MYSTERY INVASION over Atlanta, March 11, 2011

MYSTERY INVASION over Atlanta, March 11, 2011

Witness: WATCH IN HD ONLY It is official. It is an invasion. This was a city wide event that sent even my head spinning. I have deterred from using words like INVASION in the past, however, what would you call this? I know that all Leslie and I could hope for was a glance at a couple of odd aircraft in our short one hour sky viewing up on the parking deck. The tsunami’s and earthquakes of Japan set an odd somber tone for the day. That was all about to change. They were everywhere, these odd aircraft. Everywhere. As we left the parking deck I counted about fifty or so hovering, glowing, silent aircraft that trailed into the horizon. So, if you could, please don’t misquote me guys. As usual, I am not naming this stuff outside of using the term ufo. I don’t know who, why, what…..just speculating. How odd. Thank you.

Notice the reactions of the filmer and his friend. they are afraid, dumbfounded and intrigued. BUT the point is that they already believe. No questions asked. that’s the result of hollywood, media and TPTB. imagine an invasion….!!!!

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  1. The early ones are interesting as I saw something similar here in virginia yesterday, just singular. The mid pnes could be high level aircraft. The later ones at night from a distance look a lot like a chinese lantern. Just my 2 cents


  2. VolatileXIII

    Any updates? Have you guys been invaded? LOL.