Incredible UFO Fleet over Chicago, April 2011


Incredible UFO Fleet hovering over Chicago, March 2011

04/02/2011 between 8:10-8:25 about 20 lights ( some people talking about 30 to 50 lights ) from the east were in the sky making a circle n then in a line in form of a formations dissapearing after and this were the last lights that were cought…..

Those unknown lights were flying together, traveling in a straight line at first, and then making patterns.

The lights were orange in color and flash simultaneously.




Source:  (youtube)

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10 responses to “Incredible UFO Fleet over Chicago, April 2011

  1. these were found to be chinese lanterns that a charity let go.


  2. What is with the emergence of all of these ‘chinese lantern’ sightings all of a sudden? Why are they all being released and what is their significance? The ‘chinese lanterns’ in the Chicago video look strangely similar to the same ‘chinese lanterns’ that were sighted over Pennsylvania/Delaware in October of 2010. Here is a link to a video of the Pennsylvania sighting. One of the more interesting aspects of this video is when the videographer changes the camera mode to a negative image of what he is shooting. The objects are clearly seen to be blinking on and off, or disappearing, something a chinese lantern can not do. The objects from Chicago seem to be doing the same thing.

    Pennsylvania Video:


    • i didn’t mean to burst your balloon, but thats what they said on coast2coast, they were released for a charity for abused children, i wish they were real myself, but sometimes you have to open your eyes mate.


      • miss hex,

        While I think that the talk show is excellent and very informative, just because Coast-to-Coast AM says something is true doesn’t mean it is automatically true. I did not deny that these particular objects were Chinese lanterns in my previous post, I just posed two questions, and my eyes are always open…mate. You also did not address the other video I posted, which I find much more compelling than these Chicago videos. As a fact, it was reported that on April 2nd, 2011 the Baby James Foundation in Chicago released these lanterns at approximately 8:00PM CST, which would coincide with and clearly explain these videos. These are definitely Chinese lanterns. What I am more interested in than this Chicago lantern incident is the video taken in Pennsylvania in October of 2010. Chinese lanterns are only propelled by their own heat, which is usually caused by a candle, or a similar heating mechanism. Essentially, they are a small “hot air” balloon. These lanterns can fly approximately 1-mile into the sky, and the candles/flames last approximately 20-30 minutes. What they cannot do is blink in and out of sight, or change colors, they can only flicker the color of their flames. The can also not rapidly move in different directions, since they are propelled by wind, and the wind is most likely moving in the same direction at the particular altitude of these Chinese lanterns. They should all be moving in the same relative direction and the same relative speed, but they are not. Once the flame goes out, the lantern is dead, and will fall to the ground. It will not reignite, or seem to be blinking in an out as seen quite obviously in the Pennsylvania video. The objects in the PA video are also changing colors cyclically, which Chinese lanterns do not do. While the objects in this PA video may also be Chinese lanterns, I am much more curious about this event than the Chicago lantern release by a long stretch, since no explanation has been released for them. I just hope that Chinese lanterns are not the new version of swamp gas, weather balloons, sun dogs, light refraction, ball lightning, and the planet Venus that we have been told to believe for so long.


      • i know what you are saying faceless, i was on about this video not the other one you showed…..


  3. real ufo’s i meant.


  4. real believer 123

    we’re all gonna die


  5. This craze for setting off Chinese lanterns is REALLY annoying!


  6. Did Obama declare when we are going to get contacted by aliens??


  7. ya thrue or not i saw the thrue there real there here watching us yes there red deam lite there fast with no sound … i saw them here ..


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