Weather Warfare – Using the Weather as a Weapon!

Using the weather as a weapon, can this be done?

A documentary that talks about the capabilities and possibilities of weather warfare. This video originally aired on the History Channel.

Read what ufo.blogger says about ‘weather warfare’

HAARP Weapon System Causes Weather Modification : European Parliament Document

In previous articles we had reported HAARP magnetometer data shows HAARP caused Japan Earthquake and HAARP caused Japan Earthquake says, Benjamin Fulford.

And while digging more on this (even after we are receiving warning about not to write any further on HAARP), we stumble upon European parliament document. According to it on 5 February 1998 Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Disarmament held a hearing the subject of which included HAARP… FULL STORY AT:

Source:  (youtube) * ufo-blogger

2 responses to “Weather Warfare – Using the Weather as a Weapon!

  1. VolatileXIII

    Isn’t it stated in the warbook rules that weather modifying weaponry cannot be used, meaning it already exists?


  2. There are no rules in war,this is the human race,we are still savages,we like too think we are educated and above this?Yes?see whats going on worldwide.Too much talk,world leaders do nothing,we are all human,we live on a small planet,our greed and ignorance is killing us,& we are too stupid too stop,even when we no we should.Regards Mat