New Treaty Would Ban Space Weapons for Earthlings and ETs


New Treaty Would Ban Space Weapons for Earthlings and ETs

It’s a good thing the outer space battles in “Star Wars” happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away — because under a new space-based weapons treaty drafted by aerospace and military experts, humans and aliens alike would be barred from waging war above Earth. Read full article at (must read)


Film Battle LA 2011 – Preemptive propaganda against Real Disclosure

The film Battle : Los Angeles 2011 is of course, fictional and full of Pro–U.S. Military alien invasion propaganda ! Read full article at

Remember, we must not forget, Benjamin Fulford has gone on record saying up to 75 percent of the budgets of various warlike ‘action’ and sci-fi movies, particularly those with an anti-extraterrestrial agenda, are financed by the Pentagon.

The movie plan for this year includes no less than 7 alien invasions movies, including an Independence day two and also Skyline from 2010. The government is obviously talking to the movie-industry to get them making movies that subliminally input the idea of alien invasions.

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