UFO’s around Sakurajima Volcano in Japan!

UFO’s around Sakurajima Volcano in Japan!

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You can view the SAKURAJIMA VOLCANO by using this link;



Another interesting UFO sighting during Japan earthquake march 2011. The bright  Light looks like the UFO over the Dome of Rock Jerusalem

Here are links to other web cams in Japan;

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3 responses to “UFO’s around Sakurajima Volcano in Japan!

  1. katie anderton

    This is weird


  2. Not very impressive. Very grainy, no definition. In the broadest sense of the term, yes, it is an unidentified flying object. There are also tiny points of light all over the top of the screen. There are a dozen of them or so. Are they all UFO’s? If the Camera 10 link is a live video feed, then these objects are still visible hovering over the volcano as of the time of this post.

    What is strange to me is that in the second video, at 1:36, an object moves into the lower left frame of the video. It would seem to be a car, or automobile of some sort driving along the bottom of the mountain, except that the light seems to be reflected on the water at 1:53. Why then does the video then make a frame jump, then a close-up on the completely indistinguishable (and tiny) light in the sky above the volcano when this other anomaly is clearly visible in the lower left?


  3. On the second video (3:23) stop the film at 2:45, watch by single digits, you’ll see colors in the smoke, which seem to disappear around 2:50.