Timeline 4.11 – 2.12 Encoded in '2012' Movie

Timeline 4/11 – 2/12  Encoded in ‘2012’ Movie

According the analysis of   : Hollywood has encoded accurate predictions about future disasters many times…

Search “Hollywood predicts 9/11” just for one example of this.

The first scene in the movie “2012” shows three planetary alignments. Two of those alignments show Earth, Saturn and an unknown object, I believe is C/2010×1.

If you turn the pics upside down ( watch video) for a vantage point from South of the ecliptic the alignment matches that of september 2011…


But we must not forget, 75 percent of the budgets of various warlike ‘action’ and sci-fi movies, particularly those with an anti-extraterrestrial agenda, are financed by the Pentagon. Take also a look at the new film Battle LA. a preemptive propaganda movie against Real Extraterrestrial Disclosure, but as same as the “2012” and other disasters movies, ( Deep Impact, Independence Day The Day after Tomorrow, Armageddon )  filmed with so much detailed information, that it seems that such information must come from other sources.

We may expect that the film industry (read: Pentagon) in fact shows what awaits us in the near future, (9Nania) or is it just coincidence or perhaps part of a final plan for global control by insiders? (read: Creating fear and misinformation)

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  1. The key word in science fiction is ‘fiction’. Films are just enertainment. Harry Potter novels are very detailed but are not based in reality. Horror movies is another popular genre with zombies and vampires but both are not real and no one suspects they are.


  2. john lee sullivan

    Where do you get the information that tells you that the Pentagon finances Extra-terrestrial movies?


  3. This is very fascinating information … though I myself didn’t take this train of thought concerning numbers as holding messages …

    I did/do believe that there are messages sent to light consciousness in this matrix reality … but I don’t think these messages were/are intended for the mainstream majority of our world … simply because the majority have been and many still are … unaware of their matrix reality and many celestial things that exist around them …

    But I do believe those who are aware … such as the visiting celestials who can come and go freely from this world … will see intended messages … as a get out!, make hast to the mothership! .. sort of warning … as often done when nature or an un-natural surface event pose a serious danger …

    This matrix reality has always been sort of a vacation spot for distant traveling alien/celestials … not to mention the celestials having earthen citizenship … and those whom are native to this region of space …

    The true intended land dwellers of this matrix … are those whom have been intentional kept from the truth of celestial matters surrounding them … and was done so until their light consciousness could grasp the truth of celestial mysteries … via means of the enlightenment journey …… shedding their light consciousness of negative energy thoughts ….

    Once such an enlightenment journey was deemed completed … the individuals were to have ascended into the celestial realm … as Enoch did in scriptures….

    Hebrews 11:5 (King James Version)
    5 … By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

    But when the negative elite invaded and took over control of the matrix … the ascension never took place … not even for the Royal DNA Positive Light consciousness who ventured into this reality …

    All were oppressed of their awakening procedures … and heavily burdened in their enlightenment journey … all were blind sided of the celestial truth … and many stolen of their royal identity …. and did so … so that the negative celestial elite could maintain their dominant governing positions …

    But now movie messages seem to be coming through because mother earth has awaken for the process of quantum leap and new beginnings … ‘Earth Resort’ is closing …


  4. VolatileXIII

    Regardless of whether the elitist finances 75% yadda yadda yadda, one can simply search any search engine for “movies featuring extra terrestrials” and link to wikipedia. Look at the chronological order. Talk about slowly weening the masses into the truth. This way, when the government comes out and says “Aliens are real, and they’re here and we’ve known forever, we just lie to you guys about EVERYTHING” people will just do as they do now and just shrug and say “I know” where as 20 years ago, people would have went nuts.

    Activity is up ten fold, mass sightings, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, I’m pretty sure we’re pole shifting NOW because something is coming into our inner system, nasa is shutting satellites left and right, disclosure is being pushed everywhere, whole countries are waking up in the blink of an eye.

    I’m not religious but I believe our real creators; or at least our genetic seeders/modders are coming to collect them some gold (according to sumerians, look at gold and evolution. do you see monkeys digging for gold? no, they dont care to.)

    Perhaps humanities desire for gold has nothing to do with value or monetary reasons but a genetic desire to attain it for the “gods”. apparently the annunaki need gold in the atmosphere and came to tiamat (earth) during a inner orbit (every 3600 years) and had a worker revolt. they modified the dna of our early ancestors to mine for them as slaves, then they left. maybe they come back now and get that gold… i dunno. hahahaha. ive studied alot.

    it would explain so much. all of a sudden, literally OVERNIGHT in science, here comes man, no hair, speaking, writing, building temples and telling stories of those who came from the skies in golden flaming chariots. lets go gold crazy.

    and right now, only the rich are able to grab up the gold. i see the final judgement going as followed:

    them: we are your gods
    masses: no you arent
    elitists: we know EXACTLY who you are, heres your gold, kill the peasants
    masses: WTF OH NOOOOZ!

    maybe we are all being led the wrong way on purpose
    makes you think huh?


    • Volitile, Have u been reading sitchen and eric von daniken, those guys i think maybe right?!great books, i am guessing thats were u get your theory from.🙂


      • VolatileXIII

        My intake on Sitchin material is limited to a few paragraphs directly from him. I’ve been absorbing and decyphering EVERYTHING and I am the kind of person to debunk fiction. But when it’s this intense, this unexplainable, sometimes the most off the wall theories make the most sense.

        You name it, I’ve read it, studied it, cross-referenced it.

        I take alot with a grain of salt, but as I’ve said. My eyes are open to what matters. Reality.


    • Strange coincidence Volatile XIII, I had written about the same theory in a college paper a few years back. It seemed strange to me that humans put such a high value in precious metals, especially gold, and based our human value system, or currency, on it. I suggested in the same way you have that we were pre-programmed by our true creators to consider gold valuable. No other creature on Earth bothers with gold, precious metals, or gemstones, so why do we? The story of the Anunnaki put forth by Sitchin and the Sumerians seems to make a lot of sense. It would also make sense that if we were created by the Anunnaki that they would not want their creations to be stronger than the creator. I believe this is why humans are only able to use approximately 10% of our brains instead of its full capacity. The rest was “turned off” by our true creators to make us inferior to them, but superior to all the other creatures on this planet, so we could dominate the Earth. Savants prove that our abilities of computation and understanding are severely limited by genetic design. We are also pre-programmed to age prematurely, much sooner than we actually should. Recently scientists have also admitted this and are working to reverse our accelerated aging process. I shudder to think what a powerful creature a human can be if we were able to use our full brain capacity. I also feel that we would be better stewards of this Earth if we lived longer, and were able to experience more than our current 70 – 80 lifespan. Our frame of reference would be increased, and we would be able to see the destruction we are causing on a longer-term basis, instead of always leaving the mess for our children to clean up and correct.

      Articles on pre-mature aging:



  5. Well its now official… Gold is THE premier reserve currency and countries like China and the US are getting as much of the shit as they can… WHY? Well yes the economy is about to shit itself much worse than its at now… and with Nibiru and whatever else is heading Earth’s way… Gold is THE apparent currency that ALIENS are into… great leverage for scumbag governments to get some safespace from those who wont buy the BS politicians spin constantly to deceive and enslave humans to pay taxes etc etc etc… im hoping the aliens when they do arrive value illuminati scalps more than gold… and the people rejoice…😀
    Our present world government… at this point never allow much to be put into the common market-place without an agenda, and yes as fun as alien movies are… there seems to be a tone of alien-bashing going on in Hollywood and elsewhere in the movie world… find me a you-tube or piece of substantial footage of any spacecraft firing a missile or a laser at us??? Yet we seems to love firing guns and chasing them off with our fighter planes. Until I see aliens harvesting my kind… I’ll hold my opinion and choose NOT to believe our lying scumbag enslaver Governments who are poisoning us with chemtrails (agent orange!) , lacing our foods with neurotoxins like aspartame (cancer and 92 health-related illnesses), sending our lads to war for extremely dubious and just plain false reasons, faking moon-landings and 911’s Japan earthquakes (HAARP, see 2007 world bank threat!)) and god knows what else… the sooner the aliens arrive and clean house of our governments… the sooner we will fulfill the earliest Biblical prophecy that the ‘meek will inherit the Earth’ thusfar unfulfilled.