Triangle UFO by Pittsburgh, March 29, 2011 – ZOOMED ANALYSIS

Author: Measure it yourself to see. Start with the hovering width of the center of each of the lights… Compare to the ending width of the outside ‘wingtip’ lights…
Do not forget that at NO TIME did this craft have the FAA REQUIRED STEADY red and green wingtip lights. Also be aware that there is NO airport near here that is used at night close by nor military base located in the wooded valley it descends into slowly.

Whoever this Earth visitor group is, they’re trying to mimic our aircraft lighting to avoid detection and are fooling MOST of the population most of the time. But they’ve been increasing in number, and they’ve been increasingly making mistakes(i.e., doing things impossible for human aircraft) that are giving themselves away. That’s why there is now over 80+ others in various locations around the globe who have also recognized that they aren’t our aircraft and are filming/posting/claiming the same things as I am: ALIENS ARE HERE, THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE FROM AN ENERGY SPHERE INTO CRAFTS of different shapes, sizes, colors and can hover, fly low and slow, and are capable of break-neck speeds and maneuvers that defy human technology (they’ve been keeping this last part to a minimum because it draws too much unwanted attention).

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2 responses to “Triangle UFO by Pittsburgh, March 29, 2011 – ZOOMED ANALYSIS

  1. it looks like a helicopter, with fog lights. The central red light pulsates and is in the same position as it would be on a standard helicopter, look up a standard black hawk helicopter on a night mission and youll denoter the red light beneath also some police choppers have the same thing, its an altitude warning light, like they put on sky scrapers to warn other aircraft of its osition and altitude if its running with no lights on, however this one has it fog/spot lights on aswell as the red light. Maybe there was a search and rescue chopper 0r cop chopper about?


  2. I rather believe the paronoid crying “Wolf” than be caught with my pants down.

    Not much to do, but still…