Lost Tapes- Reptilian and Underground Reptilian City

Lost Tapes: Reptilians
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Aztec legends speak of an alien race that resemble upright standing reptiles. These reptilians are said to be bent on world domination and to live deep beneath the epicenters of our society.

interview translation

Can you just tell us sir what it is exactly that they found in a place here in Cairo?
Its in a place called Helmeyat Al Zayton, this is the place where the tree of Mary lies. They were building there for the Subway System and they dug about 100 or 200 meters deep. And they found a tunnel, where people were just walking around normally. The only difference between us and them is that they had tails. They reported this incident immediately to the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. He ordered that everything be re-shut without anyone knowing and especially without the people below the ground knowing. And thats how that ended, now everything is shut and you can walk over it normally but they are bellow. This is in a place called Helmeya, the City “Eye of the Sun” is a part of it.

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7 responses to “Lost Tapes- Reptilian and Underground Reptilian City

  1. There are two character kinds of reptilians … the dorsal kind are very meek and loving … they were/are care takers of the earth/core facility …

    But their are the other reptilians who are alien to this earth/core .. who came from distant space … and brought all kinds of hardship and suffering to both the dorsal reptilians and the humans … they became allies to the satanic celestials of the negative star colonies …


  2. Is this just going to be another big time movie or can this be true and not false?????


  3. Never mind answering me cause now I know it’s a show and I haven’t seen it yet but think it will be great.


  4. so what they are saying is, after living several thousand years in our core, they still planning to conquer the world. well, if they exist and they couldn’t pull it off all those years where we weren’t technically advanced, I guess we don’t need to be afraid that they are trying hard now.
    a cool story for a c-class hollywood movie though


  5. Deborah Hart

    What lucky people who get to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids! It has always been a dream of mine. Too bad the criminal element in that part of ther world has been looting and ransacking all of the tombs and museums since the riots.
    What an interesting story about the folks who live under the city. I don’t know why reptilians always get such a bad rap! If they are as bad as it has been said they are, seems they would have taken Earth completely over by now. Lizards have always been some of my most favorite kinds of animals too, I wonder if that means anything?