Comet or UFO Over Melbourne Sky? March 30, 2011


I took this picture on 30/03/2011 7:23:36 PM  Over Melbourne Airport? a UFO or comet?

I apologise for the quality of this videos. I did it in a hurry in order to share this important information’s with all of you.

Here you will see the start of this object breaking in two.

Part 3 * Part 4

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3 responses to “Comet or UFO Over Melbourne Sky? March 30, 2011

  1. I have seen reports on various forums that this is supposedly contrails seen over Melbourne. I would have to disagree with this as I saw this at the same time and I live in Ballarat, which is over an hour from Melbourne.


  2. I have been seeing the same thing on a regular basis since first noticing them around june 15th this year. If it’s a clear sky early in the morning just before sunrise up until around 8am. They all appear in the northern, well slightly east of it..just..and very low on the horizon. I have asked the astronomical society and they don’t believe they are comets..which freaks me out further. I do not think they are contrails as they appear to be decending and my video shows them exactly the same as yours appear ( the width apart for the “V” shape at that height would require a very wide spaned aircraft??? wouldn’t it? . In my search to find out what they are I have also come across sites mentioning Chemtrails and that looks interesting…have a look..and let me know what you think. I am also very intrigued by this and want to know what they are.

    I see (on a clear morning) as many as 6 and that is only if I stayed glued to that particular area of the sky.


  3. This is good to see and hope we can see more of this from more professional photographers & videos.
    These things in the sky are sure capturing the sun and maybe its the first signs of the comet but I am not sure of the position of the sun there etc but there have been many claims of seeing 2 suns etc during sunrise in the southern hemisphere and its possible that you might start seeing more so take a camera and video so we can see more.

    They are definately not chemtrails and there is something in this link below today about chemtrails being dome to control the weather and more

    There is so much more proof around now about strange objects, strange clouds and freak weather fronts and its only since Jupiter suddenly lost its cloud belt makes me wonder!