Triangle UFO Landing Hangout FOUND! Murrysville PA, USA, March 29, 2011

Triangle UFO Landing Hangout FOUND! – March 28, 2011 PA, USA

Witness: They rearrange their lights & change direction mid-air… This confuses humans looking at them. More UFO sighting reports being filed of those seeing them do this strange behavior at CLOSE RANGE.

Last 2-3 of them landing for the night. I had enough. Exciting night full of chasing them all over… They never come out the other side of that valley area after flying into it. And NO, they don’t come every night. Like tonight — NONE. It was snowing… They don’t like to come HERE in rain/snow for some reason — I’ve heard from others seeing this type in other locations that they come no matter what the weather (like Oregon & Ireland)… Clear nights this summer was mostly clear of UFOs around here, except for a few random nights. During that time, they were reported in other locations, however, so we know they never left the planet.


SIGHTING REPORT on filed for Pittsburgh recently by some unknown person describes a Triangle craft flying over on March 26, 2011 — report here:…

Another in Fort Washington, PA on same date:…

Another PA report on 2/21/11:…

Another person in PA who obviously has been observing this same type too and filed “Response to Minnesota Watchers and Blinkers” (same type of UFOs):…

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  1. Well Ok lets assume for a moment here that you found the Alien Landing site. How come you not go over to that area and video it, and while doing so how come you not try to steal and of those Markers I see on this video which is very obvious on the videos. Is there an airport nearby this section of woods. Show us a map where you were located and took this video, and show us on the map of this wooded area you speak of.

    If it was me I would have gone deeper and investigated it deeper while I have such opportunity and would have stolen some of the alien equipment and perhaps even show myself to them plainly to make contact to them. Why because I want to figure out their material etc and learn who they are etc.

    If you can do with a couple of smart people just two or three, that know how to use military methods to crawl and sneak up on them, and when you get right near them video them. Make sure you are armed to protect yourself and scan to see if they have any guards watching. You also will need to have laser light detectors just in case they have set up a warning perimeter and if you trip that, they are out of dodge in a hurry.

    You will have to stay very very low to avoid detection and move a little at a time. Do not make leaps and bounds. You must look on the ground around you for detectors. I am sure they have it. If you spot the aliens walking around don’t use night vision or distort the video or shake it like a leaf. Keep it real steady and zoom in on them and stay focused. Everybody wants to know what they look like. Also take a video of their ships as well some good clear shots of it. I want to see how they landed and how they have parked themselves. Again if you use night vision, make sure you also use regular vision. If not using night vision, you must set your video very slow so it captures the night light and it will make the viewing much better.

    I suggest you do this before the military gets wind of this location because if they do, they will seal off the area and will screw you royally big time.

    Anyway thanks for the video. If you are able to obtain and steal any of the alien objects or material, send it down to me direct. Sound good. I will pay for the postage for you to send it to me provided its the genuine real article stolen from the aliens, and that you sign in your handwriting a certified sworn under oath document that the article is genuine and dated. and a photo copy of your ID.



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  4. If this is a true sighting as said … I would assume that they are seeing these brilliant lights through the frequency veil … like seeing through a curtain …

    And even if the were to go to the exact location where they see the object landing … they would not be able to actually see the physical craft … because we are not of the same visual frequency as the outside celestial world having ground activity …

    We are two worlds existing in the same space … separated by the gravity of two alternate realities …


  5. Wow,planes landing at night,great footage.


    • haahaha tell her she could ride if she wants fur high $$$ these days.. but on ufo most ufos are man made if u saw one spying on your country wouldn’t rethink an attack not knowing tech. cablablitys….


  6. Somebody tell this woman she is filming an airport, please for god’s sake….after her mission of course.


  7. Mat,

    Those may or may not be planes as I have not ruled out anything yet.

    This is what I am seeing. I spotted 3 lights on the ground looking like a triangle. I spotted two Markers. Since I worked at the airports, there is a inner, middle and outer marker for the aircraft to follow and then they have for example a PAPI system with a row of lights from very wide to very narrow to direct the aircraft for a landing.

    Out of this picture I see that they are on a landing sequence which is very unique and kinda strange that they will fly in and down to land. If these ships can hover and move about in the sky and change directions they should simply go right over their landing spot and then go down. However I believe they are doing this to avoid detection to make humans think that its a craft landing. I also notice that they also are trying to imitate the strobe lights that is on the aircraft. They somehow have figured out a way to have a landing light system similar to our modern aircraft.

    Here is when it gets interesting. They are going way too slow which is a dead give away for a landing pattern sequence. Jets go faster than that than what I see on the video.

    Will somebody please CONFIRM ON THIS THREAD if there is an airport on the other side of the woods????? Is there an airport and if so where is it located. I want to see a MAP.

    If there is no airport where that video is taken, then I will begin to assume that this person did indeed spot a alien resting spot. I just wish that person can go and still at least try to steal one of the alien materials if true.

    Also I see some lights hidden down in the tree line, and I suspect those are trippers and detectors to warn them if anyone is around.

    So a helicopter with a spot search light is on looking for them as the person said. The aliens can easily go stealth and be invisible to the helicopter above. Same technique used during a war when like an artillery battery wishes to remain hidden from being spotted from the air.

    I hope that person can get enough guts to go deeper and investigate it further and if possible video their base itself, and if possible give us the GPS coordinates of their location. If you do, be very careful and don’t be surprised if you turn around and see some aliens behind your back looking at you. If you do, SMILE AT THEM AND SAY HELLO. Let them make the next move, or panic and get the hell out of dodge city. heheheheheheheheeeeee. After that, more likely the aliens will not return to that spot.

    At the same token if he can steal one item or two that would be enough. Its at least a start in the right direction.

    DON’T PUT THE GPS COORDINATES on any site PLEASE. Send it via e-mail to either this sites owner or to me or to Luke. I don’t want the military to find out.

    It might be the only golden opportunity we will ever have to get a genuine footage of them and if possible see them for real via the footage.

    You have to keep in mind the aliens don’t want to make any kind of contact to humans right???? Well the way they are doing it ,they are risking it and taking chances that they will not get caught. As intelligent they are they are playing catch me not game. I am sure they know of that person who resides there nearby, and I will bet my sweet peas he is being watched very carefully by the aliens.

    So I await if anyone can confirm about this area. Please speak up and let us know.




  8. Hi daveyo, checkout her youtube page, she has loads of videos and she tells you were she lives, so you could checkout a map of her area for airports. Some people have commented on her vids and say that there is a airport a few miles away and that its planes she is always filming, i dont know if they are planes or not myself. She gets alot of stick for her vids because another guy who lives near her made a video in the day time to debunk her, and you can see that he is filming alot of planes spotted in the distance. anyway just my imput.


  9. google “airports near Murrysville, Pa” then pick on of the 10 listed.


  10. Looks like plane activity to me. Also, it is April 1st.


  11. I have been doing something for awhile now, with the videos I’ve seen on Youtube and various other websites…and I’m VERY curious to see if others do the same thing! If you SLOW THE FRAME DOWN, second by second, by holding down the cursor on the screen that moves forward while playing-thereby,controlling the play of the video yourself-an amazing thing happens. For me, it authenticates it as a REAL UFO sighting…when u slow it down, frame by frame, you can clearly watch how the ‘lights’ defy ALL known aircraft/physics laws, that we are currently capable of!
    If you watch very closely, for instance,in frame 04.55/14:50, 2 little lights appear(center and left), continue moving frame by frame and you will watch them zigzag many miles in a mere second. Also, when you slow down the footage of the “airplane look-alike” craft, it changes/moves in ways that an airplane cannot do. SO many times, I’ve seen videos of UFO’s, where people who are FILMING it, say the light is shaking – or people who view it, complain about the person filming not ‘holding the camera still’. Well, the reason for this is the craft is actually moving, in that SPLIT SECOND, up-down-left-right, to a certain degree:it varies to what degree it’s moving in that second, depending on that particular video. But I’ve actually seen them move quite a distance in that one second,and return to somewhat the same spot, in the next! I’m EXTREMELY confused that I’ve not heard anyone else mention this! The doubters of this video, need to do what I’m saying, and you will be ASTOUNDED, I promise! Those 2 little lights that appear, that I talked about? Well, they’re not the only ones in the video, by a long shot – and it’s not the only time it happens.
    She has remarkable footage. It’s so blatant, that it’s hard to accept is all. I’m also very happy that she mentions their ability to ‘camo’ themselves into airplanes…I’ve seen this phenomenon with my own eyes, and couldn’t explain it – till now! I watched an aircraft, far away-but close enough to see well,stay in one spot, very low to the tree line-for about a minute. I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was-stood on my porch for awhile! Then, it moved VERTICALLY, in a somewhat slow, deliberate motion-and I mean straight up, and high- and then proceeded to make it’s way in my direction. As it got closer, I could see blinking lights on either side of it, and it was traveling slowly, like a jet would. It was too high and at too much of an angle, for me to see the actual body of the craft. But I was SO confused – I didn’t know what the heck to think. I was a flight attendant and worked in in-flight recruitment. I KNOW what airplanes look like! I wondered if my eyes had played a trick on me – and now I really believe that IT, played a trick on me! It’s not the first time I’ve seen objects I couldn’t identify. If anyone could please respond to this – and let me know what YOU see/think, once you’ve done it – I would appreciate that greatly!


  12. I live close to this women and have been watching her videos for sometime. Sometimes I think she is seeing planes, other times i’m not so sure. She sure seems to do a lot of homework to prove what she is saying. There is really only one large airport, Pittsburgh International. The others are very small airports.

    She is filimg around Duff Park. Go to Google Maps and search for “Duff Park, Murrysville PA”
    Then watch her video:
    This will give you a good idea of where she is filming.
    Don’t assume right away that it is Monroeville-Pittsburgh Airport. This is a very small run down airport, zoom in on it and you will see what I mean.
    I have no clue if any of this is real, but check out her channel mentioned above and let me know what you all think. I want to write them all off as planes as well, but I have to admit that she seems far more informed then you may think at first glance.


  13. You seem to have a CONGESTED space/airportlanding ha hehehe enjoye the shows! They seem to have parking problem or GROUND / roof /D O O R opening problem requesting helicopter becoming a watch/traffic tower. It could be one of those ALIENS /PIT.STOP/REPAIR SHOP ! ! 1or tr3b practicing haha ! it the latest trend j0kking ( grait vid ) . flyea


  14. WARNING: All triangle UFO’s are mandmade and not the Celestials. OUR GOVERNMENT contracted with members of the Draconian Federation 60 years ago in exchange for technology. These are not Celestial craft, these craft are up to no good, they have an agenda that is not user nor people friendly. Your tax dollars in action to do maximum harm. The way to tell is their shape ~ triangles are dark forces. These should be put under the closest scrutiny by those who live in the area. Manmade craft are unable to cloak themselves or become invisible and this is another sign and point of vulnerability. xoxox


  15. Hi Shawna

    Don’t despair I am with ya. I am a airline mechanical enginner, and you a flight attendant. Yep I have talked to a lot of attendants over the years as well as the cap and first one including a few deadbeats exhausted after a long day working.

    Your eyes are not playing tricks girl. Being an expert in my field I saw 200 + on November 20th, 2010 for 6 solid hours seeing so many various designs and displays it was simply awesome and so incredible!!!!! My dogs and all the other dogs here barked for 6 hours straight as 4 of them hovered right above my house They are huge too. The ground around me was reddish/Orange. As for the tip you mentioned I am going to give it a try and will report back to you on the results.

    SO EVERYBODY lets try Shawna’s idea as she is part of the crew!!!! We need to all participate here ehhhh.

    Received some reports lately. It concerns about the aliens folks. Be careful out there folks. They are now among us and also walking around and even DRIVING CARS. They only come out at NIGHT TIME. They will not expose themselves during the day time. There is a 50-50 batting average here. One was VAPORIZED, and the other VERY LUCKY.

    Without going into much details, pay attention here. The aliens DO NOT WANT HUMANS TO SEE THEM. If you see them you won’t live to tell us a thing. They vaporize you. And you will go down as MISSING. If you do encounter a very strange person, and they look at you with a long stare, act normal and go about your business but watch your back. They will generally leave and think your not suspicious of them. DO NOT CONFRONT THEM. They have a weapon hidden, which is set to kill and vaporize, and of course their ship is above you where you cannot see them. Why because its night time.

    Which brings to mind here us humans are somewhat in danger, due to the possible encounter. There is no set protocol or guidlines in place on how to avoid them killing you except to be calm and act not suspicious and when they are gone, then report it to the authorities. This is the best I can give you.

    I hope Alissa who took this video is aware of this danger.


    To Darla
    For christs sake you are way off base girl. The UFO’s we meaning I and a few others who have seen with our own two fuckin eyes, non of this is MAN MADE. We don’t have that technology. So please go and give yourself a nice bubble bath. OK. Sheeeeeeesh


    To Flyea

    Did you take your wheaties before you made your post???

    Have a nice day


    Till next post



  16. I literally live right next to that field and have walked through it many times my house is not even 5 minutes from here. I’ve lived here my whole life and never have seen these lights.


  17. I think she wants to see UFO , and planes are UFO to her. They all aren’t UFO. They blink.