RADIATION reaches USA -Bakersfield California- March 16, 2011 234 uR per hour

RADIATION reaches USA, March 16, 2011 234 uR per hour

READ ALL BELOW!!! its 530pm CST March 16, now.. this was reported over 2 hours ago.. im taping up my windows now and running some extra water into jugs. back in a few.. better safe than sorry in my opinion.

measure radiation here:

here is a readout to show past activity with this station which verifies the LARGE spike in radiation :

here is a video screenshot of the event:

here is a jpg screenshot:

here is the other radiation monitoring site for continental US:

watch the clouds and storm track now.. from bakersfield CA.

Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, California Bakersfield, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan, illinois, Minnesota, Idaho, Quebec, Arkansas.

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2 responses to “RADIATION reaches USA -Bakersfield California- March 16, 2011 234 uR per hour

  1. will it really hit bakersfield because i have been hearing alot of things that will be happing in bako with in the next few weeks, i just dont know if there ture. it sound like the end of the world😦 3/18/2011 god bless everyone


  2. I have been completely dismayed and angered over the coverage of the nuclear situation in Japan by the U.S. Media since the Earthquake happened. I’ve never witnessed more news anchors who refused to ask, speak of or demand answers because they didn’t want to scare or upset people. Even some of the top so called nuclear experts who work with our government, when asked, “what is the worse case scenario” have stated, “I’m not going to go there, it’s too unthinkable to speak of”. This seems to be the overall attitude. I just don’t get it. Radiation is spreading across the U.S., and there is hardly more then a 5 second soundbite about it. What ever happened to being informed AHEAD of time so we can make the best choices? Why is it more important to be informed 24/7 about libya when all of our lives and of future generations could be significantly impacted? Why isn’t Obama and his representatives giving us daily, even hourly updates? What the hell is really going on here. It’s insanity. Listen, I”m the one of the most positive thinkers out there and an advocate of positive thinking. But there are selfish, evil forces out there that don’t care about us, don’t want us to know what is really going on and someone needs to stand up before they destroy this country. Please. If anyone has any suggestions for how we can organize and demand more information. Speak up or forever hold your piece before you no longer have the option to speak up! Being positive and holding positive thoughts doesn’t mean you stay in a house that’s burning down because you simply can’t deal with the reality of the situation.

    Debra Lynne Katz, Author