More strange UFO’s Emerges at Sakurajima Volcano (Full length – Analysis)

As Sakurajima continues to erupt in Japan, the number of UFO’s around the volcano grows..

This whole area has been evacuated – several weeks ago – when the volcano first erupted in response to the 9.0 earthquake. That would help to explain the impunity of the ufo activity. The extremely bright white phosphorus-like light, and associated flashes that appear to be explosions, do not look like they have anything whatsoever to do with the volcano, but everything to do with the ufo activity

Analysis 1

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Original video:

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10 responses to “More strange UFO’s Emerges at Sakurajima Volcano (Full length – Analysis)

  1. This is one seriously freaky UFO video… like, what the fuck are these little fella’s up to??? The flashing lights, the vapor mist all pretty clearly coming from the UFO at the front base of the vocano and all the other UFO’s flying around and into? the volcano (it looks like two orbs might shoot out from the volcano, could be the other side, hard to tell) but either way a major event of something… love to know whats going on, anyone have any ideas???


  2. As this is a time lapse video it means those objects are visible all day. They start to show up as soon as it is getting darker, I would bet on ordinary stars.
    The stuff that is shooting out of the vulcano could be just rocks because of the erruption no? The bright light is maybe some sun panel that gets brighter cuz the sun moves direction.


  3. The lights at the base, could that be a highway/road and cars passing, even though this area is supposed to have been evacuated.

    I agree, overall this is one mighty freaky video, but we DO have to take each anomaly and work it out, discriminate between everyday things like cars, planes, stars, etc…


  4. I think that these things we see can be explained.. The big light in the middle looks like the sun on water? and the thing shooting “up” could be a small meteorite bouncing off the atmosphere? The others look like stars to me too…
    If I was out to prove aliens are here I’ d not spend too much time on this vid.


  5. Daniel L. Christophersen

    That’s the weakest I-think-I-know explanation…

    Why is it so hard to believe that we’re not alone? “UFO’s” actually exist, but then again, it’s really hard to believe when you haven’t seen for yourself. I was a fullblooded sceptic too untill the winter in 94 in Aasiaat (Greenland).

    Bright stars in broad daylight?😀 You can only see the few brightest stars in this daylight, f.i. the Northstar. Come on…

    Wake up, denial is the biggest disease


  6. Im with Believer and Danial L, that aint cars, nor road-workers, nor rocks bursting forth from the active volcano. Shit people, the orbs go left and right flying around and there’s 6 or more of them floating around the volcano at once, im saying UFO’s, maybe not ships, but orbs at the least. Its otherwordly and the vid seems as authentic and naturally timed as is possible.


  7. I think, this video proof to us, finally, we are not alone, why is so dificult to believe, we are blind to see the real situation, stop to sleep, many changes are gonna happend soon, and we still fight about if is bright, or white or rocks.
    Come on, do you really believe all thos stupid explanation about normal behavior of Nature ?


  8. Get ready people……we all about witness the biggest thing ever!


  9. The amazing Event/events that are about to occure on our planet, occure to us all, are obviously very interesting to our multi-dimensional friends as well. Perhaps more than spectators, they are directly involved in orchestrating, shielding, overseeing this incredible transition? Hold on to your ass, here we go!


  10. flyingcuttlefish