UFO Secret – High Strange Meltdown

UFO Secret – High Strange Meltdown

Atomic bombs, US military, UFOs and native american tradition collide in a pop culture melt down of epic proportions. Native American beliefs, Roswell, government conspiracy theories and the search for spiritual meaning all take root as we explore a subculture populated by enthusiasts, skeptics, investigators, abductees, and entrepreneurs. Humorous, compelling and stripped of tabloid TV sensationalism,

This film examines the cultural, economic and metaphysical factors behind the UFO phenomenon.

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2 responses to “UFO Secret – High Strange Meltdown

  1. Deborah Hart

    Just watched the High Strange Meltdown, and it was pretty good. I usually don’t watch anything of this length, but I forced myself to sit through it. I much prefer shorter videos.


  2. The background “music” is horribly annoying. I’ve watched the first ten minutes but I am going to have to give it up. The music is just too awful and distracting. I can’t stand it. It ruins everything! I’ll never know what I am missing out on, because NO way I am going to listen to that for 2 hours. Life is too short!