RADIATION – JET STREAM – MEGA STORM forms in the Pacific, March 17, 2011

RADIATION – JET STREAM – MEGA STORM forms in the Pacific! March 17, 2011

A United Nations forecast of the possible movement of the radioactive plume coming from crippled Japanese reactors shows it churning across the Pacific, and touching the Aleutian Islands on Thursday before hitting Southern California late Friday, read full article HERE

As the high pressure system moves northeastwards and passes just east of Japan on Saturday, winds will gradually shift to the west and then southwest, keeping the radiation from the Fukushima plant blowing out to sea. As the winds shift to southwesterly, the sinking air over Japan will be replaced by rising air, and radioactive emissions will begin being lifted high in the atmosphere. Since there is less friction aloft, and the high speed winds of jet stream increase as the air moves higher in the atmosphere, this radiation will undergo long-range transport, Read full article including graphics HERE

For those of you who want to avoid the potential radiation. Here’s the Global Jet Stream Forcast for March 13-21st. Good Luck!


Storm monitoring realtime

Tokyo “Live” Geiger Counter…
Radiation Network (Live USA Radiation Readings)
Live streaming geiger counter in Los Angeles, California.

Online Ionizing Radiation Detectors (2nd Source of USA Radiation Readings)


Radiation monitoring realtime usa


Secondary radiation monitoring site


Source and author: wunderground.com * nytimes.com

7 responses to “RADIATION – JET STREAM – MEGA STORM forms in the Pacific, March 17, 2011

  1. any links to realtime radiation detector data in hawaii would be very appreciated!!!!


  2. Deborah Hart

    Thankyou for posting this. Finally , and I have been searching for days, a useful tool for keeping abreast of the “situation”!
    I have added it to my “favorites” in my browser.


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  4. I think it’s really strange that Mr President et al is in Brazil and it seems to be the only area that will not be affected. I mean, Australia and NZ are in the zone also from what i heard on the news today…. I’m just sayin’…


  5. one problem with this, the diagram shows the radiation in the outhern hemisphere, japan is in the northern hemishpere and is receiveing westerly and easterly winds, this makes it impossible for the southern hemishere to be affected by radiation, its simple logic, if the air is moving left or right it doesnt go down so the only areas that will be affected by this fallout are in the northern parts of the world, when chernobyl blew its radiation coated britain america russia and most of those northern terrritories but it barely made it to the tropic equatorial regions, and that explosioin was worse than this one,

    dont be conned by scare mongers people, there are people out there who are just out for their 5 seconds of fame spreading malicious bullshit that makes people scared.


  6. if their correct thats fucken great what a bunch of stupid fuckers this is what the world gets for relying on the government to solve all the problems, instead of using nikolai teslas invention in having free energy lets go to nuclear power and fuck everyone over in the process, good job to the governments of the world you fucken faggots ill piss on and deface all of your graves, when chaos hits the streets from numerous upcoming events you’ll know who i am when you see a person beheading government officials


    • they did the same thing to hemp, hemp was set to replace wood for many products so the lumber companys banded together and got the government to shun hemp products, and make some of them illegal. money talks, and money is why free tesla power wasnt used mean while nuclear power which was cheaper at the time got the go ahead dispite obvious problems. Man the world of today is fucked, same thing is happening with the carbon tax: the idea behind carbon tax was to make the comapanies pay for pollution, but instead the companies claim that is they are forced to pay the tax it will affeect workeres pay, and so they dont get the carbon tax, and the little business man takes the fall along with everybody else who owns a; house, car, apartment, or anything else that lets off any sort of pollutants, but hey at least the companys that are the real cause behind the pollution problems still have enough money to increase their annual wage while cutting workers anyway, and recording massive profit margins, then suddenly they cry poverrty when slapped with a 200000$ pr year tax, cry me a bloody river, most of them carry that in their back pocket!

      i seriously hate the world of today, not everyone or everythin in ti but just the corrupt and greedy swine who govern it… you know who you are! and karma is one tough bitch mate,

      ps she doesnt take bribes so your out of luck there