ET Spacecraft Photographed near Satellite, March 20, 2011

ET Spacecraft Photographed near Satellite.

This is near SOHO and not near the Sun. Therefore it is near Earth.

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5 responses to “ET Spacecraft Photographed near Satellite, March 20, 2011

  1. Good to see you back streetcap. Hm, that ship is bigger than 300 metres and I will guarantee you my sweet peas on it. Even 500 metres is still quite small, so perhaps maybe several hundred kilometers or a couple thousand Kilometers would be more like it. Don’t forget it is still quite a distance away from SOHO, and it knows that camera is there. Also the SOHO has a disc in front of the lens which block out the main part of the sun. Not sure if its the same mothership that is estimated to be 75,000 miles long from previous shots.

    Still good to know we captured a pic of them.



  2. anybody ever thought that those lines are just pixel, graphic errors or something like that.
    75.000 miles!!! long space ships seem kinda unrealistic no? but sure you’ll say “only compared to our standards”.


    • GSP
      These are not random pixels, im not saying its a 75000 mile long ship but the image is not distorted pixelation, the formation is linear which indicates it isnt a random occurance



  3. Did you determine that the blob is a satellite and therefore the long object is close to earth? If so, how? How far away is SOHO from earth?


  4. I’m no expert on extra-terrestrial craft but this does not look like anything structural. I think its just an blip in the image processing.