Mega UFO Shoots Laser Next To The Sun!


UFO Shoot Laser Next To The Sun!

The clips are from NASA SOHO LASCO C3 from 03-10 to 03-14 2011…


Lasco C2 11th March, 2011. Link – On Lasco C2. Right-Click ‘ Save Target as ‘ to Download File, then open in QuickTime Player and go to the frame showing the Time on the video. In QuickTime Player, Go to Window, Show AV Controls, then remove Color and Increase Contrast. Capture the Object using ‘ Jing Free, ‘ ‘ Jing Pro ‘ or Camtasia Studio, then open the Capture file in Windows Live Movie Maker and you will see this craft

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5 responses to “Mega UFO Shoots Laser Next To The Sun!

  1. It look like they trying to destroy the sun or something…..


  2. A celestial war is going on all around us … we are Loved…._EYE_Report_


  3. Check this footage I got March 18th about 11:ish AM
    Strange Ring around sun in Hawaii
    UFO darting around checking out the ring
    Went right in at one point, to the very center
    At the end it’s at the ver top, almost out of the screen.
    What do you think????


  4. mankind can not yet connect them. they are people who arrived to freedom. they same as us as. i sometime connect them when i pray to them to as god as. one my friend went to this city of freedom. there are no social, no economy, no service, and no church in there. there is doesn’t matter size of body. my friend live in drop of water, and in fire…etc. one my friend came in japan when crush fukushima nukepower plant. his name Manal. then i look his saddle by flower. and my three friend live on the sun. they live forever together. they are forever look as triangle as. i’m one of them. but no usage announce it. once my brother came to this planet. his name was jesus. believe me.


  5. I have taken pictures of the sun with my cell phone early in the morning and late in the evening. I also have seen ufo darting around the sun in the pictures.