UFO Japan 2011 Day of the Tsunami – Link between Disasters and UFO's?

Link between disasters and UFO’s?

Have you ever wondered why UFOs are seen just before or just after disasters?

Maybe they try to warn us about catastrophic events?

Perhaps we should pay closer attention to UFO sightings in relation to disasters

UFO Japan 2011 Day Of Tsunami

A selection of UFO sightings during disasters







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12 responses to “UFO Japan 2011 Day of the Tsunami – Link between Disasters and UFO's?

  1. At the 1.07 mark on this video, it shows that the aircraft received some kind of hit, which is the same side where the UFO’s were located prior to its demise.

    I suspect the UFO’s shot it down with a unseen beam that bent and destroyed that engine. Take a close look at the outer skin area around the engine area, like someone pounded it with a huge heavy hammer prior to it ending.

    I think the UFO brought down this aircraft deliberately.



  2. Didn’t saw all as the Haiti and the Japanese one was already enough bs for me.
    “If” they wanna warn us as the article says, anybody seriously thing they do that with flying secretly over the area for a few seconds and dissapear. Gimme a break. What a help would that be? There is no help, and most likely there are no aliens visiting us.


  3. The ‘pre-911’ video in this batch is obviously a hoax, so why include it? I think that the observation that UFOs are sighted around disasters is a valid and interesting one, but again, any obviously false or even dubious evidence must be discounted immidiately, otherwise it discredits the whole subject.


  4. Harry Taylor

    Perhaps its some type of invasion, could be these visitors are directly responsible for these disasters, giving nature a helping hand. They could be systematically wiping out humans through initiating catastrophic events whilst remaining undetected. Just a thought


  5. First of all everybody LISTEN UP OK

    Why do we need to blame the UFO’S for all of our castrophes???? Why not look at certain players behind the game here.

    Consider BP Oil Company, they LITERALLY DESTROYED THE NORTH ATLANTIC CONVEYOR BELT which regulates our weather and its the heartbeat on this planet.

    Why did the idiots build Nuclear Power Plants right smack near a Subduction Zone inviting such a disaster in the FIRST PLACE. They could have built it on the west side of Japan thus avoiding this problem.

    Why is the GOVERNMENT PLAYING WITH WEATHER, and doing all the CHEM TRAILS??? They also are fucking up our weather systems.

    Why do people live and reside NEAR ACTIVE VOLCANOS??? Only the idiots would do that, and furthermore they have been told thousands of times all thru the centuries, and we have been victims literally from its DESTRUCTION when it does erupt. Look at Pompeii, or at Africa, or at Indonesia as a few examples.

    Then Humans expect this planet to sustain our HUGE POPULATION OF 7 BILLION heading towards 9 BILLION by the year 2030!!!!! There is just so much land allocated for humans to live on, so much land allocated for our animals to live on and so much resources our planet offers and so much land available to grow food for us to eat, and we are STRIPPING THIS PLANET CLEAN!!!! OURSELVES.

    I do not blame anyone saying we need to REDUCE OUR PRESENT POPULATION and if it does happen it just might save humanity for the long run. YES I am talking about 5 BILLION getting wiped out from either a pandemic or some major disaster. Some of us has to go and some of us will survive but for humanities sake it will keep going.

    We humans are the ones destroying our atmosphere, and causing a huge amount of CO2 to build up thus melting all our glaciers both up and down on this planet. Therefore something has to give and yes the waters will rise.

    We humans are idiots that live right smack at major fault lines. Take for example Los Angeles and San Fran of California as both of these cities have a major fault line running right under their feet.

    Why do humans want to go on top of a super volcano such as Yellowstone which is long overdue to erupt??? Why are people living at the caldera rim in Germany on another super volcano that recently now has become active and the gases are bubbling up from under that lake.

    And WE ARE SO STUPID that we have to blame UFO’s for all these problems.

    Why is the Government not telling us the truth of what is going on in space. We have the right to know goddamn it, and those SOB’s keep trying to cover up everything.

    When we squawk we are labeld terrorists unfriendly to any government yet we have to suffer and be put in prison because the Government thinks they own the rights to secrets??? That to me is bullshit.

    We humans have not LEARNED A DAMN LESSON OR THING OVER THE COURSE OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and still is so ignorant to see and understand what is happening around us.

    We live on a moving mass of tectonic plates and yes it has to do something and yes it will cause problems from time to time and that is to be expected. If these tectonic plates were to ever stop THIS PLANET IS DOOMED, because that means to all of us the CORE stopped and is getting solid JUST LIKE MARS. So which do you want????

    So call it whatever you like but I SPOKE THE TRUTH.

    Bottom line.



  6. Harry Taylor

    Whose blaming UFOs for these things, I said perhaps. There are many perhaps factors in all this. Over my life time I have seen science do about turns on what we know about the universe we live in, nothing is for sure and nothing is completely foreseeable. I suggest rather than quoting statistics we should be keeping open minds. As far as the stupidity of the human race for building near these “risk zones” might be more down to the fact that these zones are have higher levels of resources to support the populations that live around them. As far as distasters go, what we are seeing happening on the planet is nothing to what has happened in the past, life on this planet has survived catastrophies that are by far worse than what we are seeing presently, from meteor strikes, floods and every other doomsday scenario, throughout all of these life has found a way to florish and will continue to florish long after we are gone.


  7. Harry – The zones you mentioned in your comment having higher resources to support etc is all bullshit. They knew damn well that there was a subduction plate only approximately 150 miles out at sea, and apparently they thought it was safe. Wrong. 150 miles from a subduction plate is prima dona to be rocking and rolling off of your feet. From that subduction point, it goes down at an angle and it can go westward easily maybe 200 miles before it drops down to the mantle. That pacific plate is going under Japan. If you look at Mexico it has a subduction point out at sea, but the plate does not begin to do down until it is near the east side where the volcano’s are located. It is shallow as that plate slides above the pacific plate, then it dives very steep. The challenger deep is also another subduction point and that is almost 39,000 feet down in that trench.

    We have not had any meteor strikes yet and the last one was the chixclub one wiping out the dinos. That one was a 25 mile diameter puppy. The Tambora eruption almost wiped out the human race around 50-70K years ago, and its estimated only 10K humans survived worldwide. The last major explosion was the Krakatoa eruption in 1812, nearly killing off the food supply and reducing the worlds temps by 5 degrees INSTANTLY.

    Now who do you think KILLED off the NAC???? BP Oil company. That one was our pacemaker. Its death is spreading to the rest of the conveyor belts around the globe.

    Why do humans want to live next to a deadly volcano??? Example Pompeii in Italy. It has over 4 million and they can be killed in a matter of minutes. Did they learned their lesson from 70AD???? I don’t think so.

    The bottom line is this>>> the money did the talking and the bullshit and safety did the walking. Now they have to accept their reward and suffer the consequences.

    Humans don’t like to accept the blame for being stupid. They never have as long as I have lived. I worked for a major company and safety was No. 1. Yet many times we were told to forget it and put the plane back in service. But I refused to allow it to pass and nearly got fired numerous times because I wanted the public to have a safe plane to fly on point A to point B and if it cost them a little bit more money it was worth it. Yes it is happening as I speak here.

    Harry, our 9 lives is running out, and pretty soon we will be put into a corner nobody is going to be able to escape.

    Its already started, in case you did not know. So forget about the perhaps , that is no longer possible.



  8. Harry Taylor

    Daveyo, maybe we should airlift the whole of Japan into safe waters, there is no safe place on earth nor in the universe for that matter. I for one do not look at the doomsday scenario as an approaching event. As I said life will always find away.
    Oh and by the way it was yourself who initially suggested that some of these events were extra terrestrial “I think the UFO brought down this aircraft deliberately.” A little consistency goes a long way.
    Not here to argue here to live.


  9. I did, aircraft do not receive such a dent like it was hit by a huge sledge hammer. No human can put a dent on that while its up in the air my friend. It does show a UFO on the same side where the dent was. Can you come up with a better explanation on how it got there??? I am a aircraft engineer.

    Short of accusing the UFO being the suspect what else can there be. If it had such before it took off for the show it would not get up in the air due to strict aviation standards especially the military. Any fracture or dent on the skin of the aircraft grounds the plane because it will interfere with the airflow properties needed for it to fly.



  10. Which video are you referring to? i don’t see it. And to Harry. Of course there is no safe place on earth, or the universe to be more broad. But there is definitely safer places than others. I think that you should look into that if you aren’t sure because last time I checked living next to a deadly volcano, isn’t safe at all. In all sympathy to Japan. Japan has had a really consistent past, to get where they are today. I think that it was an utter coincidence in why they were hit. I live in California, and the San Andreas fault line is near. I see risk but it isn’t as deadly to make me move, Im not ignorant but I have a built community. No one in Japan was going to leave because of that fault. It was just something that is going to happen, and as human we have the acknowledgment to live with it.


  11. My feeling at least that the Greys are sinister and rogue agents up for sale… all the disasters they seem to always be there… why warn us? We dont change, we dont react regardless. Why would they “monitor” earthquakes, tsunami’s etc… seems to me so mundane and simpleton for such super advanced beings to be doing that… no, looking at those illuminati cards and understanding that our governments hate us and only tolerate us because we provide taxes to them to keep them rich, I think our govt with some scum aliens are up to no good… lets not forget the illuminati agenda and the big plan for final satanic control of a smaller and more easily controlled population… Im suspicious. If they the aliens were good, hell, take over our tv’s, broadcast everywhere, expose our govt’s and their sickening lies over the years and continued means to enslave us under the cover of ‘false’ democracy… seems easy, so why dont they? If they wanted to help us or warn us… hey, fly a banner from the UFO saying “we come in peace…run, tsunami!!!” I also believe that most of the species visiting us can speak most if not all of our languages or have the tech to computer translate so that we can understand them… its all a bit sus… just my thinking.


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