Is a huge UFO parked next to our Sun?

Author: What is it that could sit that close to our sun? Also watch for what ever moves in front of the camera from time to time, also there is a section in this video that shows something block out the top left corner… There are things taking place around our sun and the gonernment is not telling anyone..

Source and author:  (youtube)

4 responses to “Is a huge UFO parked next to our Sun?

  1. Here is more on the Sun Battle and We all need to wake up and smell the contrails! ET and his buddies are here.


  2. hi, been looking into this latest report-and the blue rings-on,well closer examination has revealed they are ufo,s and they are huge,its not a software-hardwhare glitch-neither a DSS fault closer inspection has revealed that the (blue-striping)on isnt a manmade error-celestial objects-are (behind)(middle)(front)very far out in the universe-in a rather strange trajectory path-they following ea other-neither ia it an attempt to smudge hide anything of value-so here is something happening-and global credible sources are quite,wonder why what is the global astro-physics community hiding away-or to scared-the google-sky blackout has been revealled-now elenin videos are disipearing off websites rather sudden,very good site this the most intresting and up-to-date


  3. Ive also noticed various material is being pulled from the net without explanation and suddenly… I hope the author of this site does all he can to retain the truth and not give in to world governments and their lies… fuck them all to HELL !!!🙂