Tornados hit HAARP VLF-UHF ” Ring area” within 48 hours – Mapleton, Iowa

Tornados hit HAARP VLF-UHF ” Ring area” within 48 hours – Mapleton, Iowa, April 10, 2011

Dutchsinse: Here is my prediction / forecast.. based upon the “LARGE HAARP/ VLF/UHF rings” which appeared over the area two days earlier.

April 10, 2011

youtube user (and a viewer) BLRKEITH.. put his life on the line to capture this storm.. be sure to check out his page and sub up! its going to be a busy spring and summer.. most likely we’ll see more in his area (iowa).

Dutchsinse: While showing the previous ring prediction to be correct from my April 3/4 forecast.. today April 7/4 I now see a very noticiable set of large rings appearing over the north EAST of Saint Louis, South WEST of st. louis and in a “triangular” formation at the Iowa, Minnesota Border.

April 7, 2011

From Southwest Missouri, to southern Minnesota… watch out for tornados within 24-48 hours .. in the CENTER of the rings.

Watch the forecast showing “hopkinsville” and northern missouri southern Iowa as the “targets” from 3-4 days ago

April 3, 2011

NEXRAD and X-band radar systems are being used in conjunction with VLF and UHF arrays.

Airports, prisons, reservoirs, quarries, and cemetaries! All have these stations nearby! Each of these locations has something else in common.

They all have NO FCC restrictions for their areas.. so limitless amounts of “frequency” can be used out of these locations.

I truly know and also “believe” that we are seeing the steering of storms using projected frequencies from the very same stations that also give us “radar” images.

Look at the locations on the VLF and Digisonde maps below.. all these locations have the “ring phenomenon” sever weather outbreaks and EARTHQUAKES!!

Link to all locations: Here

Source and author:  (youtube)

10 responses to “Tornados hit HAARP VLF-UHF ” Ring area” within 48 hours – Mapleton, Iowa

  1. You may be on the right path…. Severe storms and tornadoes affected the Mapleton IA Area on 04/09… today,Northern IL is in the spotlight. What do you see for this area?


  2. Supergia stop linking your crap here , im sick of your clips(most not even yours) and the music you choose to put in them.Good day sir


  3. This whole HAARP thing is disturbing and morally wrong…


  4. More crap


  5. Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla are rolling over in their graves. We are not far behind. The Nazis have won, their post world war two break away society has been successful at destabilizing the entire planet, not just weather modification but economic as well as human manipulation. Seemingly stable people can have meltdowns as well as power plants. The HAARP is not played by angels.


  6. Paul, you are 100% correct…


  7. Absolutely, too true Mr Panza🙂


  8. Very interesting, 2 days before the tornadoes hit North Carolina, i went on the dopplar and that strange circle signature was right above, you guessed it Raleigh NC. I told my wife that Raliegh was going to get hit. Anyone else see this signature?


  9. Take a minute to think about this; the US radar map is made up of many radar systems that each have a “sensitivity” control setting. So is it possible that the “circle” that you see is just that at that point in time, the sensitivity got bumped up resulting in an erroneous return, that when mixed with all the others, appears to be the circle that you are seeing? Where you point out “overlapping” rings in Iowa looks like differences in sensitivity between the two or three radars that cover that area. With that said, I believe that the tornados are not a “result of” something strange making the image, but rather, develop out of the weather that is being scanned by the multiple “non-standardized” radar systems.