UFO and alien truth is finally coming out?

Michael Cohen: UFO and alien truth is finally coming out
Opinion piece by Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
James Clarkson, a retired police investigator and current MUFON chief investigator in Washington State recently penned an article that no doubt will send a small amount of shock waves through the UFO community.

In his brave article, James called into question the motives of MUFON: The organisation he has given so much time to. It probably wasn’t easy for James to have done this.

What makes the article all the more significant is the fact that James is undoubtedly one of the most credible and experienced people currently researching the UFO and ET issue.

The specific criticism James directed towards MUFON revolved around the fact that it’s outgoing International Director, Mr James Carrion, expressed disbelief in the Roswell UFO crash account. As is well known, for many ufologists the Roswell Incident is central to the entire topic.

I, for one, confess I seriously doubt anything extra-terrestrial crashed near Roswell (although I do not doubt something did indeed crash there).

My opinion is not based on any anti-Roswell agenda. I simply find the evidence unconvincing and seriously tarnished. I would have loved to believe that Roswell was a UFO or alien event (save for the fact that a few seemingly peaceful ETs were alleged to have died in it).

While I question Mr Clarkson’s take on the Roswell Incident, I do not doubt his good intentions and sincerity. Putting Roswell aside, Mr Clarkson might have good reasons for questioning MUFON’s integrity.

I myself have received numerous emails from ex-MUFON members and investigators swearing blind that MUFON’s directors have requested that they do not publicise and forget about certain sightings that might have been seen as ‘smoking guns’. I have also been informed by ex-investigators with MUFON of the organisation ‘confiscating’ highly convincing footage and making sure it never gets revealed to the public.

Of course these are only allegations and perhaps out of fear for their welfare those making them aren’t willing to provide evidence.

For many researchers the truth is fairly obvious: MUFON has for years been more about ‘covering-up’ than ‘uncovering secrets’ or even investigating sightings.

For those sceptical about UFOs and alien visitation, I must be clear; while we can squabble about the details one thing is certain – That the US and some other governments are aware and totally convinced, and have been for some time, that we are being visited by aliens.

MUFON itself is proof of this. It is well known that MUFON and the elusive Bigelow Aerospace Company are very close collaborators with the Bigelow Group being MUFON’s major source of funds. It is also known that certain information is passed on by MUFON to the Bigelow Group in confidence.  Bigelow Aerospace is a real company that really sends stuff into space and, by inference if not outright admission, really uses technology taken from alien spaceships to develop their own products.

The Federal Aviation Authority recently issued a directive noting that they no longer deal with UFO reports and that citizens should now report UFO sightings to Bigelow Aerospace. This effectively makes the Bigelow Group the official US investigators of UFO events. By all accounts Bigelow Aerospace regard UFOs as real and possibly, if not probably, alien in origin. The organisation is known to have expended substantial resources over the years to verify the phenomena: The fact that they clearly remain interested speaks volumes.

Roswell was a probably a cover story designed to do at least three things:

1.       Provide cover for secret military operations and experimentation with exotic flight systems.

2.       Get people off the scent of what is really happening, ET-wise.

3.       Bluff America’s enemies, who like them were well aware that aliens were visiting earth, that they had alien technology (that they might use on them if threatened). Fair enough.

The probable real truth:

1.      During the Cold War America, Russia and China were all aware of alien visitation and were all determined to hide this from the public.

2.       The Americans, at least, realised that the aliens were peaceful in their intentions.

3.       The aliens under no circumstance allowed any humans to get near their technology for the purpose of warfare.

4.       The aliens generally avoided all contact with humans and earthly governments. While they allowed their craft to be tracked they fled using flight technology many years ahead of ours if any contact by humans was attempted.

5.       Governments knew far less about the topic than many think. Roswell and other related accounts were an American attempt to fool their enemies into thinking that they had established ties with ETs, as alluded to above.

That MUFON, an organisation many suspect is central to the official cover-up, distances itself from Roswell is proof that in a field where it is almost impossible to separate fact from fiction and the multitude of twists and turns is mind-boggling, the veil of secrecy might be slowly lifting.

Expect some incredible revelations in the coming years on the ET issue.

Expect to discover that our alien visitors are peaceful and don’t want to interfere with our development. They want to gradually warm us to the idea of ETs. They might be concerned with our own levels of aggression but it seems, luckily, that they might give us a chance to sort that out.

Michael Cohen is an editor of All News Web as well as a writer, presenter and paranormal investigator

Source and author: allnewsweb

6 responses to “UFO and alien truth is finally coming out?

  1. Michael Cohen = The Boy Who Cried Wolf


  2. If Cohen is convinced that MUFON is a part of the cover-up, then why does his website, allnewsweb, promote MUFON as a recommended site?


  3. I have personally questioned the validity of MUFON’s efforts (and SETI, for that matter) for quite some time. It seems that they are more interested in ‘debunking’ reports than actual objective investigation of unexplained events. I find it hard to believe that MUFON, which is supposed to be one of the premier UFO research and collection ‘institutions’ of our time, is unable to come up with any real concrete proof or evidence after all their years of investigation. No ‘smoking guns’? Difficult to believe. It seems that MUFON is operating under the same M.O. as SETI and NASA, which is to hide evidence, or at the very least, to keep it out of the public’s knowledge. SETI and NASA have both admitted in the past that if they do find evidence of intelligent ET life, that for reasons of ‘national security’, they would not be able to divulge this information to the public anyway. National security?!? These entities can come and go at-will, and there is nothing we can do to defend ourselves from it. In essence, there is no need for this secrecy because we cannot defend ourselves effectively even if we wanted to! So why not just give us the truth? There is no true national security when it comes to this subject.

    As a quick side note about Roswell…this subject has been done, re-done, and done over again. Frankly, the continued focus on it is ridiculous. It happened in 1947. If it were a weapon test of any kind, or terrestrial technology of any kind, isn’t it time the government admitted it? What could they have possibly been testing that they cannot tell the public already? Any technology we have today is vastly superior to anything that could have possibly been tested in 1947. The fact that the government/military has changed their story time and time again is evidence that they do not want the real truth to be revealed. Just look at Jesse Marcel’s face in the photograph of him holding the real weather balloon…..that tells the whole truth right there.


  4. I think the issue is obviously true. coverup or not, were are the years and years worth of efforts to understand the physics behind proposed theory to UFO design? Why haven’t any of the TV’s reports from Discovery and History Channel even come close to the old days of PBS on the issue of Military Secret ops? And why don’t History Channel or Mythbusters take on those kids on YouTube.com when it comes down to anti-gravity designs and possible connections?

    As far as ET’s go, I myself do not sincerely believe it’s as likely as our own World Governments taking advantage of deformed men and women born around the world in the last 100 years! Which is more likely, aliens giving technology to the military in exchange for human meat, or Stolen information and science from desperate people trying to make the world a better place and cure themselves? Russians have pictures and videos of life forms unseen by most people that they claim they’ve form in the ocean, the mountains, and in the jungles of other countries. As do Mexican citizens and likely Americans. But now in this day the easiest thing to do is discount them as “photoshopped” pics.
    But here is an interesting read and I’m sure the book itself is better.

    Once you read through it though, ask yourself one question. Does this story make things easier for anyone trying to move research funds away from Genetics and toward anyone’s personal agenda? Why make waves against the science of possible ET’s and ask for full disclosure of peoples personal genetics issues at the same time? Would that make anyone feel a little unhappy to have supply the nation with their familial details of defects, illnesses, and the like? Because propaganda has always been twisted to distort the issue and truth. But Mr. Sanchez does mention Religion Heads like Pat Robertson and the Vatican. And their Superiority Complex has been well known for years. After all everybody shouldn’t air their dirty laundry if they can’t afford to fix their troubles should they?


  5. I just seriously cannot believe that its members tolerate a close-to-non-believer running such an affirmative organisation… seems like the clutches of our puke world government has dug its claws in again… cant wait for an alien invasion and the forced removal of all lying and corrupt governments around the world.


  6. lol you realy think the gov doesn`t know the differents from a weather bloon and a ufo and dummies to alien
    sorry the gov panic when the truth hit the news paper so they change the story back to the bloons and droped dummies from the sky.that like saying you dont know differents from a cat and a dog,they did not want the public to know it was a real ufo and aliens