Strange Blue Light over Mountain Kirishima Japan During Earthquake, April 7, 2011

Blue Light over Mountain Japan During Earthquake, April 7, 2011

look at the top right of the screen and and look at the top of the mountain, HAARP in action? UFO or is it just lens flare, reflection in the window or maybe just a natural phenomenon, light reflection and fading away once the clouds interfiered with the sunlight?

Noteworthy is the statement of Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin Fulford stated in his latest interview with Jeff Rense that Jay Rockefeller is currently pointing HAARP at the Mount Fujiyama Volcano to heat up the water and cause it to erupt on 4-11-2011

The strange blue Flash Light during the earthquake 7.4 What could it be? The Japan Nuclear reactors? UFO? Earthquake lights? Exploding transformer? HAARP?

Flash of light / object recorded, March 2011

Blue Light spotted over Russia, April 5, 2011 * Image

Blue Light over Christchurch New Zealand, March 29, 2011 * Image

All sighting within one month!!!

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3 responses to “Strange Blue Light over Mountain Kirishima Japan During Earthquake, April 7, 2011

  1. im noticinng alot of these vids are being deleted off of utube now, evidence to suggest coverups? ive watched about 10 new ufo vids and cant see them the next day cause theyve been removed by user for some crappy made up reason, just like this one, copyright infirngment, yea im sure it was an alien craft with company logos on it


  2. Hey Luke you are too right, ive noticed this too, there was an amazing UFO vid over Japan Mt Fuji, unusual, slow moving dark ugly flying lump, the best vid was mysteriously and suddenly deleted from Youtube and other sites, thankfully other filmers have posted not as good a picture but proves it authetic… I believe just more scum Government interference to keep us from the TRUTH… fuck them to HELL!!!


  3. I ALWAYS download those kinds of vids immediately, this has been going on much longer already…Soon we will start burning dvd’s again to spread this info i guess..

    keep the info alive….