There Is No Comet Elenin – It’s A Brown Dwarf ‘Nibiru’


Astrolpatriot has some very interesting opinions
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He will be creating a live stream to prove the area in space he thinks is Nibiru with moons orbiting. We can all watch this ongoing live stream and notice the orbiting moons.

Here is the link to his live stream, live every night starting around 8-10pm et

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The closest possible opposition between Earth and Elenin/ Nibiru -Brown Dwarf is: 0.233 AU ( Astronomical Units ) = 34.856.334 Kilometers. For example, the distance Earth – Moon is 384.000 Kilometers

…but suppose that the path of the comet changes the coming period, or this celestial object is under some type of “intelligent control” and will approach our Earth “much closer” than originally thought this coming fall season.

So what the deal with this brown dwarf, what are the chances that the brown dward either impacts us, or gets close enough to cause a major catastrophe.

This is the answer from the NASA about Comet Elenin (Nibiru/Brown Dwarf), Link:

But is it true what NASA says?

What NASA Knows and You Don’t..

1st opinion and analysis

When Nibiru Earth Change Symptoms are expected to become far worse. The brown dwarf with multiple moons is currently on an inbound trajectory towards Mercury orbit and located between Jupiter orbit and Mars orbit.

The brown dwarf (Nibiru) is the object being currently tracked by NASA as the Psyop Leonid ELEnin Comet that is expected to come into alignment with Sun and Earth at the first of three conjunctions on March 15, 2011; which is what all the false flag psyop disinformation is calling the pole shift. The Dwarf is still too far away (2.1 AU) to assume polarity control of the Earth from the Sun. This first conjunction/alignment is actually the first of three ‘shakings’ or cavitation events of Hopi Prophecy that includes no pole shift at all. The magnetic poles of our planet are not shifting, but are ‘migrating’ from the approach of the brown dwarf and the powerful magnetic field and polarity entering our inner solar system; which has been going on since 2004. The dynamic gravitational Tug-of-War between the Sun, Earth and Brown Dwarf is enhanced by the near-alignment of seven planetary/solar bodies at this first conjunction shown in the first diagram above and demonstrated by a red conjunction line depicting extreme gravitational force. The next major event for Nibiru is June 27, 2011, when the dwarf crosses the Mars orbit.

Diagram 2 starts at August 3, 2011 when Nibiru crosses Earth orbit to then cross Venus orbit on August 21, 2011. Then we see Nibiru/Elenin reach perigee position nearest the Sun on September 11, 2011 exactly ten years from the 9/11 attacks when the dwarf begins the 3600-year orbit once again. September 26, 2011 marks the day of the second conjunction when Nibiru is only 0.396 AU from Earth (36.8 million miles), when the dwarf is expected to gain polarity control over the Earth to cause the Geological Pole Shift. This is the second shaking of Hopi Prophecy when the Earth will bow to Nibiru’s awesome magnetic field/polarity, so the northern hemisphere experiences days of darkness; while the southern hemisphere is drawn nearer the Sun. There are 14 days between the brown dwarf reaching perigee position and this conjunction with the Earth and Sun being equidistant to the dwarf on the 7th day (Sept. 18).

October 2 is the day that the brown dwarf crosses Venus’ orbit again to begin trekking in the direction of Earth. Our planet is still being pulled towards the Sun, but by this time we are also being pulled forward into the massive gravity well. Two weeks go by (Oct. 17) and the brown dwarf crosses the Earth orbit line to pass directly in front of our planet at just 21.57 million miles away, which is the nearest point in our encounter. The brown dwarf crosses the Mars orbit line on November 14, 2011 on way to the third conjunction on November 22 where the Earth passes directly between the two once again like on March 15. This marks the time of the Geological Pole Shift Reversal, and third Hopi Prophecy ‘shaking’ that tips the Earth back to near the current position, as the Sun regains polarity control from Nibiru racing away from the inner solar system. source: Godlikeproductions

2nd opinion and analysis

According to the theories of Jim McCanney assuming that there are no errors and no dramatic changes to the orbit of Helenin ( brown dwarf ):

On March 15th, there will be a Sun-Earth-Elenin Alignment. I guess we can look for some EM activity following that. Storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, perhaps even a little thinning of the veil?

On September 27th, there will be another Sun-Earth-Elenin alignment. There will also be a new moon at this time (rather close) and this might produce more dramatic EM action on the planet. If you check the angles plotted on the graph below, you’ll see that this alignment is actually very interesting because Mercury also lines up on the opposite side of the Sun. So it is really a Mercury-Sun-Elenin-Moon-Earth alignment.

On November 23rd, another Sun-Earth-Elenin alignment. The new moon of November comes two days later on the 25th, so that might be “close enough for horseshoes” in the case of EM action.  If there are going to be any discharge related events as described in McCanney’s theory, these dates may be important. Source and Read full article at


There Is Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth. Taking into account a possible Planet X Saying, “A potentially viable Newtonian candidate would be a trans-Plutonian massive object like Planet X”

What has happened To The Moon it looks to be almost 90 degrees out of kilter !

If the Moon does not Rotate And the Sun is always at the centre of our little corner of the Universe

What does this say about the orbit of The Earth, it’s Rotation ? Something Strange & Unusual has happened Or is Happening !

The Sun has been in the wrong place for the last 2 years that I’ve/We have noticed, and is lower on the Southern horizon again this winter, this we know & and can tell from our roof shadow cast in our north facing garden.! Here, the Sun is almost as low as it would be around Mid December that’s 4 weeks or so out of sync !

Many good friends have confirmed their observations of the Sun in that, around the globe, we are definitely receiving the Sun’s Rays from a differing angle over the past 2 years or so, this then helps us to understand my Moon observations as being in step with some form of Change within Our Galaxy….

As Reported by many friends from differing parts of the globe, the Sun Has been “off track” for at least 2 years.. Author: netlethe



The Sun

As said, the Sun has been “off track” for the last 2 years and after four years without any X-flares, the sun has produced two of the powerful blasts in less than one month: Feb. 15th and March 9th. This continues the recent trend of increasing solar activity associated with our sun’s regular 11-year cycle, and confirms that Solar Cycle 24 is indeed heating up, as solar experts have expected. Solar activity will continue to increase as the solar cycle progresses toward solar maximum, expected in the 2013 time frame.

Likely huge solar flares erupted from the sun play a major role in recent major earthquakes, such as Christchurch, New Zealand 6.3 and the last mega-earthquake 8.9 Japan

What is going on with all this recent solar activity? What is a solar flare and what does X-class mean? What is a coronal mass ejection (CME)? What is a coronal mass ejection (CME)? Read at:



Could it be that a celestial object is under some type of “intelligent control”

Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth


HAARP! The horrific earthquake weapon HAARP (which can also cause spacequake) A military funded project under both the U.S. Air Force and the Navy

According to Benjamin Fulford: HAARP is responsible for the Earthquake 8.9 JAPAN originated in New Mexico and Nevada, U.S. The New Madrid fault line is the next target in the South-Western United States.



Read the fully story about HAARP, the earthquakes, the scenarios in last few year including video’s Jesse Ventura talking about HAARP!! At

More about HAARP  and what is the Truth at:

‘The main stream media has focused mainly on the unrest of other countries etc.  and have remained quiet of environment situations. Governments have remained quiet, Scientists have stayed mum for now.  FEMA is buying huge supplies of stock. FEMA says Get A Survival Kit! Many of the rich is building underground bunkers’.

Look around you, it’s already begun last year earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, mass death animals ….

A major Earth change event is set to occur.

That event is a geophysical pole shift of planet Earth relating to the arrival of a celestial body referred to by many as ’Nibiru’, along with the passage of incoming asteroids.

Source: – article -prepare for earth changes

Prior to the shift

The first sign of a major pole shift is the red dusting that all of us will see and the second sign is the Earth’s rotation STOPS meaning either a very long night or day!! The wobble has stopped and it’s confirmed.  The NAC belt is DEAD.  The pole is moving very fast now.  After that you got max 6 hours before the shift begins.  By the way that red dust is VERY DEADLY, and you have to be well covered like for example in some cave or underground.  It lasts for a couple of hours. It contains iron material.

The Earth slows in its rotation, and actually stops. This is recorded in written history and spoken folklore, worldwide, as a long day or night. The explanation for slowing rotation resulting in a stopped rotation during the week prior to the shift is that the passing planet grips the Atlantic Rift magnetically, Atlantic Stretch, Pacific Compression, so the Earth does not turn past this grip.

Source and read full article including an explanation of each topic at:


As it stands, it will be awhile but can be accelerated if something gives it the boost. Such as a powerful magnetic pull from some place as it makes a flyby.

But I am more worried about the methane build up.  The tundra is thawing out fast and it holds huge pockets of this methane! Been kept frozen for hundreds of thousands of years and now its really thawing out.  It can get really nasty if we have a lot of methane clouds in the sky and just one spark is enough to detonate it and well everything below it gets wiped out literally burned to crisp as well.  Imagine a huge fireball so to speak.  Similar to the same scenario pertaining to MINERS.  You cannot smell methane as it is an odorless gas.  That is why they bring birds down there and have methane instruments to measure its density. It’s very highly explosive!

The Pole shift

The pole shift is sudden and take place less than a hour. During the shift occurs a global massive plate housing as well as Hurricane Winds – Earthquakes, Firestorms – Flood Tide….

The affects of a pole shift on organic life and landscape will be dramatic, but even more dramatic if it occurs quickly. If it occurs slowly, we would see global tidal movements change around the planet, a gradual increase in earthquakes, and gradual migrations of animal life. If it occurs swiftly, we would see instant and massive tsunamis, an extreme increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the die off of entire populations of animal life (including humans).


New world map position…(Hypothesis ) This video illustrates approximately where the new equator will be located after Earth’s pole shift in 2012. This is based on data which indicates the pole shift could be as much as 40 degrees, placing the new North Pole in upper Mongolia. The white icon in the middle of the video marks the line of the new equator.

It’s obvious that we should prepare for an upcoming global event.

Video source: 

17 responses to “There Is No Comet Elenin – It’s A Brown Dwarf ‘Nibiru’

  1. This is one of the most rational pieces I have read on this site to what object is really out there.
    I’m not surprised NASA are lying about it’s true origins. Too many religious types would take this info as the End of Times Prophecy and worldwide panic would ensue.
    Just as in the movies, everything bad happening will be kept quiet until its blatantly obvious that things are wrong but by then it will be too late.
    In fact, if there is the passing of a nearby giant celestial body to occur soon there is nothing anyone could do to prevent major disasters here on Earth.
    The lucky ones will be those living in the most stable areas of the planet should disaster strike.
    Maybe the sightings of large objects near the Sun are not a coincidence and there will be help from other intelligent life if we are lucky. Maybe this event will prompt Alien Disclosure on Earth if the writings left by the Sumerians is to be believed.
    Civilisation has only developed anyway due to the stability of the planet’s environment over the last 12,000 years.
    Humans have been lucky, so far but maybe that luck has finally come to an end.


  2. Im thinking it might be Brown Dwarf TWA 5B. Im only saying this because of a Space magazine showing an illustration of this Brown Dwarf sitting near the sun with Jupiter in the background.I thought they might have just been showing planet comparisons, but then why would they actually give the Brown Dwarf a letter/ numerical.They could have just said it was a Brown Dwarf.


  3. Although the rest of the world is stuck on Judeo Christianity and the false teachings in the modern church, we are witness to a new era in the making. Anyone who has studied anything about Nibiru, probably knows about the Annunaki, and the Sumerians. But whether or not you ‘believe’ in the Hebrew god of the bible or want to try and debate any factual basis for the prophecy related to the world, things are rapidly turning the tide.
    Our concept of what we thought was fact is rapidly changing. Science is finding out that we have been wrong about a LOT of things. Archeology is uncovering things that shouldn’t exist. i.e. Caucasian mummies in the Tarim Basin of China.
    Whether you like it or not, the fulfillment of prophecy in the bible is coming to fruition. Just read Revelation 12. Perhaps rather than take it literally and magically like the world is so bred to believe, it is something much more based in reality.
    The woman (earth)clothed with the sun, with the moon at her feet, and a crown of 12 stars(12 constellations) upon her head that is paining to give birth(convulsing due to magnetic tug). A great red dragon(brown dwarf?) with 7 heads(satellites or moons). It casts it tail down to earth raining destruction upon the globe.(could this be the debris picked up by Nibiru along its 3600 year orbit?)
    Again, Christian or not, we all are seeing truth in one form or another. it is time to see mans religions fall. for 6000 years man has been under self-rule, failing miserably time and time again. now, it is time for a change.


  4. I have just realized that Astrolpatriot’s website is no longer there, as well as all his youtube videos are gone that had all the documented backyard telescope view of the Brown Dwarf. What happened, does anyone know? Just more proof that there is something ‘They’ dont want us to know!!


  5. Hmm, so let me see. Just to add my idea to the confusion.

    ELE NIN is a composite name.

    E..L..E.. Is an acronym Extinction Level Event
    NIN Just happens to be a Sumerian goddess.

    Anyone know anything about this astronomer guy who this comet is named after, cant find any info about him.


  6. Hi Finney : Here are some interesting links to know more about the dearest Leonid Elenin and
    his “”Famous Comet – Elenin””.


  7. Elenin Comet: 2 Astronomers killed … The end of the world?

    Elenin Comet: 2 Astronomers killed … The end of the world?

    The team has therefore Wikistrike and thought long and hard before publishing the information of the utmost importance. This information might affect media and human irreversible. According to our sources, we found suspicious recent death of two astronomers, who were among the largest in the world. What you will read is exclusive and these killings are as irrefutable proof of what awaits us all.

    Brian Geoffrey Marsden was born August 5, 1937, died November 18, 2010. He was an American-British astronomer: he was since 1978 the director of the Minor Planet Center of the SAO in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Minor Planet Center, under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union, it is the official body responsible for collecting observational data for small planets (asteroids) and comets, the calculation of their orbits and the publication of this information via the Minor Planet Circulars …

    Allan Rex Sandage was born June 18, 1926 in Iowa City, Iowa (USA), and died in San Gabriel (California) November 13, 2010: he was one of the greatest contemporary American astronomers. Born into a Jewish family, he converted to the end of his life to Christianity. Sandage working at the Palomar Observatory. The observatory is owned and operated by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). One of the important programs at Mount Palomar was awarded the research program of near-Earth comets and asteroids called Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT). Near-Earth asteroids are asteroids moving close to or towards the Earth. To name one often uses the abbreviation ECA, English-Crossing Asteroids Earth, asteroids whose orbit crosses that of Earth. Some of these objects are likely to hit Earth, they are being searched and special monitoring …

    Read more

    The team of Wikistrike consequently and lengthily reflected before publishing this information of the more high importance. This information could involve media and human consequences irreversible. According to our sources, we discovered the recent and suspect death of 2 astronomers, which counted among most important of the world. What you will read is exclusive and these assassinations would be as the irrefutable proof of what awaits us all.

    Brian Geoffrey Marsden was born on August 5, 1937, it died on November 18, 2010. He was an astronomer américano-British; he was since 1978 the director of Minor Planet Center of the SAO located at Cambridge in Massachusetts. Minor Planet Center, under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union, it is the official organization in charge of the data-gathering of observation for small planets (asteroids) and comets, the calculation of their orbit and the publication of this information via Minor Planet Circulars…

    Al Rex Sandage was born on June 18, 1926 in Iowa city, Iowa (the United States), and died in San Gabriel (California) on November 13, 2010; it counted among the largest contemporary American astronomers. Born in an Jewish family, it converts towards the end of its life to Christianity. Sandage worked at the observatory of the Palomar Mount. This observatory belongs and is controlled by California Institue off technology (Caltech). One of the important programs allotted to the Palomar mount is the research program of comets and the asteroids géocroiseurs called Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT). the asteroids géocroiseurs are asteroids evolving/moving in the vicinity or in direction of the Earth. To name them one often uses abbreviation ECA, of English Earth-Crossing Asteroids, asteroids whose orbit crosses that of the Earth. Some of these objects being likely to run up against the Earth, they are the subject of a research and a particular follow-up…

    The two men died of an acute encephalomyelitis. Disseminated acute encephalomyelitis or encéphalite post-infectious or encéphalite périveineuse are an inflammatory disease démyélinisante central nervous system. It is usually secondary with a viral, bacterial infection or with a vaccination but can also appear spontaneously. It consists of an auto-immune ignition leading to the destruction of the sheaths of myéline in the substance white, and present in this respect similarities (physiopathological, clinical and paraclinic) with the pushes of multiple sclerosis. It is a rare disease whose incidence is worth 0,8 cas/100 000 personnes/an and who preferentially touches the child and the teenager, the majority of the case occurring between 5 and 8 years. This fulgurating disease perhaps inoculated by means of an aerosol, very often arms used by the CIA.

    The two astronomers died at 5 days of interval of the same disease, and which more is of an extremely rare disease. They were specialized in the observation and the research of comets. Death threats by the US government nothing to reveal on their discoveries concerning the trajectory and the real size of the comet Elenin, they persisted in wanting to reveal the facts with the general public but in vain. A few weeks later, the trajectory which is given officially to the general public by NASA will be obviously false. Work of Marsden and Sandage showed a proximity too much important. The consequences would be a bursting of the earth’s crust on the totality of the sphere. A true cataclysm. Half of humanity will be decimated.


  8. Please see this NASA Website about Elenin. Senior Scientist refuted conspiracy claims and then Earthquakes strike in Japan – read below.

    David Morrison
    Astrobiology Senior Scientist
    March 1, 2011

    “…Such claims are pure fiction. One of the worst examples is a video that someone posted on the NASAbuzzroom website that claims that the magnetic field of the comet will cause a large shift in the rotation axis of the Earth and produce mega-earthquakes on March 15, 2011…”

    The March 15th date is not far off the huge March 11 Japan Quake and there was an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS shallow earthquake in another part of Japan on the 15th.

    The quake also shifted the Earth’s axis by about 6.5 inches. So who’s correct NASA or the conspirators?

    This senior scientist must now be wondering!?



  9. yea right


  10. It is interesting that Elenin was known to be around since at least Sep, 2001. Check it out.
    The key factor about Elenin is its relationship to Earth. “Earth Elenin” when entered into the Scripture Code English gematria calculator to find the value, equals 666.
    Then we learn from Ron Reese that 29 stands for DELIVERANCE.
    Princess Diana and her son William were both married on the 29th.
    The Royal Wedding of the decade (century?) was William and Kate who married on 29/4/2011. Rosh Hoshanah is on 29/9/2011. Day gap is 153 days. See John 21:11 (153 great fishes ie the complete church). Is another “Royal” wedding to take place on Rosh Hoshanah this year?
    On 11/9/2011 Elenin (whatever it is) reaches perehelion with the sun (closest to the sun). On 911 closest to the sun? How long did they know about this?
    On 29/9/2011 Elenin will just have been in alignment with Earth and the sun and passing between the Earth and the sun.
    Also in the heavens Virgo is clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet just as Elenin joins the seven stars at her head on 29/9/2011. At the same time Saturn and Venus are near the womb of Virgo.
    Interesting times.


  11. Everyone, come hide in my basement. We’ll be safe from the red killer dust.


  12. We are bound to get blasted by a comet or a huge asteroid sooner or later. Remember Campeche Bay. We are late bloomers and we have wreaked havoc on this planet for the past few thousand years leading to many of our own woes. As Homo sapiens, we have been gifted but have also let our specific DNA get jumbled and tumbled. Instead of beinf civilized, we have been war-mongering to the hilt. And we have been so damned evil in commiting femicide, infanticide, genocide, and even doing millions of sacrifices of our so-called brothers and sisters that we need a harsher word to describe us. We have been snookered by philosphers and relligions to the extent that most earth Homo sapiens believe that our place was just set uip a few thousand years ago. Such buffoonery! such profiterring and and mind control, eh?

    Rather it is this year, next year or hundreds of years hence, we on earth, all species and vectors of disease as well, will be annihilated by some castrophe, most likely from the sky or of course, from a sun flare or some magnetic change, or even from our own hands and grey matter. In the meantime, I suppose Love, incest, rape, and the ensuing consequences will be superceded by the birth rate. Not only that but the poor old blue planet of some 4.3 billion years will be unable to satisfy the basic needs of such a mass of humanity, like 12-15 billion people, and lacking forests, nutritional soil, adequate water and appropriate weather, will fail to rescue humanity and thus, before the giants from the skies or the boiling from the core of the earth and within the mantle wipe out our planet, lay bare a wasteland that will lead to immense suffering and death.

    And that is the nature of the universe. Precautions such as the Russians building 5000 new underground shelters will only suffice to spare those who get access to them for a short spell. The land, mountians. and seas that are left will be filled with gases and burnings, giant earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding. If enough methande gets in the atmosphere, the whold earth will soon be toast.

    Okay, that is the bad news. The good news? Your here today. You have tv ipads, blueberry’s, suv’s, boats , trains, planes, music, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, the Olympics, schools, dancing and movies. You are eating out for your favorite food or grabbing some fast food due to the hurry of life. Life is good sometimes and quite preciious. Too bad that so many have had their lives snuffed out by drunken or doped up drivers and criminals living in luxury in so-called prisons for serious crimes of murder.
    Oh, I have to stay with the good news.

    Okay, take it one day at a time and set your goals and have a happy. My wife and I are going to have a happy this weekend by driving to the pines in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. We have rented a cabin and are anxious to see the multi-talented blues, jazz, rock singer, Carolyn Wonderland. How about that, enjoy your Wonderland while you can. The Dinosaurs did for over 150 million years. Remember now, Have a happy.


  13. Closest to Mars’ orbit, EARTH nothing happens no polar shifts…Closest to Earth’s orbit, EARTH nothing happens no polar shifts…Closest to the Venus’ orbit, EARTH nothing happens no polar shifts… closest to Mercury’s orbit, EARTH nothing happens no polar shifts… exiting Sun, EARTH nothing happens no polar shifts…exiting Mercury’s orbit, EARTH nothing happens, no polar shifts, Now exiting Venus’ orbit, EARTH nothing happens no polar shifts…So?


  14. It is Oct 02 and nothing like crunch-time on Earth. You know what? There are those who become laughing stocks when they use the words “It will” “Imminent” “Going to happen” etc, instead of “It might” “possible” “could be” or “probable”.