Super Moon and Flashing Orb, March 19, 2011

Witness: The Super Moon, March 19, 2011. It really was an extra beautiful and slightly larger full moon. The super moon was even more lovely here in the Netherlands, for we actually had clear skies!

I saw some sort of, well, UFO. It was an irregularly flashing orb or object that even in these clear, star lit night skies, just disappeared! Well, watch for your self, with the back-drop of the super moon.

Pretty awesome. I filmed the super moon with my LEGRIA FS20 from Canon with 2000x digital zoom and full HD quality.

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4 responses to “Super Moon and Flashing Orb, March 19, 2011

  1. Really a nice video.
    Darn it rained where I live all clouds so I missed it.I was so looking forward to it too.Probably the last time it will come around for me.Hopefully my grandchildren will see it someday.


  2. Did anyone see bluelights in the sky? I saw some like the lights where fallowing each other


  3. on the 19 th of march over san diego I say three orange orbs one appeared glowing bright then faded out then another appeared from the south and faded out ,then a third . I did not hear anywhere if others seen it or on the news ,my grandson was with me, and I called my house to tell my family about it .they saw the orbs . has anyone heard from anyone else in san diego ca.?


  4. you won’t believe this but I have proof that I saw basically the same thing around 6:20 EST, except I felt like it was after me the way it was coming right at me:

    and the birds too:

    note: mrphilosophias