San Andreas Fault – Earthquake Risk? Analysis

Researchers find major quakes on the southern section, on average, every 88 years – three times as often previously evidence yet that we’re due for a massive quake.

The study, produced after several years of field studies in the Carrizo Plain area about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles, found that earthquakes along the San Andreas fault have occurred far more often than previously believed. source

San Andreas Fault – Earthquake Risk?


Jim Berkland points out at least four risk factors

1. The moon will be not only full, but at perigee. In fact this will be the closest perigee that the moon will have for the next five years. Experts have recently had to accept the role of tidal forces in the triggering of earthquakes.

2. The next day will be the vernal equinox, which produces the equinoctial tides, another stressor on account of the earth’s axial inclination.

3. The California coast has recently seen a massive and unexplained fish kill. Such fish kills, and aberrant behavior of pets and livestock, have been remarkably accurate earthquake predictors (though not of 100 percent predictive value).

An estimated 1 million fish turned up dead on in a Southern California marina

4. Finally, the Ring of Fire has already seen four other earthquakes either along the ring or along a trench connected to it in the past year, in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and finally the Sendai event. In the belief that such events follow a pattern, Berkland believes that the San Andreas Fault might be due.

Walt Brown at the Center for Scientific Creationism accepts most of Berkland’s arguments as sound, with this key difference: he would not limit the earthquake risk to the San Andreas Fault or even to the entire Ring of Fire…

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‘VU’ ( March 20, 2011 )

‘Having resided in the Bay Area for the last sixteen years, I completely understand what Berkland is talking about. On my commute I drive by Ocean Beach everyday and I have noticed the tides being significantly higher and rougher throughout the day. For all of today, it was stormy. Over the past few days and all of next week it will rain. About a million fish washed-up on the shore of Redondo Beach and whales have been sighted in San Diego indicating that animals have lost their navigational sense due to changes in the magnetic field. If a quake strikes, I think it will be on the San Andreas and my god it is going to be massive. This quake is long overdue and looking at the occurrences across the world it makes sense for one to occur now. Please be prepared for an earthquake, it may not strike within the next week but it will strike someday and that day you will be ready’.


5 responses to “San Andreas Fault – Earthquake Risk? Analysis

  1. Well lets put it like this. The California San Andreas fault is totally different. This is about two plates sliding opposite of each other. The Japan incident is one plate going under another.

    Whats North of San Fran folks. Well you got the Volcanos up there right???? So think about this, if you were to head out west out to sea what is below that??? A trench right. One plate going under another. The pacific plate is going under the North American plate hence you see those volcanos.

    That is the one you need to worry about primarly. If that plate moves it more than likely will activate Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainer as well. Now think about this. Is there a population nearby these two towering volcano’s??? You bet your sweet peas there is indeed.

    All the plates move folks. Some severe some not so severe, depending on the pressure pushing the plates. The ones at Oregon and the state of Washington should be the ones to worry about the most. Why???? Because there is some history there that a massive Tsunami hit that area. More likely the same deal that hit Japan.

    Is this area built to withstand such quake? The answer is no. The casualty figures will be quite high mind you.

    Last but not least this area is due for a Trifecta. Quake, Tsunami, and Volcano’s coming alive.

    Hmmmm, what is behind this???? Yellowstone!!!!

    Awwwwwwwww, a definite recipe indeed should all this fall right into place.



  2. I enjoy reading your comment Daveyo. You surely have done your homework… The fault near san francisco, is plainly just as familiar with past history of a major earthquakes- world series quake, as the washington/oregon ones. I believe that if that one were to slip up again, we would have your recipe mix. San Andreas would be affected and so would the faults up in washington and oregon. Giving high risk, and potential for something to happen in shorter time variables. Nowhere on earth is prepared for what we are actually up against. Most of the people here in California, do not believe any of this. Not even thinking of having a first aid in their house. I really hope these people enlighten themselves on fact.


  3. Well I have been watching off and on about Yellowstone. It seems the quakes are only down about 1-4 miles on average which 2 is the average, which means the magma is damn close to the surface only 10K feet down. This is the chamber I am refering about under the caldera itself.

    In the last few years it has risen about a half foot, and it goes up and down.

    I did check what is feeding Yellowstone folks. The magma does not go down to the mantle. The chamber is fed thru via an underground magma vent which goes out to the States of Washington and Oregon and its fed from not only both Volcanos but also from the plate trench that is out at sea. They were able to trace where the magma is coming from!!!!!!

    Whatever happens out at the pacific plate will undoubtly affect Yellowstone and both of those huge volcano’s. I was surprised at that finding, and really that is a lot of miles for Magma to travel deep under the ground. It goes up at a angle from the coast area.

    We all know Yellowstone is long overdue and I do believe this next occurance will be the end of Yellowstone once and for all. It will go extinct if that chamber empties itself completely and if the vents end up sealing themselves up permanently.

    If it blows I can tell you this much, some mountain ranges will disappear as it will fall down into the caldera. One today can see how much got wiped out previously. The other super volcano at the southeastern part of California is also active but highly doubtful that it will ever erupt again. The last one was well over 3 million years ago.

    As a matter of fact USA does have some extinct volcanos in that region deep into New Mexico and Arizona!!!!! Those went dead during the time of the Dino era. There is no plate to feed it any magma. At one time California and most of Nevada did not exist hence the plate was closer to them at that time.

    North America rose up over the course of time, and that is what we have today which took several hundred millions of years in the making. Ever think about the Grand Canyon??? Quite interesting.

    My parents once said long time ago, once something is started it eventually will return back to its beginning. Where they got that from is a mystery to me, but it does make sense, when we had a continent setup that held all of todays land mass in one great huge spot. I do believe it will all return back to that spot at the end of earths life somewhere around 7 billion years from now. The sun will destroy planet earth around 8 billion years from now when it reaches maximum Red Giant phase.

    Bottom line> all things have to end sooner or later. Its not a forever deal. Even the star systems die out, Suns explode, galaxies crash into one another and some get sucked into the black hole never to be found again. There is always a birth and always a death from the cosmos down to us living beings. This is the permanent cycle and cannot be changed and this cycle is forever.

    That my friends is the TRUTH.



  4. Suns explode,galiaxes crash,correct,…there is always birth and always death……..And then Rebirth and the cycle will start again,and repeat and repeat….Peace and Love to all……Mat


  5. I live in san diego, what do you think will happen to this “city” after the san andreas fault line experiences “the big one”? and do you think we’ll recieve a warning quake? like, a semi-big one before the big-big one?