Explosion rocks Third Reactor – Japan is teetering on the brink of Nuclear Catastrophe!

Explosion rocks Third Reactor – Japan is teetering on the brink of Nuclear Catastrophe! 2011 Japan

Fukushima 1 is completely out of control. A picture from Digital Globe shows the horrible destructions on the reactor buildings. PICTURE source: www.ryocentral.info

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Scale of nuclear accidents
Level 7 – Major release of radioactive material. Example: Chernobyl, Ukraine, 1986
Level 6 – Significant release of radioactive material. Example: Kyshtym, Russia, 1957
Level 5 – Limited release of radioactive material. Example: Three Mile Island, US, 1979, and Windscale, UK, 1957
Level 4 – Minor release of radioactive material with at least one death from radiation. Example: Tokaimura, Japan, 1999
Level 3 – Exposure in excess of 10 times the statutory annual limit for workers
Level 2 – Exposure of a member of the public in excess of 10mSv (average annual dose is 1mSv)
Level 1 – Exposure of a member of public above statutory annual limit. Minor safety problems

JAPAN is teetering on the brink of nuclear catastrophe amid fears a radioactive cloud could envelop Tokyo’s 13million residents..

Read full article HERE ( source: theSun)


Environmental radioactivity and radiation information

Realtime radiation data collected via the System for Prediction of Environment Emergency Dose Information(SPEEDI) Source: http://www.bousai.ne.jp/eng/index.html


Real time monitoring at:Source: www.spiegel.de

Japan’s fallout, Ten (10) times the size of Chernobyl, extreme risk of lethal radiation to HIT the U.S. , Mexico and Canada! Read full article HERE


How to protect yourself from Radiation Exposure

Because of what is occurring in Japan, many people are wondering what they could do to protect themselves in the event that dangerous levels of radiation were to make their way into the United States.

The following is a consensus of options that may be protective without being dangerous.  It’s important to understand that some of these options have not been studied in large, well organized trials but come about as a result of the reported experience of countries, scientists and physicians who had to deal with dangerous levels of radiation and their effects on the populations exposed to them. Read full article HERE

Sources and authors: earth-issues.com * bousai.ne.jp * video  (youtube)

5 responses to “Explosion rocks Third Reactor – Japan is teetering on the brink of Nuclear Catastrophe!

  1. Listen you guys have to stop creating a huge panic.

    First of all the cloud has not reached THE UPPER LAYER JET STREAM. That is the only way any radioactive particals or radiation can reach USA. With that said its done.

    The threat is smack on Japan because that cloud did not go up 50,000 feet. Understand me well.

    I have previously said regarding reactors 2 and 3 that if they were to blow SENDAI IS HISTORY PERIOD. No one can live there for minimum 10,000 years.

    To shorten the wait time you have to destroy every building and scrape up at least 100 -150 feet of top soil to get rid of the radiation and have it BURIED SOMEPLACE but where is the question????? USA CERTAINLY DOES NOT WANT IT. Then you will need huge amounts of water (sea Water) to wash it off, and how you gonna do that unless you bring the entire area BELOW SEA LEVEL Once you do then how to get it back out and rebuild the land area again.

    There is no way for a human to protect themselves from a radioactive fallout such as Japan. That shit is worse than a Nuclear blast fallout. You have to be inside a concrete bunker with lead and steel plates to stop it from infecting you. Then you have the air and its going to be contaminated. YOU CANNOT SEE RADIATION SURROUNDING YOU. You need a Geiger counter to warn you of its presence. That counter is your only hope to give you advance warning to get the hell out of there but where is the question depending on the prevailing upper wind jet stream.

    I say bankrupt Japan and let them pay for it all because of their stupidity building a nuclear plant right smack at the subduction zone.



  2. Can any one pls help me I just wanted to know following
    1)could wind carry radiation reach Smolensk Russia?
    2)when can it reach?
    3)will it be of danger level
    4)what precaution to take

    My son is there on a vacation,I am worried.
    You can Email me-ooufuma@yahoo.com


  3. High Gravity

    I see no difference between this and that of our own nuclear fallout that fell numerous times over the US back in the late 50s and early 60s. At the time the dairy farmers were told to dump their milk because of the high levels of radiation on the grass the cows eat- we drank the milk and eat the garden vegetables anyways! For us, life continued as normal and we’re still alive and thriving! Pooh-pooh the “Doomsday” theorists!


  4. yea we ate the garden vegetables and drank the milk but look at how many people there are with cancer nowadays than there were in the 50’s and 60’s..there was damage but as usual the government never takes responsibility for their actions…we are doomed because our government is greedy and all they care about is power and money.. for all we know they set up HAARP to do all this and blame it on natural disasters…they can spend 250 million on HAARP but were broke? how the fuck is that…that is why everyone needs to get right with god before its too late..before we have our own nuclear disaster here in our own back yard…wake up people its the beginning of the end and the countdown has begun…i pray for all of you may God forgive those who have put us in this position ….


  5. there is no way I will forgive those who put us into a dangerous possible end time position. They can go someplace else but I sure as heck don’t want to ever see them around me again.

    And that goes with a period.