UFO over the old city of Jerusalem?, Jan 28, 2011

Witness: This morning around 01:00 AM at the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm, i was witness(with another guy), an amazing ufo aircraft over Jerusalem old city (mount Moriah) Dome of the Rock,Temple Mount,قبة الصخرة, הר הבית.

Slowed and Zoom

A second witness was seen filming the UFO event

The UFO is seen descending almost to the level of the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount, the spot where the Al Aksa Mosque stands and the Jewish Holy of Holies is believed to have been located once.

One Jerusalemite, Mr Menachem Ben David, a resident of the Talpiot. Mr Ben David on seeing the video himself, claims that he was walking back from late night prayers at the Western Wall when he did notice an unusual flash of light: however he did not see any UFOs.

Unusual Flash Of Light:

It seems that there is at first a flash from the leftside, before the ‘UFO’ flash!! TWO FLASH LIGHTS!!





Interestingly, ancient Jewish texts talk of a ball of light that would descend to the Temple to ignite the sacrificial altar in days gone by. Was this ball of light being sent down by aliens?

Update: Febr 01, 2011


No flash and background taken from Wikimedia

This video only shows how easy is to reproduce what happens in the original video. Created using CGI..

Two Videos  (video 1 and video 2) Synchronized, THE SAME TRUE..

Update: Febr 02, 2011

Here is the 4th witness: Video 4th angle


Here is the 4th witness video synced up with videos 1 & 2, the two other most likely to prove authentic in my opinion.

The light flash is consistent, as is the acceleration speed of the object as you will see, unlike witness 3’s video.

Update: Febr 05, 2011

Special analysis FLASH LIGHT

You Decide…

Images: Taken from the video clips and enhanced

video 1 -Source and author: eligael (youtube)

video 2 -Source: supergia007 (youtube)

video 3 -Source: Allnewsweb (youtube)

video 4 -Source:  MarkHicks121 (youtube)

video 5 -Source: xbatusai (youtube)

video 6 and 9 -Source: supergia007 (youtube)

video 7 -Source: chich234 (youtube)

video 8 -Source: DISCL0SUR3 (youtube)

55 responses to “UFO over the old city of Jerusalem?, Jan 28, 2011

  1. I saw this go down Ok. Please tell us exactly where it went down to on the Temple mount!!!!! Then I see it quickly leave like it got spooked and left in hasty manner.

    Write back.’


    PS too bad you did not zoom it in.


  2. Whoa! That is frakken amazing, and if it is real, which sure looks to be, then that was a spectaucular capture! Would sure be awesome if we could find somehow to translate the Hebrew (if that’s what the witnesses are speaking) into English. Is there anybody on this site who can do this for us?
    If this is the real deal, then we should expect to hear alot more about it SOON!


  3. I examine this footage about 20 times. This object came down very fast and it appears to have hovered between the Temple Mount Dome and that Islamic building on top of the mount. The height maybe perhaps no more than 100 feet. I have suspected for a very long time that the original Temple itself was situated just in front of that Islamic building about maybe perhaps 20-30 feet which would be the spot where the Ark supposingly rested at the left corner of the damn Muslim building. The Dome itself is where the Romans worshipped the gods which was Jupiter and they had their temple there which was enclosed by Fort Antonia and also had the Praetorium there as well. The guards quarters were at the northern wall.

    If any of you wish to know where I have placed the temple itself you need to get a aerial view of the mount itself, and its located right where those trees are located close to the western wall, specifically the last row of trees which to the right of it is the southern end where the damn Muslims built their stupid building. The temple itself was built east to west not north to south. The front door of the temple itself faced east to receive the sun’s morning rays and the rear faced west which was near the sacrificial area where they killed the heifers etc. It is this spot where King Herod was able to view the activities daily.

    Now here is the facts. Muslims came on to the scene in around 720 AD. The Jews had this place themselves for 2 thousand years before the Muslims ever came into the picture. The Muslims have the Medina and the Mecca and they are still not satisfied. These same bastards want to build a Mosque right on the spot where the World Trade Towers once located. Go figure. If anything I cannot stand Muslims because to me they are GARBAGE because they scrounge around taking over spots held dear by other nations or ethic groups. These Muslims are extremists and they are pure ISLAMICS.

    If there is going to be a battle, it will be the western people vs the Islamic people known and called as Armageddon!!!!!

    If I had it my way, and if I had the power and ability to do it, I would take that entire mount and place it at the deepest part of the Mediterrainean Sea and be done with that controversy forever. The deepest part of that Sea is over 2 miles down!!!!! At this point everyone can go back home since there is nothing to bicker about technically. Then maybe there will be peace finally in that region since the flashpoint is GONE.


    This UFO came down right at this spot, and was doing something which caused a huge flash of light to occur and it took off so fast it disappeared before the next frame on that video. I think that UFO knew exactly what it was looking at especially at that spot.

    The intriguing part here is that there was a instant flash like when a person takes a camera pic, only this one was a big flash and its gone.

    Wonder what they will do with that Mount too?



  4. PS As for me I don’t belong to any kind of religious outfit on this freakin planet. All those religions are false and its man made PERIOD.

    Besides I don’t need them either. They can excommunicate me all they want and it will not do a damn thing to me at all. hehehehehehehe.




  6. Is there a moderator for this site? This is ridiculous!


  7. To Deb and others;

    I have voiced myself in such a way that I made a presentation of what I thought the aliens might do, and it seems to me I get crucified because others think its crazy let alone feel offended or think I am spewing hatred. Its not hate I speak of, its facts and reality because actions have shown of what they have done up to now.

    I have put down questions here and there and has yet to get answers because none of us can answer it except if and when the aliens do tell us at some future date.

    I also presented in a objective manner seeing how the Jews feel when some intruder puts a building down upon the Jewish holy site. None of us has ever attempted to put down any religious building at Mecca or Medina let alone claim that turf belongs to them.

    Lets look at this both ways OK. I myself do not fully support the Jewish but can understand how they feel regarding their specific site. How would you like the Muslims and Islamists build their holy site right smack inside the Vatican??? Again the point is where is the respect if they do that?? Is this freedom or is this a takeover deal.

    The Palestinians 2,000 years ago never complained that the temple or the city belonged to them and that is well proven over time as Nebo (for short) also respected the Jewish claims including but not limited to Ancient Rome as well. If you look back Palestine encompassed Jerusalem in ancient times but Jerusalem was Jewish territory. So Palestine and Israel are both of the same but respected each others claims without controversy. Why the controversy today? Simple – no one put a stop to it when it first started and it festered like a cancer pimple that grew and became entrenched etc., to being next to impossible to solve the problem today.

    Those who have visited the site, can see what the Islamic/Arabs are doing to the site desecrating it little by little building mosques on it.

    Where is the respect here??? Their actions speak louder than words. We are humans and have feelings and thoughts tied to our emotions, whereas the Aliens may or may not have. Yet they are far more intelligent than we will ever be and might have experience things we humans have not yet encountered up to now.

    In my opinion we are not ready for the Aliens as we have not yet learned to respect others, and get along without some war or controversy such as the current incident taking place now in Egypt and elsewhere.

    For the Aliens to step in and intervene it will be one huge monumentous task to accomplish, because many in the human heiriachy will complain and object etc., but to do so they also have to make a decision of who gets the break and who doesn’t. You, me or anyone have no say so in this regard as it is them that will and have the power to do so. We perhaps can voice it to them but the ultimate decision is theirs and its final. Again this is speculative at this time because we still do not know what the real objectives of the aliens will be.

    People tend to be confused what contact and seeing is and somehow are trying to tie it together. Contact is one thing and seeing is another thing. We have yet to be contacted but we are seeing them all over the globe in a rather large fashion. It would seem to me that the aliens are now forcing the humans to recognize that they are around and many now are becomeing more aware of them. It is the governments who wish to remain quiet on the matter but sooner or later they will be forced to spit the details out like it or not.

    So pick your grand entrance theme ehhh. What better way for them to really make their appearance and let all to see??? May I suggest the Super Bowl when over 100,000 at the stadium can look up as well as the cameras that signal the game worldwide can see it live and every media source will have a record of its appearance. Then they do this to other countries around the globe involving major sporting events. In a way this evens out the field to not cause disappointment to other governments. At that point the governments have to unlock their silence and make the announcement.

    The aliens are not going to select a specific country of which to land to make the official contact. The official contact will be done inside one of the motherships out in space, thus avoiding another controversy that can brew because other countries lost face as not being the host to the visitors etc. Forget the United Nations. Its not going to happen there. Does this make any sense at all???? At the same token it will be beamed back to the planet of this incredible meeting so all can see and hear of what took place.

    At that point we will know ourselves of what their true intentions are to humanity as a whole. I hope its a good agenda, but then again things can turn ugly as well.

    As to Anons seething note to me, I could care less because they are the kind that love controversy and they are the kind that remove some of our enjoyment in life restricting others of the right to express themselves be it the government or others, like it or not. They like things to be separated and they don’t fully comprehend what unity means inside the hearts and feelings of others be it of religious event or national event. Their dogma permeates the air with venom.

    I rest my case, and I have spoken be it true or speculative at most. The rest is up to you. So for me its back to THE ALIENS. hehehehehehhehe.

    Take care



    • Hi Daveyo…..I agree with you on the part where you said we are not ready to encounter aliens just yet…..My belief is that if we all can learn to get along with one another and stop the racism and violence and hatred, then maybe we will be ready, but until that day comes we all have a lot to be working on…. Peace Tisha🙂 But as for this video….simply amazingly interesting and looks very, very real to me……It just makes me wonder why we are not hearing more about this kind of stuff more….


    • Just another zionist full of hate and lies. you know zionist is a derogatory term and it is meant to belittle your hypocracy and racist filth of so called ideas. First of all, when you start ranting about the hate you have for muslims you only expose the smallness of your organs and thoughts. I understand that you’re afraid and this talk is coming from your mamal instict of fear, and you should be; however, remember how truth shall set you free one day.

      As for the UFO like thing hovering over the dome of the rock; if anything, a muslim should take that as a devine sign that god is the protector of his house and no man or force has the ability of covering his light no matter how much they connive. Especially with this taking place while the dictators who kept your hopes going started to fall one by one and all the things you were taking for granted started to change around you. Remember that spot is the dome of the rock, your long raised temple is never proven to be anywhere near that site or spot and all you know are hypothesis and guesses.

      Which brings me back to your mamal instict of fear. You will always live in fear for as long as you live a life dedicated to lies and injustice. For as long as you feel and act like like somehow you are special and others are not because they are not following your way of life and thinking. Every injustice will eventually be corrected and every lie will eventually be exposed and the only way you can live in peace is when you truly respect others the way you want them to respect you. Peace is the only thing that can protect you; not higher walls or bigger guns or political alignments.

      As for suggesting you existed there before palestinians, even your books say that when god finally took pity on you and managed to safely lead you out of egypt and into the promissed land, the first thing you did was to ethnically cleanse it from the palestinians to set shop. So you’re just doing the same mistake you did on day one and never learning from it if those are your beliefs. Brother, change your ways and maybe we all shall know peace.


      • To Muslim
        Granted you have a right to say what you want, and you put yourself right smack on the problem. That TEMPLE MOUNT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOUR RELIGIOUS GROUP>>> PERIOD. You people should get the hell out of there. You want peace then leave other peoples religious grounds alone and stay with your Medina and Mecca.

        That UFO PROVED TO EVERYONE, precisely who owns that mount. That UFO went over to the spot where the trees are at, precisely 600 feet from the Southern Wall and 600 feet where the former wall of Antonia went from East to West and parked itself right where the former Temple of the Jews once existed and told everyone just where its at. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

        It did not hover over your goddamn Dome, it did not hover over your goddamn Mosque. With this it became CRYSTAL CLEAR who owns that MOUNT.

        Your damn Muhammed is a farce, and I have burned, sat upon and ripped opened your stupid holy books, and I have a drawing of your f*cking Muhammed face and would love to publish it. Call it whatever you like, and if you want to put a mark on me, then so be it cause I will shoot you dead on the spot if any of you get near me.

        Its not you I hate, ITS YOUR STUPID IDIOTIC RELIGION and of your actions of what you have done over other peoples religious sites and or revered sites from the past up to now the present.

        Your Religion does not respect the rights of others religious beliefs or revered site and you practice immorality. Not to mention of how you treat your women into total submission, and of your laws allowing baby girls to have sex when they become of age. If any of you not believe it, look it up on the web of about marriage laws in other countries.

        You want to call me an infadel, then you are worse than I. If able to do so, I will have no problem myself and I can get my own army should I choose to do so, and invade that Mount with the permission of the Israeli’s destroy your dome and your mosque, or burn it for a nice party making tasty marshmellows and or send it all back to Mecca and restore that mount back to the Jews, and then leave.

        But I will not have to, cause the UFO aliens will settle this problem their own way and they also know the truth.

        So to Muslim your argument is worthless and has no basis or grounds worthy to negotiate to me or to anyone that is opposite of you.



    • VolatileXIII

      You both act like children, this is exactly why “they” (our “Gods”, our possible creators) will probably never return with kindness as “their / his / hers / its” creation is ugly and destructive.

      We, humans as a SPECIES, not races / groups / classes need to clean up our act.

      We’re using up our natural resources WAY faster they replenish, all while killing eachother over said CREATORS namesake.

      You don’t know what the CREATORS name is. Nor did the person who wrote your “holy” books; the first time or whom rewrote it the billion times.

      We need to live as a whole, support the whole and raise the whole. No money. All love.

      And I’m the most violent person I know.
      I do not KILL and I do not STEAL, those are MY commandments. I am like the tree on a hill, observant and willing to bare shade for anyone who needs it.

      Besides, if any of your “Gods” do return, which if they do, for some reason (actually, a very educated guess) I think they’ll be coming from the skies in golden flaming chariots with one thing in mind. Destroy the abominations, as they are parasitic and hypothetically feed off the blood of the lesser.


      • Volatile

        True, but here is the problem. If for some reason worldwide governments start to scale back on the resources used, many will begin to complain as they are being stripped of their necessities for todays world. Furthermore in doing so, prices will increase on the remaining items not yet stripped.

        Therefore what got started cannot now be stopped unless a brand new excellent fuel source that can be applied to many applications of todays needs comes around, that will not use our resources, or damage the environment, or cause dangerous effects to us humans or animals. This particular source must be able to sustain itself for years without the need to replace it.

        The only ones who have this capability is the aliens that surround the skies today.

        If I was to ask these aliens 4 specific requests it would be these as follows:

        1. A fuel source that is renewable by itself and can last for many years without danger to humans or animals, the environment, and such has many applications and not be dependent on Earths resources.

        2. A major medical advance that eliminates heart & lung disease, cancers, deadly viruses and bacteria, (example> our head colds) diabetes, etc., and a chance for us humans to have at least a double or triple lifespans and at the same token get the population worldwide back under control so it can reduce itself gradually to allow this planet to sustain the existing people.

        3. At least some kind of technology to defend ourselves from outer space threats, and a way for us to explore our own solar system and understand outer space better.

        4. To teach and educate the humans now existing how to live the right way, correct our horrific economic system, and to eliminate the present dangers that now is bestowed upon us, and for us to educate our children properly which is the parents responsibility to ensure all can get along without prejudice and or discrimination regardless of who and what your are, and to ensure that we can put our skills to good use.

        If we can achieve these 4 things, then I think we will have a better world at least better than what we have now. Its at least a start in going the right direction so to speak.

        You mentioned you are violent, and if so what way are you violent???



      • VolatileXIII


        All we have to do is overthrow the system. Dump the dollars in front of the banks. Have a system based on NECESSITY, NOT WANT.

        1, 2, 3 & 4 could all be explained by the Venus project.

        In quick, though as it’s 5:11am here & I’m leaving to train.

        1. We already do.
        2, 3 & 4. If we focused on the PROPER fields, not spendin trillions upon trillions on the GARBAGE MEDIA.

        I train MMA, have been in the arts since I was like 3, my old man is a 5th in Oikiryu Jiu Jitsu, I’ve been training part time my whole life, but the last 4 or 5 months has been 5 days training a week, thai / grapplin / dirty box / freestyle / silat / jeet kune do, I do EVERYTHING man.

        I used to do some shady shit in this garbage government town back when I was a younger cat but now that I’m growing up I gotta use my fighting skills and violent outbursts to make some mula since our FUCKING society is retarded and insists we SLAVE instead of living and creating things while being FREE. But yeah, in short, I’m more of a “warrior” than a “diplomat” and my “diplomatic” skills are off the charts. Hahaha.


    • you petty pathetic person


    • lol at you all, our brains have been programmed by books,movies, cartoons and so on to believe aliens exist.
      the people behind this are the zionist, the people who run the u.s and israel are trying to run you too by making you believe in these so called aliens. the amount of money these two nations have can cure the world of hunger yet instead they use it too build super technological ‘spaceships’ to make you believe what they what you to believe, they are force feeding you crap and your just accepting it. technology has advanced so much in recent years. these nations have technology that is 35 years or so more advanced than we can imagine. they are keeping this technology back for themselves and their evil zionist plans. wake up people!!! can this be so hard to believe really? who ever thought you could watch 3d-tv without 3d glasses, i didnt yet look at what they have just invented. wake up people, stop letting them program your brains!!


  8. Shaun Brocklesby

    It has already been claimed as a hoax? . However,the tourist footage from the Ladies is unusual…….


  9. Everytime I see these videos I get excited! Last night I heard some guy talking about it on Coast to Coast. (It wasn’t George Noory, or any voice I recognised.) I think the news of this sighting is gonna tip the scales my friends!


  10. I do suspect that flash came from above and not from that UFO. I also saw red orb dots going around in circles after it went up. I suspect that another ship was above that white UFO and that one sent the instant flash downwards. The white UFO went straight to that hidden spaceship which did not want itself exposed and then it left. According to those videos, that UFO hovered between the Dome and the ??? building on the south side.

    Why would the aliens take a snapshot showing one of their ships is above the Mount? I would think it will be their way of having evidence showing they are genuine. Hmmmm. Something is brewing on this particular thought.

    With two different videos showing the same thing at the same time, and a witness statement regarding the flash, which means it more likely came from above, this one looks about as genuine as it is shown..

    The speed of that take off as it went up is totally mind blowing indeed. Definitely a crushing G-force if not protected.


  11. The first thing I thought of when I saw the flash was that it was a signal from the “mothership” that meant “times up, get back to the ship!”, and that is why the “scoutship” booked out (up) so fast. That is just my silly little theory anyway.🙂


  12. Hi Deb

    A plausible possible theory and it is quite intriguing indeed. What surprised me was that hidden ship hovering above and showed itself just faintly and partially only until after that white UFO went up.

    Deb did you noticed something regarding that flash from the frames they showed here. Take a look at the light ABOVE that white UFO. If I am not mistaken, when you take a pic like from the camera that flash does not go behind you but forward to the front right??
    This would technically eliminate the flash coming from that white UFO. It appears the white UFO left about 0.5 seconds after the flash took place.

    We have seen on one video from NASA of how fast they can take off from space, but I don’t think up till now we have seen such take off from the ground here. That definitely was a super duper G-Force of some incredible amount. We have seen missiles so to speak, taking off, but not what you and I and others see on that video.

    If a military were to try to take a shot at it, they would not have a chance and would be seeing their shot go thru thin air.

    A very scary thought of what those Aliens are capable of doing and of their ability itself. In a way we are slowly being tipped off what they can really do.


  13. Eeeyiyi, I just typed a 2 paragraph post, and lost it because I typed my address wrong. *rolls eyes and grunts* Gotta go now, back later.


  14. On the fourth video wow, nice work for you to prove that video 1 and 2 to be genuine.
    The fourth video gives you a better pic of how the flash took place, and it confirms my suspicions that it came from above because it covered a wide territory around the mount. Also it does confirm my suspicions earlier that the craft did hover between the dome and the ??? other building. Now we have a pretty darn good idea where the original Jewish Temple was once located. That UFO did everybody a very big favor which now the Muslim/Arabs/Islamics lose credibility over their claim.

    That UFO was so fast going up when I tried to freeze the frame all I got was the bottom trail of it. Man talk about the speed of it. Whew.

    Good job.


  15. have you all ever wondered if the flash creates a sonic boom, and thats why these birds are dying in a one mile radius?


  16. did you guys ever wonder if the flash from the UFO, or IFO if you will, creates a sonic boom as a biproduct of being able to take off that fast…and this sonicboom is whats killing birds in a one mile radius?


  17. Hi Devin
    I have not heard of any birds dying within a one mile radius after this incident. Can you provide us some supporting genuine proof of this.

    It is an interesting question of how they are able to defy the sonic boom and us humans not hear it especially that particular night. Again this is where human knowledge ends and alien knowledge begins which proves they are highly advanced.

    One plausible theory might explain this. Their ships are capable of being able to absorb or remove resistence in a way that it cancels out the sound barrier, regarding the air itself. But how that is done I have no idea. This is totally different technology.

    Report back and submit the evidence regarding the birds OK.



  18. Daveyo,
    I think your theory (about the lack of sonic booms) is very plausible!Btw, it is nice to see your posts have been more “reader friendly” lately! Well done!


  19. Daveyo in response to the lack of sonic boom, i frefer you back to my theory on the local directed gravity field. In my theory i explained to you how a localised gravity field (if adjustable) would be capable of removing G-forces, and also would have its own MACH levels while having no impact on the gravity outside the localised field, almost like 2 gases passing through each other (both are assimilated together with little affect on the surroundings ie no sound barrier is broken). Dunno if you get what im saying but yea its all technical and theres no way this sort of tech exists to humans, its pure physics. (ps in antoher post you refered to getting my wife and kids together, im only 18 mate lol)

    Peace out


  20. Hi Luke
    I understood your theory and about the g-forces and plum did not know it also involves that soud barrier as well. Somehow I forgot or missed it, hehehehehehehehee. Yep your theory now that I recall definitely makes sense. They are able to somehow take the gases so to speak and cancel each other out thus having absolutely no resistance/friction I believe that is the word to most anything. wow. I do know they are able to resist intense gravitional fields based on your theory. But did not connect to the sonic boom until you brought it up.


  21. Oh I did not know you 18 years old. Ahhhh welcome bro, much is yet to come as I have experienced it for over a half century. It is much easier for you to grasp things now, but us old farts have yet a lot to learn to catch up. hehehehehehehehe.


  22. well what i was referring to was all these birds that have suddenly, and very randomly seem to be falling out of the sky as of lately.
    its just a hunch really.
    But it almost saddens me to talk about this stuff anymore because my family and friends think im going crazy. Especially after the jerusalem incident a few days ago and absolutely NOONE believes me.
    What do you guys think i should do?


  23. Hi DevinL
    I do believe you do live in and around Jerusalem. Also I do believe you must be of Jewish decent. Therefore I have a simple question to ask of you and will help you on your question as well.

    Is it true that the Temple Mount area is a NO FLY ZONE. The reason I asked this because I would like it to be confirmed by a resident of the city and knows the mount as well. That is the only question I wanted to ask you.

    Now to your question and predicament. Just show them the videos Number 1 and number two and number 4 here because those videos are genuine without any insertions added. Straight from the camera itself OK.
    If they not believe you don’t worry and at least you have told them. When the real shindig begins and it happens it is going to be their suprise but you already has been told in advance and has seen the evidence leading up to that specific unknown date when official contact is made.

    As for me to convey to you, I don’t trust the aliens because I do not know what their true intentions are and of the reasons why they have moved up the time table to be making so many appearance all over the globe. Everywhere even in China, Russia, USA, South America, South Africa, and all over in Europe even in Poland etc and so forth. Just about every major country as far as I know. We are seeing not just one on occassion but fleets of them and they fly in precision as well. I am approaching this with caution and would rather stay at a safe distance and play the wait and see game. I certainly don’t want to be in the front lines when they are around. It can go either way being a friendly dialogue or a nasty surprise and things go ugly. Understand what I am saying????

    As I have mentioned before, Planet Earth is considered PRIME REAL ESTATE that holds and sustains life. Aliens that do interstellar travel look at various solar systems to find planets that can sustain life or has a abundance of resources that they need and seek. They have found planet Earth, and at the same token they also have been around for thousands of years and such has been recorded as far back to the Sumerian clay tablets, and ancient astrology. With regards to this it is possible as a theory these aliens might be our creators which would explain how we came into existence.

    Also it is possible the Christ that has been recorded in the books of Josephus and in the Roman archives as well it might be one of theirs that appeared here 2,000 years ago. Don’t know. Just a speculative guess. None of us today can verify this but if they do tell us this part and prove it, it is going to be one of the biggest shockers to all human species at present time. You also have to keep in mind how they described things in ancient times is vastly different to todays language and descriptions. So techinically its hard to match it up or perceive to what they were really trying to say. Example Look at the book of Daniel, and he describes it by means animals and in those days chariots was the in thing so to speak for transportation.

    I don’t really know which of my theories is correct but one of them is going to be awful close or none at all.

    If you gave it some thought why would a UFO alien craft decend right on top of the Temple mount and even more so positioned itself between the dome and the mosque on the south side of that mount all that there is on top in this spot is trees if I understand it correctly.

    Well Devin I also know that is where the Jewish Temple once stood and the holy of holies is just in front of the left corner of that Mosque building about 30 feet give or take. It is near that last tree on the right row closest to the Mosque.

    Any co-incidence that the UFO was right over that spot???? and had a picture taken from the other hidden UFO above it. They also knew a few people will see this incident and that was their primary purpose and left before the Israeli air force scrambled to action.

    The Islamics, Arabs and Muslims have been very quiet about this because they know that UFO caused them to lose their credibility.

    The Dome once housed the temple of Jupiter which the Romans built, and also the praetorium was located at that same spot. On the northern wall was the Roman quarters. There was also a wall that divided the area going east to west just north of the Temple itself and that spot is where Titus was when the fire broke out. The Temple was 600 feet from that wall OK At the same token a battle was ongoing and the zealots threw a flaming torch inside the temple causing it to burn. Titus tried to save it but could not as recorded by Josephus. Here is the one thing that shocks everyone when Josephus recorded saying the Ark of the Covenant was not there and no where to be found. In other words your High Priests at that time deceived all the Jewish people and were lied to for many many years. The last known sighting and record of the Ark was at the time of King Solomon and David. I suspect the Ark is with them NOW buried someplace and well hidden and it will not surprise me that it might be found if it is inside the Temple mount itself. Only one person knew where they were buried and the ark itself was precisely located and that was your prophet Zechariah. We do know that when Nebo (for short) invaded Jerusalem and destroyed the first temple, they had no possession of the Ark and that too has been recorded. So where did it go???

    Anyway, you have the videos as proof, just remember it well, because something big is going to happen in the near future and trust me you won’t have to wait too long. The aliens are stepping it up now so sooner or later we will all find out.

    So hang in there and be vigilant and watch the skies around you and keep checking on the internet so you can stay up to date with it. If they not believe then that is their problem. It is up to them to choose. OK.

    As for you be smart and use your head and stay cautious play it safe ok.

    Talk to you later



  24. Hey you daveyou!
    was just wondering how can this crazy ball debunk the Muslim claims as you said! Hum! Quite interesting! What if this indeed reinforces their stance? I’m not mean or even interested in the whole story, but honestly I just saw how much hatred you hold toward Muslims while you kept talking about peace and bla bla! By the way I’m a computer engineer and can very easily make a crazier scene buddy! Shalum


  25. Hi Mel
    Nothing to do with hate here at all. Its simply facts. What I don’t like is the way the Islamics/Arabs and Muslims keep trying to change the facts to point in their favor. They are very crafty to throw out deception and it fools so many people.

    Lets put it this way. If you notice that the Arabs/Muslims will not argue or lay any claim to that mount back around 587BC when Nebo came around and destroyed that first temple. Also if you noticed that during all of BC and the first say 650 years AD there was never a mention of any Arab or Muslim or Islamic claim to that mount. Furthermore, all foreign nations and ethic groups respected the right of the Jews to have their own Temple to worship on and all those years it was on the Temple Mount.

    Now the Islamics come upon the scene creating their own new religion at around 750AD. In the meantime as time went on the Crusaders came into existence and did their shindig shall I say and then they built a building where the Mosque stands today. After that, the Templars occupied that spot. When they left the scene a few centuries later then the Arabs came into the picture approximately around 1500 AD. It was at that time then they laid claim to the mount, whereas in the meantime the Jews were still there and still owned that mount.
    All this time it was PALESTINE!!!!!!! The name Israel never came into existence until after WW2 ended. Ever since that time, they also divided the city almost in half most particularly right over the temple mount further causing more problems.

    Then you had the 6 day blitz war which the Israeli army took over the temple mount and the Arabs were screaming like a baby about that Mount. Why the Jews and Israeli’s caved into them is unknown to this day.

    Now you got the UFO that decended down out of the blue while a few people happen to be videoing the deal and it went right between the Mosque and the Dome and parked itself there the exact spot where the former Temple of the Jews once stood and a snapshot flash took place and it went zippo right up so fast it shocks everyone.

    None of this has anything to do with me OK.. This is right where we stand now. What the UFO did lends more credibility to the mere fact that the Temple of the Jews was at that location and the claims by the Muslims and Arabs and Islamics got shot to hell as it was never ever their mount to begin with not to even mention the fact their claim it being the 3rd holiest shrine to their religion is full of hogwash. They have the Mecca and the Medina and yet they are not satisfied. They also want to claim the spot where Moses got the tablets. Now they are trying to build their so called mosque right smack at the World Trade Center Towers where it went down. WHY????? That is revered ground to the American people who lost their lives and died in a fashion caused by Islamic fanactics!!!!!! The Islamics now are trying to bring insult to us Americans by building one of their icko’s so to speak which grates the very being of my nerves being a true american.

    The Islamics are the ones causing all the world’s problems now and bring so much controversy you will not see peace until a war breaks out between a group vs them. This is going to happen at the pace they are going. Take a look around you and you will see for yourself. Has nothing to do with me.

    When I speak of Islamics, this includes Muslims, Arabs. All 3 of them.

    Trust me, if you had a piece of land, and claim it to be a religious site for worship whatever you choose for religion, and gains a strong foothold, you can bet your sweet peas the Islamics will be right there knocking on your door trying to take over the spot. They have been doing this for a very long time. If they could and if such opportunity comes they will definitely try to place one of their shrines right smack inside the Vatican which is revered by the Catholics.

    That is just they way they are as their actions speak louder than words.

    Good luck.


  26. you all need to go to serpo.org it will explain alot about the intentions of aliens supposedly. personally i believe this supposed rapture day of may 21 2011 may be the contact date the webbots predicted


  27. Daear Daveyo,
    What you said is correct, we are going to see lot of signs from the sky, the problem is only who are choosen to be saved alone understand and accept,the world intelectuals(now assuming) will be left unsaved.We have no hatred towards Muslims, but it is the habit of muslims to confiscate other religious shrines and making it in to mosques.In our India, the hindu Rama birth place was captured by the muslims and now they claim it to be a mosque constructed by King Baber.The Jewish Temble in Jerusalem is still occupied by this muslim scountrels,The Jewish Messiaha is going to come he will destroy and wipe out the dirty religion and mosque from Jerusalem. The visit of UFO is a pre visit by some angel.Israel will rule the entire world for thousand years Jesus will be the King.I will be a representative of Jesus at India.It is really going to happen as per the Bible.But still time is given to Muslims to regrect and repent from their sins and come near the Holy Cross.Come and be saved or perish.All Biblical prophecies are getting fulfilled continually, this end time prophecy will also be full filled.


  28. Hey Volatile

    Far out brother, as you got more zippo and I am too damn old for it today. The best I can do is stick a big Marker into someone doing it one shot only and that is it. hehehehehehehehehehee.

    I agree on the delusion that when you are free they think they are free, but actually are slaves to the system once they hook and hog tie ya, and you don’t have much of a choice or suffer the consequences.

    The citizens of USA are way too afraid to even stick their necks out to try to change the government. Any attempt to do so, the government has a contingency plan to overcome it and that plan is already on the web cause I seen it once but forgot to save it. hehehehehehehehe.

    How to do it without them finding out is another matter and its impossible cause some turkey will be the turncoat and snitch and bam all the plans go to hell.

    The only way to bring it down is get the economic engine shot to hell, meaning all and everybody stop paying taxes and not give to the government another cent until they dissolve the existing government. Its the only way to do it.

    If no money goes in, they go bankrupt and then is considered flat broke. This way you can get them to pack their bags and make them go home. hehehehehehe.

    Good luck bro



  29. VolatileXIII

    You are in Thailand I believe I read, I wish I was there. I would eat, sleep and pray Muay Thai. I do the stuff here but its there I want to be. Away from this commercial garbage, amongst real people.


  30. Volatile

    Take my word for it. You don’t want to be in Thailand, because there is so many restrictions here towards Foreigners, and you must meet the stringent immigration rules, just to stay here for long term, and these people are sharks and will take your money by means of deception and trickery. Its happened to me and its a pain in the ass to recover it because a Thai person believes they are always right and will never admit they are wrong for any reason.

    Here is a small example of one of my bills. When I was in USA, my normal electric bill for most months (except Xmas) was around 60 to 80 dollars on average. Over here it is over 345 USA dollars on average. This is just electric alone. If you want to stay at a house its about 275 dollars a month and in a town house about 250 dollars a month. Right here alone your two bills is already 620 bucks. Then you have to get food and its a bit more expensive than in America, unless you want to eat Thai garbage which is common here. Their products are not that good such as mops etc. Everything is made to break in shortest time forcing you to spend more money. Then you have to pay immigrations your fees and even meet their demands regarding your income etc. There is no insurance for foreigners living in Thailand and if you get sick or injured all your hospital bills is your out of pocket expense. Phone calls can end up being very expensive easily in the 100 dollar range every month. Fuel is about the same in America.

    So for what its worth, stay where you are at and if you not like it, live at some countryside where there will be no idiots bothering you and you can have some peace and quiet. If you live in the city, you are paying up the ass for taxes and it can become a real killer in your pocket.

    This land of smiles really is the land of cheats and bribery and corruption, since it reigns supreme. Believe me when I tell you this. Last of all its very hot and humid 10 months of the year here and many times its unbearable outside.

    Right now I am trying to get the hell out of here but must complete some things first before I leave.



  31. VolatileXIII

    Haha, you’ve convinced me to avoid it. Although, what you described still sounds like America to me. I’m Canadian, we’re well off here. lol.


  32. My sister and I saw something just like this 20 years ago while driving along a country road in Indiana. It floated straight down in the exact same manner as the video and was approximately the same size, but ours happened just as the sun was going down. The best way I can describe it was like a super bright LED, but as a large sphere in the distance. It seemed to be brighter than the sun but I don’t remember it hurting our eyes. The color was a very bright white light with a hint of blue. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but the manner it floated down wasn’t right. The color and intensity never changed, and there was no trail. It hovered over the ground for a few seconds then shot off in an instant into the horizon. I didn’t see it shoot off, but my sister did (I was focused on keeping the car on the road but trying to watch the light). She said it zig-zagged off into the horizon super fast. I dismissed the whole thing as a lightning ball. It was the only plausible theory (I’m a scientist). ..that is until these youtube video’s surfaced and my sister called me up. After watching I couldn’t believe the similarity of the size, intensity, and exact same way it floated down.

    So I totally believe these video due to my experience. My question is what is it? Please take my theory with a grain of salt (This is theory only). I believe the light was something from heaven coming down to the holy city to mark an event. The fact it came to the temple, then the after lights in the sky makes it seem to be celebrating something. My guess is that it is celebrating the 2000 years since the time the Word of God became active in the holy temple (read your bible in the book of Luke). We know Jesus came to the temple when he was 12. He came to Jerusalem with his family for the Passover. The year today is 2011 in the year of our Lord. This means it’s been about 2000 years since Jesus went to the temple and started becoming active in His Fathers work. IF (and i mean if) this is correct, then it means our calendar is off by one year. Some scholar please correct me if there’s a better way to account for this. Also the light over Israel occurred well before Passover. So either Jesus was in the Temple well before the actual Passover or the light was celebrating the year of His presence of being there. Again, I need some scholars to think about the possibilities of this, or other plausible theories.

    If this theory is correct, and it marks the time of the Word becoming active in the holy temple 2000 years ago when Jesus was 11, then what will happen in another 20 or so years from now when it will be 2000 years from Christ’s death?


  33. Hi McSquishy

    Hm, interesting theory indeed. OK lets examine it a small bit. Its well known that the Christ was born before King Herod passed away. King Herod died in 4 BC OK. We do know that the Christ was not more than 2 years old at that time. So this brings his birth around max 6 BC since there was some celestial events that took place that particular year and verified by the Chinese who recorded it.

    With this in mind, after 1 BC it becomes a Zero. After Zero it becomes 1 AD. OK. So by the time 1 AD came around the Christ was approximately 8 years old. The calendar we use today is off by 5 -6 years to be exact. I believe its 6 based on my calculations. Actually this year should be either 2016 or 2017 when you count the zero into the equation.

    So if the Christ was 12 it would be year 5 AD. Now when you consider the time when Pontius Pilate was pro-crator of Jerusalem it was during this time period the Christ was killed. So look up when Pontius Pilate was in control of Jerusalem (his start) and such is recorded and when he was called back to Rome and lost his control. I believe the Christ was crucified within the last 2 years of his reign in Jerusalem. At that point you can pretty much figure out the Christs age when he was executed by the Jews. I do believe Pontius Pilate lost control of Jerusalem around 35 to 37 AD. I will look it up and verify for you.

    Now with your theory. This is what makes it interesting. This incident took place in January of 2011 OK. The current date. If one takes it the precise date its 2017. So from the time the Christ was born, and the current date that we use now it would be exactly 2017
    Years when not counting the Zero!!!!!! With the Zero its 2018 years. hehehehehehehe. If you go by my calculations it would be exactly 2018 years. Mathematically my calculations are correct believe it or not, because it does include the 6 years of B.C. plus the Zero when counted. Add 2011 (because they are off by 6 years) it would make it 2017 and then add the Zero to it makes it 2018.

    Now we also know the Christ was executed after he began his ministry. To do so he had to attain the age of 30 OK This would make it if my calculations are correct the year of 23 AD. He would be 30 at this time. According to the records he was executed around between 33 to 35 AD. This would make the Christ’s age around 40 years old!!!!!!!!!

    When you see what I have told you here it all lines up and its mathematically correct. Also it falls in line pertaining to Pontius Pilate as well.

    So its safe to assume the Christ was minimum 40 years of age the year 33AD. OK This is confirmed based on actual year records and actual calculations I have given you.

    So if there is going to be a major event as you say by the UFO’s it will take place around 2033 to 2035!!!!!!!

    It remains to be seen should it take place to mark his death and it will not surpise me that the UFO’s will first decend on top of the area where he was executed and then decend on top of where he ROSE FROM THE DEAD, 3 days later.

    Will talk more on this later.



  34. Ok back again

    Here is the official stats and if anybody wants to jot it down and keep for their records please do so.

    The Christ was born on or about April 1, 5 B.C. This is confirmed both Bible and from Chinese records recording of a comet that appeared for 70 days starting around March 9th, 5 B.C.

    Pontius Pilate ruled as prefect in Judea in Jerusalem from 26 AD to 36 AD of which he was dismissed and sent to Rome in 37 AD for accusations and atrocities etc.

    According to the records the Christ had to have his ministry minimum of 10 years. His ministry began when he reached age 30 in the year of 25 AD in APRIL and John the Baptist was still alive at this time period. John the Baptist and Christ were only 6 months apart age wise and both were born the same year being 5 B.C.

    The Christ was executed in 35 AD in April. This is confirmed and can be supported and backed up by both the Roman Records and from Josephus Records.

    The Christ was age 40 years at time of execution. According to the Jewish custom they cannot execute anybody during the Passover period. According to their records this Jewish passover took place around the 2nd or 3rd week of April year 35 AD. More likely the 2nd.

    So the Christ was 40 years old and was executed about 2 weeks after his date of birth, on a Wednesday and was buried at Sun down on Wednesday. According to Jewish records their their days begin at evenings, so it starts on Friday their Sabbath and ends on Saturday night.

    Before the end of Saturday, the Christ was risen which according to the records this took place ON SATURDAY MORNING!!!!!!

    So the official date of Christs execution took place on the Second or Third week of April of 35 AD and his rising took place on the 1st day of week either week 3 or week 4 which started on Saturday. All indicators point according to the Jewish calendar its the 2nd week when they had their passover that particular year. I give some allowance for possible error of 7 days.

    This so called Last Supper actually was the celebration of his Birth folks!!!!!! Not of his impending death because during that time Christ told of the betrayal of him and named Judas as the person who WOULD BETRAY HIM while they were having DINNER.

    Therefore he celebrated his BIRTHDAY!!!!! Believe it or not.

    That is why I said the Catholic Religion is ALL SCREWED UP AND THEY DON’T HAVE THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT AT ALL. Believe what I tell you and not the damn Catholic theology. OK

    Good Luck to all of you, and PEACE BE TO YOU ALL.


    All these figures now are official and its now correct.


  35. Hey guys,
    I originally came here to check out any interesting info on the said UFO sighting and when I continued reading through the thread, I came about all of your not-scientific “discussions” and…
    I didn’t get one thing.

    If you’re a “believer” or not a “do-gooder” or a supporter of “Love & Peace”, the last thing on your mind, or for that matter, SHOULD be on your mind, is the destruction and damnation of those who don’t “understand”, yea?

    Why is it that all Im getting from your not-scientific “discussions” is that you guys don’t exactly follow what you’re trying to say ?

    Before you continue to think “Here’s another naive and innocent noob, who knows not what he speaks”, just read carefully, sit back for a few minutes and quietly give my post a thought.

    You believe in God?
    If not, do you believe in “Love & Peace”?
    [If not, you can dis-continue reading]

    If so, then Im pretty certain that somewhere on the inside you definitely think about the “2nd coming” or to make it sound more simpler, “Judgement day”.
    A day when the sinners will be be persecuted, the believers will be allowed into “His” kingdom or the chosen will be rewarded.

    If you do believe in a “Higher Authority”, do you honestly think you [or I], possess the wisdom and knowledge to know how “He” works or will work?

    Why do I ask this?
    I read somewhere earlier on in this thread, amidst all the negativeness, someone mentioned something about being a chosen representative [of sorts]…and I thought to myself…are we [human beings – The most sentient and intelligent species on the planet] ACTUALLY so full of it, that we decide on our own or proclaim as to how things will come about, based on something that was written in certain “Holy books” eons ago?

    I mean…do we ACTUALLY think we possess the wisdom and knowledge required to understand the meanings behind said “scriptures” and “signs” and to justify what they mean in terms of our respective “religons” ?

    And even IF we do, does that mean that we CAN go about “hating” others or their “Gods” and respective “religons”, because they do not understand and are not as blessed as “us”?

    If you think you are, then by default you would ascend to a higher plane of existence or, for that matter, be beside the “Higher Authority” as your presence in this place would no longer be required.

    Why go about wasting time and energy trying to make someone else realize that their “religon” is false or evil or what’s written in their “Holy books” is just a conjuncture of vivid imaginations and what their “ancestors” did or their “people” are doing is just the same ?

    In short, why go about wasting your time and energy on things you cannot and probably will never be able to control ?

    Why don’t you go outside and start making a difference?

    You see an angry person, calm him/her down and try to ease their problems.
    You see a bitter person, spend a few minutes to show them how beautiful the world is and that life is amazing.
    You see a sad person, extend a warm hug and let them know that they are stronger on the inside and that difficulties are a part of every great journey.
    You see people working hard, thank them with a bright smile and let them know that they matter.
    You see kids fighting, stop them and teach them the value of life.
    You see a stranger, invite him in and treat him/her like a brother/sister.
    [Not ALL of them ofcourse! =D]
    You see a friend, thank him/her for being true to you and for what they’ve done for you.
    You see your parents, thank them for being strong over the trying years and bringing you up and believing in you.
    You see people happy, smile back with a hug and persuade them to stay that way.
    You see your lover, hold him/her and let them know that life itself wouldn’t mean anything if it weren’t for them.

    In short, why don’t you spend your time and energy on things that you can control ?

    Try it out. [If you haven’t]

    You’ll soon realize that the world is, very slowly and very steadily, becoming a better place.

    Your “spit-firing” words of hate and disgust…doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.

    The bond you share with the “Higher Authority” is only and will ALWAYS be ONLY BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU.
    No matter what someone does to your “Temples” or says things about your “religon” and “Holy book”, they will NEVER be able to change or take away that special bond.

    The wisdom and knowledge that you will be blessed with eventually or,for that matter, HAVE been blessed with, is for you to share amongst the one’s who don’t possess it or are unaware of it. If you meet someone who thinks and talks just like you, albeit opposing you, instead of adding fuel to the fire, quieten down and bring about a more cheerful environment and ALLOW the “Higher Authority” to take care of them.

    People talk of “Judgement Day” and when it’s going to come and what will happen then.
    First live to the fullest today, all the while preparing for tomorrow, and then end the day in some way related to said “Love and Peace” that you believe in.

    Face it.
    That’s all you CAN do.

    Of what’s to come?
    Leave it to your “Higher Authority” to decide accordingly.
    Let “Him” decide who will be chosen and who will be tarnished.

    In that retrospect, We can’t do a thing, because You nor I possess the wisdom and knowledge to command, proclaim or do “His” bidding.

    Like I tried saying earlier…
    If we did possess the capabilities of doing such things…we would be on another plane of existence all together!

    Until said day arrives…

    Enjoy life or “His” gifts available to you and chill!

    Peace out !


  36. Jesus H. Christ, this by far is the best bible thumping preaching I have come across yet, hehehehehehehehehee, its so long I fell asleep on my chair, hehehehehehehehee.

    good post



  37. Hahaha…

    Wasn’t quoting anything from the “Bible”, so to say.
    If anything I think I was just elaborating on something someone named “Vash The Stampede” said.

    “LOVE AND PEACE!!! x)

    What about them aliens?

    Do we start getting ready for all the possible “Anal probing”…or do we roll out the good drinks, food for our visitors from another world?

    I personally wouldn’t mind the idea of getting stoned with one of them [as long as they’re not too touchy and personal =S ]

    We’d be getting high on a totally different level!!!
    Think about it…

    Once the information link is established…we’d be soaring through billions and billions of lightyears to some place that you+the sentient outsider have made…and then you can start exchanging info and personal details!!!

    But yea, I really wouldn’t mind the idea of getting high with ’em!


  38. You want to get high with aliens???? Hmm, I don’t think that will be a very wise move especially if you are encountering the reptillians who can morph in such a way to deceive you thinking they are harmless.

    However its cool with me if you feel more c0mfortable doing so, but for me I would rather keep my distance and be on guard with my trusty friend if needed and ready with a emergency plan to get the hell out of there if things go wrong. Until I know who and what and why they are here and if they give us the straight scoop I still don’t intend to expose myself too much lest they get the chance to kill me if things don’t work out.

    Even after I am told of such, I still will be wary of them and be watchful of every move they make.

    Actually its really a standoff right now. They are not even sure about us either and cannot trust us enough to make the next move. Its the same with us. So…….. any ideas besides offering them some one hit gold from the 70’s of course, and be a mellow fellow??? The difference of back then to now, is they have made it stronger by means of chemical additives, whereas back then it was natural stuff. The natural stuff was the best I have ever enounters. 4 finger sandwich bag cost me only 40 bucks good for 3-4 months since really its one hit gold. Fire it up and take one deep drag of it and then hold while you put out the joint, and then exhale. Good for a nice 4-5 hour buzz trip. If you take 2 hits you get sick. If you take 3 hits you pass out!!! hehehehehehehe. Some in my time called it 3 strikes your out grass (weed) etc. Hmm during my hey days, I bought 3 bags good for a year. Was very protective of that stuff cause it was so very hard to find. Usually the dealers 9 out of 10 got busted selling that good stuff. They had other stuff, being sold but I not care for it. One of them was LSD, another was Ti sticks, another was black boxes. Black boxes was opium. Many got addicted to black boxes cause its another form of heroin. However a small piece of it, and you smoke it, you were buzzing for a good 12 hours.

    Anyway give it a shot, it would be nice to see a alien group laughing their asses off happy and peachy on anything you say or do. hehehehehehehehehe. What a life.


    Actually I just wonder if they will smoke a peace pipe. It would seem that they will rather appear to the Indians than to other races of various origins.

    Have you ever tried smoking a peace pipe from the Indians???? That stuff is POWERFUL bro. Hehehehehehehehe. Its legal on the Indian reservations but illegal out of the reservation. Go figure. To my understanding they have been using that stuff for a few thousand years.


  39. Yeeesh.

    Ever heard of public discretion, man?!
    We ain’t here to talk about what’s legal for the body and what’s good for the brain or bad for the body! [Depending on how you see it]
    But that’s some good talk! =)

    As for “reptilian” aliens and staying on guard…Does it really matter?
    Think about it.
    For a race as advanced as they would seem to be, don’t you think they would’ve already known about our fragility and insecurities, by the time they decided to “pop” in?

    You [or anyone else, for that matter] keeping your distance isn’t really going to make much of a difference. You may as well as go all-out and hope for the best.

    Im not saying “go ahead just as long as you’re ready to get capped!”.
    Just…keep an open mind.

    In terms of “differences”, forgetting physical appearances, I think their personalities and mentalities would be no different than all the types of people you would come across in a mall. Even better, being the people you would come across on a social website or blog!

    How “alien” am I to you ? [Get it ?]

    You come off peaceful, they come off peaceful.
    Just hope their testicles are more sensitive, in case things go a little south!


  40. Drago, the reptillians have been here according to the ancient drawings and archaeological finds.

    You see here is the deal. There are several classes and or groups of aliens that know each other OK. There is a council that monitors and decides the disputes, and it seems there is a consenses agreement that one or the other cannot do without the approval of the council.

    The council has forbade the aliens even the reptillians of interfering with our planet even though its a nice piece of real estate. The reptillians are under as well as the others to not attack us due to our lack of intelligence and lack of protecting ourselves against them. Should it happen an all out war will ensue.

    Lately part of it was lifted hence the huge showing of their ships in the sky, but they are still restricted.

    The same applies to us humans, we do military exercises and have conflicts around the world. However under certain specific orders. They too have the same format that dictates what they can do or not do.

    The Reptillians are considered the most dangerous of the species as we know of at current time due to their immense appetite and strength. However they are being watched carefully of what they do by other aliens who are part of the pact. As for us, its a piece of cake for them on a silver platter.

    Eventually all of them will show who they are and more likely it will be up to us to choose sides. When will this happen I do not know, probably a few centuries from now or until humans are more advanced technology wise and have better capabilities. But for now we are still too primitive for them.

    Its true any of them can make a move but to do so the cost will be great and even perhaps endanger themselves from a strong retalitary attack. Obviously there is something HOLDING THEM BACK, but we don’t know what it is, but its enough to be a strong deterrent otherwise they would have done the attacks long time ago and we would have been wiped out clean.

    This much I can say almost with 99% certainity.

    We have been watched much longer than the known 15,000 years that we have found data wise from recovery of ancient materials.

    We also do know they have been here somewhere between 8,000 to 15,000 years ago because we do have statues and paintings and drawing on granite and other forms displaying their presence. They did make their appearance otherwise we would not see such written in the caves or find it here and there at various places. Even Egypt has it on their walls, and so does the Mayan and Peruvian locations as well as the Syrian locations.



  41. The videos are intriguing beyond words. If you can make it through all of these comments to my post, I recommend you follow up with the suggestion of someone in a recent post and look more into the Venus Project. Here’s the link:


    Anyone who is intrigued by extra terrestrials would be interested in the vast content of knowledge it seems this group has accumulated.

    Another recent post stated that we are HUMANS. A Species. I commend you for those words. Race(or religion for that matter) should not be a separating factor. It’s tough to put the differences we have as people aside but unless we do, we will lose our planet to stupidity, maybe not in our lifetime but the soon future and that of our kin.


  42. there is only one explanation:
    ufo’s do not exist and if it were some form of an objects, then it’s Jesus


  43. Anonymous

    You are so dead wrong. I myself along with many people of different cultures and locations around the world have for a fact actually witnessed the existence of Aliens with our own two frickin eyes. Some have seen it for a few minutes, some have seen it for hours. In my case it was for 6 hours frickin straight in plain view and absolutely nothing obstructing such revelation.

    No matter who the hell you are, everyone knows the difference between a plane and some strange object that is classified as a UFO. A plane be it military or commercial means can only do certain things up in the sky, and UFO’s do things that totally defy aerodynamics beyond comprehension. They can form designs, displays in the sky and stay in position for long periods of time, they can move with astonishing speed that defys gravity and the sound barrier, they have demonstrated their ability to disable our missiles, have actually activated our nuclear missles inside the silos, have actually taken direct hits from our weapons and suffered no damage and so on.

    Granted many are still skeptical of their existence and only begin to believe when they actually see it for real themselves, as UFO’s sightings is being constantly reported by many people at many different places around this planet at present time of this writing. I myself for 57 years of my life never saw a UFO before my two eyes, until November 19, 2010 in the evening and this nite was awesome indeed and will never be forgotten and definitely changed my thinking from Skeptical to actual believing they do exist. Even my co-workers at O’Hare finally also got to see their existence when it came down and hovered right above the United terminal building and stayed there for an extended time and even the ATC Tower also saw it too. This UFO was even tracked for a time period when it left by the Chicago ATC on Radar until they disappeared off the screen.

    Unfortunately not everyone gets the opportunity to witness seeing such UFO, as luck would have it. Hopefully someday all will be able to see it at least once in their lifetime. Many died never seeing such event.

    You just so happen to one of them who never saw them yet so trust me as I tell you it is true they do exist.

    Have a good day.



  44. Valuable info. Lucky me I discovered your website unintentionally, and I’m stunned why this accident didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.


  45. Of course its a UFO… no way it could be an Angel or something that actually makes sense.


  46. What’s the difference Fred? What if aliens and angels are the same?