Two UFOs-Orbs Communicating With Each Other, Melbourne Australia, Febr 9, 2011


Witness: Two ufos’s following each other then seem to flash/communicate too each other.They were moving away from me so i lost them behind the tree the total footage is over 5 min as i was waiting to see if they would pop out from behind the tree but i didn’t see them again so i cut the footage down to 2:45 seconds.

Source and author: UFOVaultHD (youtube)

5 responses to “Two UFOs-Orbs Communicating With Each Other, Melbourne Australia, Febr 9, 2011

  1. Saw nearly the same but there were 3 back in April going different directions 2010 i was at Apollo bay in Victoria………To bad i didnt have my camera…..


  2. far out, these things have been seen nearly every where in the world, sweden, poland, all over the states, mexico, britain, frace, germany, russia and now australia, wow. im just waiting for a decent display over here in NZ


  3. Well done! Good video!!


  4. global positioning satellites….is it during the day?


  5. Simon
    These are not Global Positioning Satellites. There were numerous stationary orbs in the video as well. you could see the lead orb, in the last fifteen or so seconds, it minutely altered it’s course to avoid collision with a stationary one. These are happening all over, not in space, just in the airspace above your head.
    The other night, I woke to go outside at 2am after experiencing a very vivid dream of a massive white modular craft, joined by what seemed to be some kind of “liquid light”, upon which no signs of rivets or welding!, and look straight up to see an enormous “craft” directly above. Immediately, two orbs, one from the east, move west south west to intersect with another orb moving north north east, all within the confines of a much larger grouping of orbs, ie a ship or craft above. At the same time, all within the larger craft shape/ confine, a display of “shooting stars”, all very clear, delineated lines of light, generating a very pretty display.
    All this within 30 seconds of me having woken up from this most enhanced and vivid dream, step outside, look up and BAM!
    Look at us!! We are here!!
    Plus in the preceding weeks, two other, indescribably mindblowing experiences with “conscious” light displays, one of those was with two other people, in Horsham Victoria. We were all completely aware of what was being shown to us, I having seen similar but more distant things over the last three years, for me it was a confirmation. For the two other individuals, a complete revelation.
    They are here, watching us. Greet them with love and wish upon the experience the truth of sacred justice.


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