Huge Sun Shadow – Sun Blackout! Analysis

Huge Sun Shadow – NASA Censored Sun Blackout!

1st Analysis

The ONLY time frame missing is the one that shows what ever it was that blocked out the sun! Tell me NASA doesnt censor!

2nd Analysis

There were a couple of things overlooked in todays black out involving the sun…

Since we are able to see those highlighted colors using that specific filter that means there is something very large giving off intenst light towards our sun (Second sun?) and something very large came between that object and the sun, if it was something in front of the camera we wouldnt be able to see those highlighted colors…

The event is broken up into 4 sections, 1. The top of the sun produces a dark spot. 2. The entire area of the sun looses its illumination. 3. Approximately half of the sun is re illuminated. 4. The sun is re illuminated.

Starting with the dark spot that appears on the top they are 15 minute segments, Click, dark spot, click all dark= 15, click still all dark = 15, click half dark = 15, click re illuminated… = 45 minutes…

OR… The sun could have lost its ability to produce that specific type of illumination for that amount of time specified…

3rd Analysis


Any interesting theory being place throughout the internet is this is some sort of lenscap on SDO..There is no such thing and if there was why would it be used? SDO records all the time and no reason for it to have a lenscap..

The proof is there for a large celestial body pertrubating our solar system..

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7 responses to “Huge Sun Shadow – Sun Blackout! Analysis

  1. This s all so very interesting … thanks you so much for your reports


  2. what comes to mind is if a worm hole or black hole opened up, some where close to the sun, so as to steal are light for some period of time.


    • i dont think it was a black hole, as black holes are just dense gravity points which means it would be sucking eveything in, it was probably something never observed before by science, a new anomaly in space, some sort of dark matter cloud or the like. its deffinatly not a planet as the cross over line isnt uniform meaning it cant be a planet moving past, its definaly interesting and it wouldnt surprise me if this is a new anomaly in space


  3. The sun is switching from Hydrogen to Helium. That is why its reacting all over the place. Its running out of hydrogen fuel.

    I may be wrong but this is the only logical explanation of why the sun is doing all this. Its very possible that the scientist have really made a huge error on their estimations of when it will occur or know when the hydrogen will run out.



  4. scientists? errors?
    whoever heard of it?
    certainly not they!
    it has to be peer reviewed…


  5. STEREO BEHIND HI1 Feb 17 – March 18, 2011
    See the huge object near the sun and watch what happens at March 11 right b4 Japans 8.9 Earthquake!
    Go to: and add date: 20110217 – 20110318

    Also check this one:
    What is the huge planet size object appearing in the left top corner on March 4, 2011?? (and when i say huge i mean HUGE!)
    Go to: and enter:
    Date: 20110304
    Time: 15:00:05 UT & 15:30:01 UT for the images. Or check them at

    And this one:
    Sun Blackout at March 13th 2011!
    Go to: and enter: Date: 20110313
    Slow to 1 sec per frame.
    Watch at 16 sec!


  6. Another sun blockout today!
    Another sun blockout! (March 18 2011)
    Watch at 18 seconds!
    Go to: and enter date: 20110308
    Slow to 1 frame per second