Second Huge Blast Fukushima Nuclear Plant Japan

Second Huge Blast Fukushima Nuclear Plant Japan. Reactor 3 has exploded

The company says the blast injured 11 people.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has advised anyone remaining within 20 kilometers of the power plant to take shelter inside buildings as soon as possible. About 600 people are thought to be still in the area.

Dutchsince: No doubt about it now.. a cloud will be heading to the United States.. now the debate begins on “how bad” it will be.

I think the USA can now expect some sort of “evacuation” order to be issued for the West Coast and North West… along the lines of Oregon, California, Washington State, Idaho, North Dakota, nevada, Utah, and maybe even colorado!

Major radiation has now OFFICIALLY been release.. now it just a matter of “how much reaches us”.



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  1. Granted there is a lot of radiation being emitted from the blast but really, first of all the cloud did not reach the upper layer jet stream in the atmosphere like a nuclear explosion would do. On a nuclear explosion the blast cloud will reach heights of 50-70 K feet up. Once it hits the jet stream then it will carry over.

    You have to first determine what the prevailing winds were at that time of the blast. On a low level it will carry to a certain degree. For the most part the Pacific will be getting most of the radioactive particals. It really is a major problem for the shipping companies, because they have no way of knowing what area has been hit and how it will be moving in water.

    The nuclear accident in Russia contaminated the entire city and it did not reach Europe or China as it was a low level blast and furthermore it had a super meltdown crisis which by the way the meltdown kept going down into the earth. Its a forever type of meltdown and it will continue to keep going down till it breaks thru the mantle where it will destroyed by all that magma. In the meantime the hole is being created and that is why they keep pouring cement over it because the concrete keeps sinking down.

    As a matter of fact that site is still off limits due to high radioactivity. It will not go down for about 10,000 years.

    As for Japan, consider Sendai bye bye. No one will be able to live in that area for hundreds of years because of the radiation itself.

    Every building, every piece of land within a 60 mile radius has to be REMOVED, and on the land itself they have to remove at least 100 feet of top soil and figure out what to do with it afterwards. The only thing they can do is dig a giagantic super deep hole and dump it all in that hole and then bury it with concrete and lead plates on top of it and more concrete. Don’t forget too, now it will also contaminate their water source should the seepage go there as well.

    It is a super major problem for Japan as to what to do with the city. Quite frankly it might as well become a ghost town.

    Expect reactor 2 and 4 are also going to blow soon enough.

    With all 4 blowing up everybody can kiss that city GOODBYE. It is already a hot zone now and considered uninhabitable, and when the rest go up its guaranteed. The closest anyone can get there is minimum 100 miles.

    Its the japanese fault for being so utterly stupid. Everybody now ask yourself this question PLEASE:

    Why would you want to build a Nuclear Power Reactor Plant right smack near a fault plate known as the subduction zone which is guaranteed to have earthquakes.??? Why did they not build those plants on the west side of the country where it will be much safer and it will avoid most quakes and Tsunami’s.

    BLAME THE GOVERNMENT -OK. Because they saw money and dollar signs inside their eyeballs and they wanted to save money so they built it there instead of at the west coast side which would have cost them more to send the power across the country. They never considered the safety factor pertaining to the tectonic plates.

    I hope this lesson is well learned the next time any country decides to build nuclear power plants. Please check whats under your feet and lo and behold you just might find a fault line there!!!!!!! or nearby that might have a subduction zone or a slide zone.




  2. The nuclear reactor situation does not seem to be improving. Hope it will soon. They are now teaching kids in Japan about the situation through this cartoon


  3. are you fucking retarded the cloud from chernobyl did reach all over europe, fuck where i live you couldent go up in the mountains because of radiation.
    thats all i wanted to correct you on but the rest of this is all fiction.
    get a life get swift cover


  4. Hey Cy, who you talking to here??? Winds first of all go from west to east. Depending on the jet stream it might also go north to south and some times it variates from west to east and even does loops etc.

    Most of that radiation blast in Russia contaminated their local region, and parts beyond it going eastward.

    I did not follow it up that much but I do know USA did not get that radiation dose.

    Not sure how much Europe got, if any but if they did it is quite small within tolerable limits. To the best of my knowledge they did not execute a mass radiation alert to get everybody out of the way, or execute a mass drive to issue out radio pills etc., plus other things. Even today going to Chernobyl is no mans land and I don’t care if they say its safe, to me its not gonna be safe for another 10,000 years. Its still in meltdown phase and will continue until it breaks thru into the mantle, and then again I wonder what will happen next when that super duper pressure from below busts thru to to surface.

    That concrete probably is going to come out as one very long sausage, and for me I don’t care anyway cause I will be long dead before that happens. Again I might be wrong but it would be really something to see, those who are alive at that time, should it happen hehehehehehehehehhe.

    Not doubitng you of your experience but I question on how extensive it was as you know the media does tend to really exaggerate things too and even lie, maybe perhaps even more than the governments will do or both do etc. So whatever the information we got pertaining to that accident, what info was true and what info was false remains to be seen, and I will not get into it. Its a done deal.

    Even now I read here people panic thinking they are getting dosed up, but they have sensors all up down the coast line and its hardly making a jingle worthy enough to sound the alarm.

    The salt from the ocean is what is destroying the radiation. Read up on it.



  5. As a matter of fact did anybody ever stop to ask themselves how the ocean today ever became so salty????

    Answer> erosion and it came from the granite and rocks which took billions of years as the waters drained to the ocean. Our oceans had no drain so it simply built up over time.

    At one time it was the largest fresh water mass end to end folks. Yep pure sky blue water good for a Hamms Beer. In fact in Utah’s Salt Lake, you cannot even swim to the bottom cause that water will send you right back up to the surface. The problem there, is no fresh water coming in and no Salt Lake water leaving thus it is simply sitting there. Basically no circulation. If the Great Lakes loses their circulation it too will end up becoming salty.

    Hope this gives some folks some education ehhh.



  6. Oh no need for swift cover. Tell that to the Japanese cause they still are hanging around the hot zone risking their own lives oblivious to the fact their GREAT CITY is FOREVER DEAD!!!!. They still cling to hope that they can still live there.

    That is the sad part indeed.



  7. fuck the government, more and more things like this are going to happen, and their gonna be sitting in their comfortable bases on the moon enjoying all the technology they’ve back engineered while the people of earth get fucked up, and guess what they have been discussing seismic weapons go watch NWO new world order you can download it or however you wanna watch it, they talk about wiping out 4 billion people so that the remaining population is much more controllable, its fucken happening people whether you choose to believe it or not, their evil thinking motherfuckers who only care about the all mighty dollar bill in a world that is run by supernatural forces, and yes they’ve sold out all of humanity to the greys,reptillians and orions, those fuck faces dangled a technological carrot over the u.s during the late 40’s roswell brought on a meeting between the two sides, the trade was recieve their technology and return they can study our civilization and its inhabitants, the funny thing is the government is no longer in control but their so focused on their individual survival like i said they sold us out, and wont tell us the truth fearing we will actually wake up and be what the fuck were supposed, we are spirit coupled with physicallity and as time goes on we evolve, once we move from 3rd to 4th and finally to 5th the regressive races that are manipulating us to think slavery is a natural way of life, well they won’t be in control anymore, like julian marley said we won’t see the signs if we play blind deaf and dumb, and also like everyone says we can learn lessons from the past this is present days lesson, people trying to control will fall victim to their own selfish ambition


  8. Charles Robert Chaney, Jr.

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