,light blue, translucent, forward facing “man” made in appearance, extreemly large device. It had a cross that ran top to bottom side to side. I’m not implying a christian type emblem but a frame work. Zooming through the trans lucience the man stated “and there it is Nebiru!” Further expounding on the 7 total planets and how this is whats coming and and that it appears to be on a course for earth stating why is nasa hiding this from us. Comments please!


    • i think you need to calm down mate, do you still have the inactive video link? there are ways to find the same vid again without the original link. But without seeing it for myself its hard to make a judgement.

      Also i find it very hard to believe that this guy hacked the Hubble space telescope, those things have 5 layers of encryption code and smart firewalls, that can detect hackers and the computer they’re using, to break through (in talking about secure government computers), and anyway for him to get images from it and zoom it in he would have had to have been in the control center himself, you cant exactly use a joystick from home to control a billion dollar device in space.

      Sorry but until im presented with evidence this doesn’t sound very plausible



  18. Live in very South east kansas. In summer of 2007(?), (could have been a year either way). Anyway, I saw 2 suns setting, close together, enough room for about 3 in between, to fill up the space. What was it? don’t know. It was about 30 mins before sun would have been fully out of view, in the horizon. Heard no one else comment on it, a year or two later, I read other people were seeing similar.
    Believe it or not, it is what I saw, and No, I do not think it was a reflection.


  19. Live your life instead of worrying about your death.