SDO NASA Images Show The Sun Is Eclipsed? March 13, 2011

SDO NASA Images Show The Sun Is Eclipsed!? March 13, 2011

Helioviewer clearly shows this was not a glitch or lens cap issue, video courtesy of WEATHERORNUT:

Author: Images were removed shortly after this video was made. I am sending an inquiry to NASA as to why, I am not debunking this one yet people, NASA has been censoring data and images like crazy lately. Ill have their reply annotated should I get one. Somehow I doubt I will, or I will get the expected, “Oh it was a glitch or data was updating/processing. Ive never EVER once seen this on SDO, and I check it rather frequently!

Can someone explain why this is happening? The sun is being eclipsed by what? Wild theories are being tossed around allready!


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4 responses to “SDO NASA Images Show The Sun Is Eclipsed? March 13, 2011

  1. Its Nibiru. Planet X.
    What would happen if a huge planet would pass between us and the sun. It would mess with the magnetic balance between the earth sun and moon (which gives gives the earth its rotation and tilt) and get events like the current ones. The bad news folks is the closer Nibiru gets to us, the more devastating the results.
    I know some people dont believe in this, but weather you do or not it is happening and the only thing you can really do to prepare is to get yourself a supply of food water and an emergency kit. Even if you dont believe anythings gonna happen, it wont hurt to be prepared. Better to be safe than sorry. Might not be anywhere to buy food soon. protect your family. God bless,
    Jesus save our souls.


  2. This is NOT Nibiru, Planet X or anything else ‘eclipsing’ the sun, and this is why.
    An eclipse occours when an object is shadowed due to another object passing between it and a light source. In this case, the Sun IS the light source. Therefore, if the Sun is being eclipsed then not only is something huge passing between the viewpoint and the Sun, but it is brighter than the Sun and the Sun has dimmed. In which case even Jesus can’t save our souls.

    Maria – you say ‘whether you believe it or not, it is happening’. How do you know this – what proof is there, and what proof do you have? Events ‘like the current ones’ (I assume that you refer to the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes) have always occoured, and always will, and are not and never have been due to Niburu or any other planet in our solar system (which have been proven to exist). And they always have been stronger than anything manmade (ie. we really can’t hope to control them).

    Please don’t take this personally, I just want to inject some common sense – maybe something unusual really has passed in front of the lense to obscure the Sun in these pictures, but there are many, many more reasonable explainations before we get to ‘massive imaginary theoretically unproven unseen black planet which couldn’t be in this position anyway’.


  3. High Gravity

    You put too much stock in Zacharia Sitchin’s work which is quite flawed in his misinterpretation and misleading statements of the Sumerian creation myth and his translations of Sumerian tablets. I remember my grandparents talking about Halley’s comet when it came by in the early 1900’s. People were committing suicide (even murdering their whole family), standing out in the open fields waiting for the Rapture, even talking about how the “cyanide-poison tail” of the comet will destroy all life on Earth! Being prepared is a very good idea, but don’t be taken in on all these “Cosmic Conspiracy” theories. People have made a good living spewing out that kind of drivel.


  4. EQUINOX SOLAR ECLIPSE: It must be spring. This is the time of year when the sun, Earth, and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory in geosynchronous orbit can line up for spectacular sun-Earth eclipses. Only around equinoxes does this phenomenon occur. SDO took this picture of the sun partially blocked by our own planet on March 13th:

    Every day from now until April 2, 2011, there will be a short break in the data flow as the Earth moves between SDO and the sun. The length of an eclipse can be as long as 72 minutes and they happen at about midnight at the SDO ground station in Las Cruces, NM (0700 UT). Never before has missing data looked so good.