Bizarre Mystery in Ground Shaking Flagler County, Florida, March 2011

From the East coast of Florida to the West coast of florida.. across the entire state.. a large “rumble” and.. “sounds just like a jet engine being tested” was felt for several days across multiple locations.. and measured on the 18th via the Mississippi CERI seismograph.

Shot on March 9, this video comes from youtube user DAISYJAYS:

Actual seismograph from the general area:

*, March 18, 2011 – Investigators are trying to solve a bizarre mystery in Flagler County


Triangle UFO recorded over Clearwater Florida, March 19, 2011. UFOs have a way of showing up before, during and after natural disasters.

Is it plate movement? is this related to the recent 100 mile long oil slick in the gulf of mexico? It remains a mystery..

Source:  (youtube)

19 responses to “Bizarre Mystery in Ground Shaking Flagler County, Florida, March 2011

  1. That was really freaky, weird and bizzare.
    My thought was could it have been some kind of freak thunder or earth tremor of some sort?


  2. hey we get this noise just like this one in phoenix arizona when its real cloudy. the sound hovers an takes off too. I thought i was bugn! but i am sure this is the same sound! Any ideas on whats this can be?


  3. what i heard sounded like a massive engine. it was right above my neighborhood. an there was no ground shaking an it lasted around same amount of time. it was really loud.


  4. Undergroung test of some VERY large thrust components…engines. The venting above ground may be what is heard, the shaking is because it’s being tested underground??


  5. It happens on days like this one in phoenix. same cloudy day, this last year we heard this sounds going to the car my wife was looking for a plane in the sky but was completely blocked by clouds. whatever it is its relatively new. Or are they?


  6. i think it sounds like the new line of stealth craft being empolyed by the military, it involves bending light around an object so it appears invisible, but of course you cant make sound invisible. However if it isnt this it possibly could be major underground drilling operations, this of course wouldnt be advertised on the 6 oclock news, for what? who knows, maybe as an earthquake preventative, releasing pressure between plates to avert major catastrophe?


  7. I would be surprised if it were underground in Flagler county which is near the ocean. Groundwater in Florida is often at 10′ or less, especially near the ocean. Hope this mystery gets solved because I live not far away.


    • well im in NZ so im not totally up to par on USA topography/geology, but anythings possible really, the fact that it is being heard and felt over many differentt areas is a veriable cause for soncern as it is an indication that its definatly not a random event, more likely something controlled. I still think its possibly an experimental aircraft, but doubts are casst on that ideal by the apparent vibrations (seismic activity) on the ground, If the area you described is indeed in a low groundwater region I guess it probably isnt an underground drill, but this only opens up more questions as to what it is…

      heres the facts:
      – seismic activity
      – Loud sounds similar to a jet engine
      – Cannot be a drill because certain areas groundwater levels would hinder/disable it
      – Sound is heard for prolonged periods of time
      – Seismic activity spikes at certain points indicating a moving object

      In my opinion, either this is some military grade secret aircraft, which is capable of creating seismic activity (most unlikely), Some sort of UFO or alien device, HAARP testing (sort of unlikely as HAARP controls weather patterns not seismic activity), or some unknown creation that we have never heard of or seen before…

      Who else has some ideas?

      also can anyone in the affected areas describe any strange animal behaviour eg your cat or dog, or any strange things in your local news reports that have happened since you heard it?

      also you can email me


  8. This same event, happened on 3/21/11, in NW PA, during the afternoon. Skies were cloudy at the time. Noise lasted approx. 5 – 8 minutes and shook the house and ground. Originally thought it was a low flying jet, however, when the noise continued longer than one minute and house and ground outside shook, I thought we were having an earthquake. No earthquake however, was recorded.


  9. I have been reading up on FLA’s bizarre noises and such and came across your post.

    I live in Norfolk, VA. At 12:30am 3/22/2011 I heard this insane noise that sounds exactly like the video that’s been posted on websites from FL. The long, super loud, noise and slowly it grew louder like it was coming closer. It was loud enough that it jolted me and my husband out of our beds and we ran to the window and couldn’t see anything. It was also slightly bright. Not sunshine bright. But some sort of light. and the noise grew louder and whoosh it went away. this lasted about 10-15 minutes. it freaked me out. it sounded like it was right above my apartment. i am appox 1.4 miles from the beach here in Ocean View. I’ve spoken with several friends that live nearby but they heard nothing.

    I know I am not crazy. The similarities between FLA and what occured last night (technically this morning) are ridiculious. To the “T”.


  10. It seems unlikely that this video is the sound of a B2 Stealth Bomber, or any other conventional aircraft. If it were, we would expect to hear a Doppler effect as the aircraft passed by, or moved away, or circled the area. The sound in the video is relatively constant, and changes in volume, not in pitch, which is inconsistent with a Doppler shift. The flash at the end of the video (before the sound dissipates) could be a residual energy burst if in fact the cause of the event was HAARP, HIPAS, or another similar radio/energy device. In any event, it seems highly unlikely the sound could be an aircraft.

    On a side note, I was unable to find a Spring Hill Road (or Springhill Road), or a Walnut Grove Lane in Florida at all. These are the streets mentioned in the video after the individual calls the 911 operator. Just an observation.

    BTW, this is a double-post. I originally posted it in the “Flagler County Mystery- B-2 Stealth Bomber Jets or maybe HAARP?” section, but saw that more people were responding to this one. Apologies.


  11. Pertaining to Flagler County shaking, at the time my dog and cat went shaking crazily. Play the video of the sound in the sky around your animals and see what happens, I just did on my bed and listened to the video with my dog and she heard it from my computer and she started violently shaking , the minute i turned it off she was fine, but i had to calm her. This is enough for me, something is dead wrong!


    • dh

      thanks for the info, this has further got me thinking that harmonics are involved from either a secret aircraft or UFO, if youd like to know my theories please contact me.

      ive got a few ideas that do have scientific backing and research that ive done myself as to what could be creating soundwaves cabable of shaking the ground, pulsing throgh the air and also having a profound inpact upon animals subjectt tot the sounds


  12. I live in a rv park in okeechobee florida. Last night (sat) at around 9pm I was watching tv when this loud noice followed by my home feeling like it was hit by something. It moved or felt like it did. I went outside to find all of the people around me had the same experience. Any idea as to what caused this?


  13. They come. They come from beneath our feet. I believe the time is very close for all to be revealed. Stay safe.


  14. boy I think we are going to be in for an awakening. The more and more that goes on, it just is so strange, something needs to be revealed soon!


  15. Our members at crackercoast were affected by this too , one even had broken glass. Several theorys including pre sink hole aquifer collapse was presented. After reading this and the related coments as well as the wide spread simular events I have to question if the super deep BP well may have started some chain of events.


  16. Isnt that the same area of fla. With the constant UFO sightings in the 80s? Or was that gulf breeze? Does anyone know if that man is still being visited?


  17. I checked Google Earth and there definitely IS a Walnut grove Lane and a Springhill road. Easy to check- in Apalachiacola. Look for yourself.


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