Russia orders missile alert after mysterious ‘vortex’ slams into Germany

A shocking ‘top-secret’ report prepared Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) on their meeting this past week with Prime Minister Putin, in Novgorod region, warns that our planet Earth is ‘under attack’ by an as yet unnamed ‘extraterrestrial entity’ to which President Medvedev has responded by ordering a second regiment of S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile system to protect Moscow from low-Earth orbiting ‘targets’..nation.compk

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Ten people were killed and 44 injured in Germany on Friday when a freak sandstorm caused a motorway pile-up involving at least 80 vehicles. Police said 17 cars and three lorries went up in flames in the mass collision at Kavelstorf, near the Baltic Sea coast.They said the pile-up was likely caused when winds swept up loose topsoil from a recently plowed field, blocking the drivers’ view. It took emergency workers until late in the evening to clear the stretch of motorway.

Source and author: nation.compk (youtube)

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  1. Deborah Hart

    ….hence, the name, “project Blue Beam” and the false flag of blaming it all on ETs. Dispicable and evil, and all too human!


  2. I have hope that human beings don’t crave power as much as it seems we do. However, ALWAYS keep an open mind and question EVERYTHING. DO NOT blindly follow media reports and try to think for yourself and form your own opinions and beliefs. If everyone did these things a bit more I don’t think we would have to worry about “Project Blue Beam” as much. Ironic how the vortices and beams have been reported as blue tho…


  3. Shocking top secret report lol…The fear mongering is working though, ten people died in a freak sandstorm and you think we are under attack, if they wernt in cars maybe it would be less deaths…anyway r.i.p to those that died


  4. its the navy-military/greys that are using that portal to be a portal to draw energy from the sun, to than use their 2km haarp floating instalation to use it where they see fit. and thats just one side/fraction. still trying to manipulate the timeline. (there 3 species on earth at this time )

    do watch:
    YouTube – A second, larger HAARP in the South Atlantic?


  5. Wonder who comes up with such far-fetched conclusions. The sand had been blown onto the highway from adjacent fields.


  6. There is a last ditch effort underway for the Powers that Be to disrupt us during Earth’s ascension but there is nothing to fear ~ as these efforts will not be successful. We are under Divine Intervention ~ we have never been alone as most of us have realized by now.

    We came for our experience on Earth with Angels and Guardians who have surrounded us throughout our lifetime on Earth. More of our Celestial family is here to assist us in realizing and becoming our higher power, so we will be able to ascend with the Earth into a New Golden Age.

    Please, it’s okay if you don’t believe any of this. It is not for those who have some interest in doomsday events. Many have chosen those dark scenarios and this will be their truth and reality as we are creating these things individually and collectively now.

    For the rest of us, who have the desire to create a new reality filled with love and honor for all beings upon the Earth and the Earth herself, we are close now to realizing our grandest dreams.

    To make these changes which effect our perceptions and hearts, and to be able to understand what is happening, stay in tune with your own body, spirit, mind and etheric parts of yourself. We have four bodies that must work in unity of purpose. Join other lightworkers and wayshowers if you feel any resonance with their mission of light and love ~ they who are here to assist us ~ each and everyone ~ who so desires ~ just as members of the Galactic Federation of Light are here to assist us but only when asked. This doesn’t mean they are to “save” us but they are here and can be seen all over the world as they mitigate and modify Earth events to ease our way forward.

    Dark forces have another agenda to remain in power and this is not in our interest or benefit. Events and things are being sorted out now and will have a happy transition without fear as those old destructive forces have lost all power and will be themselves transformed into something that can no longer harm others.

    It is possible through your own senses to ask and receive accurate mentoring and answers to any questions you are wondering about ~ through spiritual means that are available to any who ask. Ask your own angels and guides who stand ready to help you ~ to receive this help, all you need do is ask for it. Ask and it is granted. Much love for all in the days ahead. Be not afraid and may the New Golden Age begin! And so it is… xoxox


  7. Deborah Hart

    Darla, that is a beautiful message indeed, and it is always nice to hear good news. I just hope to God that you are right! Have you ever heard of a website called Ashtar Command? I think you would really like it.
    Most of the folks on there fancy themselves as lightworkers, wayshowers & all types of healers, etc. Some of them even claim to be ascended masters! Anywho, I am on there, although it is a bit much for me, under the moniker of Alona *(alone-a)*


  8. Yes, I belong to many groups and also Ashtar and Daylight Commands. The thing forgotten is that we were Masters prior to coming to this Earthly Existence and have forgotten who we are and all we may become. In fact, each of us is able to regain our former powers and more through new abilities we have to change and renew all 12 strands of our DNA once again. It was tinkered with over the centuries since we lived on Atlantis but once our Pituitary gland reaches a point of awakening and enlightenment ~we are able to regain the power to restore and heal ourselves and that’s what is going on within our own bodies.

    The whole secrecy and mystery schools were to keep us in darkness under the control of the current dark powers. No matter how things may appear ~ all is well, all is well, all is well. Our guides stand ready to assist, all we have to do is ASK. And so it is… xoxox


  9. oh gawd, I don’t want to get involved in this conversation
    will >>>
    leave it to you to bicker about your transendings and ascendings etc.

    Have a good day



  10. Russia reckons alien attack… my money’s on HAARP… cant trust those wankers not one iota…


  11. yeah, HAARP!!! Thats just Russia’s way of saying to the US and HAARP, dont try it on with us or we’ll send you a few missiles to contemplate!

    “alien attack” = foreign alternative technological attack!, ie Haarp!


  12. The planet has been throwing up freak weather and volatile conditions for billions of years and I’m sure no one will be blaming them on HAARP.
    As far as the ascension balonie, well all I will say on that is I’m due back on planet Earth, ie. REALITY.


  13. Hey Morris, respect your opinion, but what, in your opinion does HAARP actually do? And enlighten me on why that big fucking ugly machine is always reported and detected running its engines at the time of major disasters around the world, especially of late??? Sincerely interested in your opinion friend.


  14. And also, please explain to me why the Russian President and his Government stated “alien attack” If it was an alien attack, ie literally, that information would have remained ultra classified. I dont think either it was “alien” in the literal sense, please explain to me what you think he meant re the blue spheres causing weather problems?


  15. Pegasus, I dont actually believe that HAARP is the cause of any of recent disruptive weather. It is a weather monitoring device and that is all.
    People seem convinced it is being Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes and even birds falling dead from the sky but there is no proof of anything other than natural events.
    The planet is ancient and many global catastrophes have swept across Earth before, some causing mass extinctions.
    Humans are of no importance, either to the Earth or to any alien lifeforms looking on.
    If it is fate that we are entering an unstable period of geological activity and if it becomes global and a threat to our very existence then so be it.
    There will be no God or alien descending from the heavens to save us.
    We are insignificant in the vastness of the Universe.
    I dont personally think the PTB would be trying to invoke damage on to our Planet and the strange things people are seeing are yet to be explained.
    In the end, until someone with inside knowledge on the subject can get themselves heard on worldwide media, there will be no disclosure of real and useful information regarding this phenomena.


  16. Geez Morris, you dont believe in anything, how sad! Nor do you seem to think your Government is anything but honest and transparent😉 That makes me laugh. HAARP is just for weather monitoring you say? Shit, well that explains how they get the weather patterns wrong every godamn night of the week on the news! And how they cant seem to predict earthquakes, tsunami’s, tornadoes or a regular set of sunny days!!! So I ask you as I ask myself if they spent billions creating this monster piece of machinery and it DOESNT WORK, why build it??? Cause they are NOT predicting any weather patterns on the whole or even specifically or correctly and thats a fact! So again I ask you whats it for??? One thing I know for sure and its again a fact of science and technology, no government invests money in any new techology unless it can be used as a weapon or a device for covert information gathering, HAARP – weather analysis, dream on my friend.

    And furthermore how do you know there is no God or alien population interested in saving or preserving our existence??? If no-one out there gave a fuck about us, we would not have survived this long given meteor strikes, ice-ages, dinosaurs populations outnumbering us, volcanic disasters, earth-engulfing floods throughout the ages and mass extinctions as you say – BUT NOT US HUMANS – WHY? Why have we survived all others? We most certainly should not have made it this far. And again if that was true that no God or alien race was interested in us, then why are our skies so littered with extra-terrestrial vehicles, seen and filmed now daily. If none of them were interested then tell me why are so many of them here??? They seem awful interested to me!!!


  17. Thats actually true… nuclear power was invented apparently to SAVE us haha lol… but before it was used to manufacture so-called cheap energy on mass, it was used as a weapon of mass destruction and still is today lol…😀 So many intelligent people have suspicians about HAARP and its true function… im not convinced its all weather reporting, how naive…


  18. Alright Daveyo is back sigh.
    As of this HAARP folks, it was launched without much fanfare and placed in orbit. Courtesy of lack of PR or ahem military backing.

    Lets get something straight here OK. What the military does regardless of what country they are from they always speak with a fork tongue as well as politicians who play the game. They will never give out the scoop to the ordinary masses unless its something juicy enough to go viral. Even then it might contain a partial truth but not the whole truth. For the most part they remain silent and do most activities by covert means like it or not. Those who have been in the Military know what I am talking about regarding this subject. Its known that the military has been doing a lot of experiments secretly underground that none of us have the eyes to see. Did any of you see some pics taken of the Air Force Boring Machine??? Very rare pics as they never advertise such out to the public. Yes they bore tunnels under the ground and they also build not only command centers under the ground (example NORAD defense which is 3 miles down under a mountain in Colorado) but also CITIES big enough to shock the senses of all of us.> Example hmmm Area 51 which can be seen on top but what do they have underneath?? that cannot be seen or known???? They do have a few secret complexes under the ground hidden inside the appallacian mountains. One of them is to protect all the vital records that are essential for the government to survive in case of a fallout, another is to do all the DNA and criminal background preservations, another is to protect all the known information of the banking system and funds and of course protect a certain amount of valuable resources such as gold. Yes Fort Knox has the bulk of it but also they have a specific reserve backup for monetary means should USA collapse.

    We are not alone. Other Countries such as Russia and China are doing the very same thing.

    If one ever wonders where all the money is going, why not ask your congress representative how much the CIA has been given for their budget for the current fiscal year??? You will never get that answer and will die never knowing that answer.

    We all know that the current Religion entities is all man made. Stop and don’t argue with me on this subject. What amazes me much of it still remains hidden but on occassion we will find records of such dating back thousands of years even some encased in metal (most recent discovery) and its stamped. Believe it or not, religion is the only thing that keeps us from going viral and hitting total anarchy worldwide. Regardless of what kind it is , it is sort of like a buffer zone to give humans some means to have a belief of some kind>>> MENTALLY.

    Mass extinctions is common on this planet. Like it or not and HUMANS are going to some day become extinct. The ? is when. It all depends on how all the assholes on this planet dictate themselves and what they do on this planet. Yes HUMANS did in fact almost became extinct not long ago!!!!!! When the Tambora Super Volcano (about 3/4ths the size of Yellowstone) exploded only 10,000 humans were left alive that were known to exist at that time, hence the major bottleneck on the DNA tree that they have discovered.

    Extinction is not going to be caused by us unless we are really stupid and sort of aide and abet its haste. Primarily the Extinction is going to be caused by one of two things>>>>> EARTH OR SPACE. Most of the extinctions is caused by EARTH. Yep our own planet can become our worst enemy> and that is the bottom line.

    When it does make the move, no matter where you hide PLANET EARTH IS GOING TO FIND A WAY TO KILL YOU. This particular scenario cannot be controlled by Humans because even now we don’t have the technology to stop it.

    The only ones capable to stop or slow it down is the ALIENS who appear in the skies. Humans did not evolved from molecules created on earth. Ask yourself why HUMANS popped out from Africa??????? as most of the experts claim such to be our origins????

    We actually have two different versions believe it or not. One claims the cradle of civilization began around Iraq/Iran known as paradise and the other deep someplace hidden in Africa!!!!! by archaeologists. Are we to believe we came from damn desert or from some thick jungle??? Give that some thought. Out of the blue or from some known primate that exists today.

    The logical conclusion points us to the sky of what we now see that moves about and shows us designs and does things beyond our capability. If we can play with DNA and genetics, why can’t they do the same????

    How do you think the Dinos got created to end up being so huge???? This was not done by mother nature folks.

    So in another sense we speak of a legend called Atlantis. I don’t think this was a made up fairy tale. I do believe they once existed but were under strict guidelines regarding their power. Once they ventured beyond their specific land and domain they had to be like those who were from the outside, manpower wise and weapons wise in other words tit for tat > even. They were not allowed to bring their power outside of their domain. All during the time they became greedy and wanted more and more and eventually they did something that caused their demise and it went out of control. They were in fact warned about this from their ancients who gave them such power. These ancients were the Aliens. They were given the test and they failed.

    So the Aliens know of what we will do even today, and that is why they will not allow us to have their kind of power because we will abuse it and end up destroying ourselves. The reason is clear because of the way we have mentally inside our minds. The one factor that we will always lose is to GREED. No matter how you slice the cake, Greed is going to come into the picture sooner or later.

    Greed encompasses many things. The desires to want, the desires to have, the desires to know more etc and so forth, even the desires to live a very long time up to the point of immortality.

    For one to overcome such is next to impossible and it will take a very great amount of inner strength to resist it, but eventually it will win sooner or later.

    These aliens have found the way to overcome such yet they too have to deal with war and to fight and to defend against their adversaries of the same. ET told us this before he/she died.

    ET gave us a valuable piece of advice, yet humans do not understand the meaning of such advice. Sad to say this but this is true.

    So Pegasus what would you like to know? Kindly pop the topic towards me.



  19. Here is something about Atlantis that should give a lot of us some thought.

    Based on the ancient writings here is what was gleened out of it. They were able to produce crops and farmed their land with ease. They were able to have their own light!!!!> means to say at night time they had lights to move about. They also were highly advanced in astronomy, as well as in science and engineering. They had buildings made totally different than what we have today. They used energy from CRYSTALS. They did not use nuclear power or hydroelectric power. Crystals was their light source and power sources. They were able to move about with ease and at great distances without a problem provided it was within their boundaries. Outside of their boundaries they could not bring out their technology and were strictly forbidden. Once such known boundary was the Pillars of Hercules.

    There is some other stuff in it that I am not putting down here, but from what I have read and carefully looked at regarding those descriptions, they were indeed a highly advanced civilization under the control of more likely the Aliens. Some outsiders were allowed to venture in a visit, but the best they could describe is in writing even the layout to some extent of the citys boundary entrance.

    Without elaborating further, there are many citys buried underwater and such is being found here and there today.

    How they met their demise is debatable, but it is a given fact that the seas have risen high enough to cover them a few hundred feet under water.

    The way the ice sheets are melting what do you think is going to happen??? The water has to go somewhere????



  20. why are all of you ‘experts’ absolute idiots? HAARP is a weather controlling and monitoring system! nothing more, the main attribute of HAARP is its ability to fire ionized particles into clouds overhead effectively creating rain or snow or thunderstorms, NOT earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, the amount of energy that a single one of those forces of nature release would require a massie amount of energy to create and a single country just could not cope with that level of power consumption, eg look at crippled japan thhey now have to shut off half the bloody country because one of the nuclear plants has burnt out and has left the others working double shifts to keep the other half of the country on the elrctrical grid. Also another point, if they were able to syphin the energy to create super storms etc, once nature took hold it would be so unpredictable that the whole idea behind it would be overshadowed by the variables; the wind direction, storm strength, weather composition would be totally in the hands of nature, you could ask any meteorologist and he would tell you that no one has power over the weather, sure we can manipulate it but what if they created asuper cell that spawned tornadoes that went on to destroy the HAARP facility? wheres the sense iin that?!


  21. And HAARP is doing a bangup job of controlling the negative power of nature… please?! lol Rain or snow… hahahahahahahahaha… god dude Luke, seriously its all about rain or snow??? lol😀😀😀 Our half of the planet has so much rain we cant control it, snow, whats the genius behind creating snow??? No!, super technologies invest billions in weaponry, not snowcone- making machines. lol Ya killing me Luke!!! haha😀 DESTRUCTION is what our present day rulers want, they want a far reduced number of people on this planet and a means to control those accountable numbers… the nuclear issue was a free bonus …just listen to that idiot Jesus Rothschild, sorry ‘David’ Rothschild [the same freak W Bush referred to when he famously said “I talk to Jesus daily!”] and see how on more than one occassion he says there are too many people on the planet… he is one of an influencial number of individuals who have a SERIOUS end-times agenda to reduce the human population by 70% and he and his pals dont play, they are real serious Satanists with the goal in clear site… he and the Rockefellers have a long standing involvment with the HAARP project… do you trust these people Luke? Do you honestly believe they are building snowcone and waterfountain machines to water your lawns? Dude, you got the blinkers on… time to wake up. Japan has been increasingly displeasing the illuminai since 2004 and not following on with the “agenda” and so therefore recent events… notice within 12 hours of the earthquake the world bank offered to help Japan out with an apparent quite detailed package… the same bank that Japan was actively trying to distance itself from and remove the claws of its bosses the illuminati from its nations flesh…

    Next time your walking down the street Luke and you are getting sprayed on with all those eye-watering nasty chemtrails that are making you and your neighbors sick, same chemtrails that have independantly been found to contain chemicals not disimilar to agent-orange, thank the makers of your HAARP project, same people!… now tell me those chemtrails are just jet-stream from some ol’ 747…😀


  22. Praise the Lord, so fucking true! Many people on this prisonplanet understand exactly what Believer has posted, so true!. And those powerful persons are indeed deeply involved with HAARP and other alternative technologies aimed at causing world terror. How do you think Obama became President with virtually NO history or accountable past? Again, same people. All true, whether people want to deeply research or believe it or not. Thank God for the first ammendment, oh yes, Obama just announced he wants us all to have one clear internet ID, “its not big brother” he says, sure Barry, so we can all be tracked and traced and easily found for bringing a little sunlight into the darkness. Same people, same evil plan.


  23. Daveyo back again.

    Been reading the comments here, wow interesting when others bang heads ehhhh.

    Believer, please re-read what Luke said here on his last post. HAARP does not have to be super powerful. Keep that in mind. The kind of technology they use is different. They are using sound waves of different frequencies to create different scenarios. Yes one can pound a fault line using microwave energy for a period of time to cause the ground underneath to become unstable. This has been proven. Microwave energy is actually quite dangerous for Planet Earth. If strong enough which comes from the Sun’s flares, yes it can affect the Earths core heating it up more, and when it does that it causes a crust displacement to take place. Mainly raising up the temperatures. What Luke is talking about is that HAARP can to some extent create a weather development so it can form into a storm. I repeat a storm. This storm can either produce thunderstorms, or tornados, or super cold fronts that produce sleet, Ice and or snow. Once its started HAARP cannot stop it. Furthermore its well known that various agencies have aircraft that fly to drop CRYSTALS into the air to get the atmosphere to generate some storm effects. It all depends on the seasons in the area. If its hot, located around the Asia region you get Monsoons, or if its at a dry area and has a drought happenning then they try to create a thunderstorm to bring rain.

    True they are manipulating the weather systems all around the world. On any given day meaning 24 hours we can have almost 800 storms happenning around the world.

    At the same token much of the problems taking place now is because the NAC belt is DEAD. NO CIRCULATION. It is one of the heartbeats that give us a balanced weather pattern. Now that we lost that things are slowly getting out of control weather wise. It tipped the scales causing a wide range effect and possibly we will have only two kinds of seasons soon. The last time this planet had two kinds of seasons was during the Dino era. The two seasons were extreme hot temperatures, and extreme cold temperatures. Very little areas at that time had a medium weather balance.

    What is happening at Japan is totally different. The entire east coastal line of Japan is sitting on the edge of the major tectonic fault line. The pacific is going under the Chinese Russian plate. Recently it has been verified that the pacific plate is DIVING FASTER than ever before at a much steeper angle. This means to say the pacific crust plate is BREAKING OFF under Japan, and not slowly being ground and melted bits by bits. Huge sections are simply breaking off and falling into the molten mantle.

    This is creating a lot of pressure underneath which now has ACTIVATED ALL 20 VOLCANOS around Japan. The magma pressure is building up much faster and rising even higher.

    None of this is caused by HAARP. HAARP has been trying and testing the San Andreas fault, but I think they backed off because of the fear of setting off the Super Volcano called Yellowstone.

    You see most of the power buffs who pad their wallets from us slaves actually do live in America. America they want intact since the amount of population is small compared to China, India and Indonesia.
    Those 3 countries contain the bulk of the human race so remember that OK>

    These 3 countries are so busy in their bedrooms one can hear the bed springs in Thailand. They contain mostly young people. Hmmm, so its Too Hot to Trot now baby, too hot to trot yea. Courtesy of Commodores. The problem with this is they cannot control their hormones and urges hence you see a huge population appear in front of your eyes.

    America, Europe and Russia and some other areas have a aging population middle class on up. Avg age around 40 years old. In about another 10 more years America and Europe and Russia will be having mostly Seniors aged 65 on up. Its already started and it will peak in about another 10 years. When this begins to happen the food supply world wide is also going to drop quite considerably because for example Wheat comes from USA. With a aging population the farms will begin to reduce as Seniors will not want to be working on the farms tending to raising up the wheat factor. There is going to be a major food crisis beginning in about 5 years from now.

    In the meantime China, India and Indonesia will still be out of control raising the worlds pop to almost 9 billion by 2040.

    Japan on the other hand will be teetering on the blink as it edges closer to the tectonic plate fault. Now one of two things can happen. Either the two tectonic plates finally meet common ground, meaning to say neither will give any further, the pressure will build and it might reverse itself whereas the pacific plate now goes on top of the Russian Chines plate OR they crush each other up and the land builds upwards creating a mountain range like the Rockies, or the Himalayas or the Alps to name a few. If this happens the volcanos in Japan will go extinct completely, and new ones will form on the east side of the fault itself and in some cases be part of the new mountain range.

    None of us currently alive is going to see this as it will take quite a few thousand years for such to develop.

    So what we have currently right now worldwide is the crust has become unstable, causing a crust displacement. Some areas will have it more severe and some areas not so severe. It all depends on the strength of the crust on those plates itself.

    A lot of people don’t realize about Yellowstone. Recently they have discovered that the magma plume underneath is twice as large than previously believed, and it does go out towards Oregon and the State of Washington. What they did was confirmed my suspicions that I have posted here sometime ago, that Yellowstone is fed from the fault that is just outside Oregon and the State of Washington.

    More likely this will be the last time Yellowstone blows. I do believe it is going to empty itself of its magma chamber completely, and when it does it shuts down permanently. I also believe it will be greater than the VEI 8. It might hit 9 or even 10.

    When it happens USA WILL BE WIPED OUT for the most part soaked up in huge amounts of ash and it will affect the entire world for years and not just months pertaining to the weather patterns and etc., and it might even cause humans to go extinct.

    There are 3 other super volcanos building up pressure now. One is in Germany, another is in Italy (north of Rome near Assisi area) and the other two is located around Indonesia and perhaps one in New Zealand where Luke lives. It is possible we can have a back to back VEI 8 explosions coming out of any of those 4 (for sure) the Italy one is iffy at best besides Yellowstone.

    Yes Mass Extinction is for real folks. Don’t kid yourself thinking it will not happen. Its gonna happen sooner or later like it or not, unless Humans have the capability to get the hell out of planet Earth including all its food sources and animals needed to survive etc., and be in survival ships out in space till things settle back down on the planet.

    end of story



  24. Yes, unkindness, war, hatred, greed, cruelty, shame, poverty, illness, poisonings, religious dogmas, genocide, and false judgments are extinct and cannot follow as Earth ascends into the 5th Dimension. Those who control governments, HAARP, brutality, scalar waves, population control in any of it’s many forms, manipulations, brainwashing, hurt, pain, agony, and imprisonments; these will be stopped, resigned, and transformed ~ to be tossed into the dustbin of history.

    No being of any kingdom ~ whether plant, mineral, or animal can be extinct as there is no waste in both the known and the unknown Universe, it is a whole system of recycling, restoration, and transformations where matter is born, used fully, and through a transition process moved into other forms in a neverending cycle of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. It has been a lie that any form of life can become extinct in the first place and this happened because a huge profit could be realized from this idea and all the hooks, ladders, and add-ons of a continuing paradigm matrix of control over all life forms on Earth.

    Extinctions never existed although many times due to bad behavior and the lowest vibrational beings on Earth, she cast them off during major pole shift during previous days, and Earth was yet again, reborn, as far as life forms living upon her. She began again with a clean slate. These giants and dinosauers were destroyed and cast off her surface and decisions like these can and are made by each and every Planet who labors to get free of 3D limitations and the base elements that are allowed to run free.

    Having been cast off, they took other forms as truly no cell is wasted and all can be transformed through the laws of Intention alone.

    Earth has labored long and hard to get to this point of Ascension into the 5th Dimension and above and we, have been a part of these transformations for at least 14 millennium. As Earth ascends those who are able and willing to match her new vibration and frequency of 528 HZ which is the vibration of unconditional love, miracles, and DNA Repair and activation ~ those who can will ~ for all beings and the Earth herself are welcome to ascend with her at this frequency.

    Those who are stuck in the 3rd dimensional matrix of war, greed, lust, pain, agony, hatred, and feel it is okay, are not alarmed, are not ready to change how things are as they appear today, and who are happy in such a state, will be offered free passage and be able to transition into another 3D planet as Earth can no longer sustain these lower vibrations and in fact, a separation is occurring now between those paradigms and others are taking off through new Stargates and Portholes into the new dimensions that have been opened lately during the changes we can see and feel taking place all around us.

    As huge waves of Solar Winds carrying Adamantine Particles hit the Earth and all beings upon her, consciousness rises. Depending on your vibration you will be found in tune with the beneficial affects these offer and the measure is how open and transparent we can are or can become ~ and quickly ~ and these will affect all of us in one way or another. If our frequencies remain in the old paradigms of war, hatred, and greed, these particles will end our lives here, so that we can begin elsewhere, again, according to the frequency we match in other dimension.

    Activities and accelerations have increased and we can each feel these changes within our own bodies which are in transition going from carbon based to Crystalline. Our brains are changing, too, like Earth’s poles, to enable us to get out of duality and go into mono-polarity instead of being bi-polar; and our third eyes, at least, for many are opening to allow us to view new vistas heretofore not open to us prior to this particular point in time or out of it.

    Timelines are the greatest shifting and we are each choosing new pathways as we go from moment to moment. For information on these vital timelines and to gain a better understanding look up DL Zeta’s work on this topic, she has the most comprehensive understanding on how these timelines work for any who are interested. For those who have “eyes” to see, this is easy and may be as simple as getting your 3rd eye OPEN through activating your own pineal gland ~activate it ~ a simple process to do by listening to those frequencies that activate it. Go to YouTube and run a search under HZ, you can take your life in hand, you are a Master, after all, and through practice simply listening to these higher vibrations, they become yours and then it is that, all Stargates become open to you.

    Much love ~ Remember you were a Master prior to coming here for this Earth experience and you are destined to recall, refresh, and step into the powers that are already yours lying dormat ready for activation when you are ready, and willing to do so. And so it is….. xoxoxox


  25. Daveyo my friend I appreciate your understanding BUT my understanding is slightly different from yours so we’ll leave it at that… I made my comments to Lukes “youre all idiots” comments which I took offence to, simply stated because he doesnt know what he is talking about except what HAARP tells the world they are about!… my perception, my understanding of the people who build and run these machines and the machines themselves is fundamentally different and none of us know all the science of what that facility is capable of [fact] Do you think they’d go further than the ionized particles and the formation of clouds and moisture in the atmosphere, thats simpleton thinking and you and Luke trust too much… that you and Luke think its all just weather fiddling and there’s no big ugly agenda is fine with me… I know differently but respect both your opinions whether I agree with them or not, I dont…😉 These people with their technologies calculate and measure the potential impact of their interference and manipulation of existing weaknesses in nature or powerful strengths in the negative… and they accept the possible risks… that you think these people and there technology is non-malevalent surprises me as your clearly not an idiot clearly. Regardless your post is what HAARP itself tells us all in their science brochures and press releases… bottom line if you and others believe they are telling you the truth, then dude Im happy for ya and I wont lose a moments sleep over it… there are a million or more ways to die on this out of control planet right now, Ive just survived two of them, flood and two back to back cyclones, so im content in my lot for now. Peace.🙂


  26. Daveyo is a smart guy but he should understand that Luke doesnt need defending, he’s not a child, though Luke calling us all idiots made him look like one, obviously he doesnt accept other peoples opinions and I for one have a problem with that. I also do NOT accept that HAARP is just about small things concerning weather, thats exactly what they want us to think. Who believes Government press releases? Who believes what Government scientists say or people who actually work for a corporation, its like Police investigating themselves or vampires in charge of the blood bank? Just weeks ago Government scientists were saying there was no threat from the radiation leaks in Japan, independant scientists were saying the complete opposite. Now we know we are in in potential peril with the radiation as it worsens and spreads out across the skies and via the ocean currents, ie the Govt people were not telling the WHOLE truth. Politically, Barry Obama promised CHANGE! What changed??? NOTHING! Certainly not a damn thing good for Americans or people in the middle east! Definately HAARP is about a whole lot more than fired ionized particles. So Im with Believer on this one. Daveyo Im really surprised you just defended HAARP! There are a number of very well informed scientists who think very differently from you.


  27. Hi Peg

    As for me about HAARP lets get something straight. I did not build the damn thing so really I do not know what was installed on the damn SOB and its in space now so…….. I cannot get the evidence at all concerning such item. Unless someone who actually has built it and has the knowledge of what was put on the damn thing, we are left to our own vices and opinions of what this SOB can do and cannot do. ehhhhhhh.

    So for now its debatable, and I won’t be led astray pertaining to what its capable of doing. We all have our suspicions, as I even wondered what the hell was going on during a storm front>>>> a triangle was formed and the storms all moved around it but it completely dematerialized when it hit that triangle thus leaving this particular triangle and land area high and dry!!!!!!!! without so much of a drop!!!!!!!. I was stunned when I saw this, as if I know nature of how it works it does not do that. So I have my suspicions that HAARP played a role in that regards. That itself is a piece of evidence that I saw of what it might be able to do. If others can point to some strange weather incidents please speak up and point it out. We need EVIDENCE, and so far I see one.

    As of the earthquakes its already known that such can be played with and be created to make the fault and that crust area unstable. HAARP is not or maybe it is now, but if I remember correctly they were doing this long before HAARP came into existence. I believe there is another damn unit up there that has not been announced or known to the public that creates earthquakes courtesy of the Military assholes. We do know they on many occassions send rockets up to space deploying various satellites as they say but we don’t have confirmation of what kind of fuckin satellite it is or know precisely what is hidden underneath that particular load. OK. Give that some thought.

    HAARP is one of the items that we know about, but what about the rest????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    You know Peg give Luke some slack as he is only 18 years old and he has a hell of a lot of knowledge pertaining to engineering and is quite smart himself compared to most 18 year old assholes out there who think of being in gangs and causing havoc to us general public ancients. It is at times people mis-understand what the other is trying to convey to another via writing as you know full well our thoughts race faster than our fingers that do the walking.

    I have discussed a lot of engineering with Luke privately myself and he is quite gifted as I am also an engineer in aviation, a mechanic and also a researcher in medicine. I have a lot of skills myself that most people don’t have and I am fortunate to have such knowledge, yet I thirst for more but don’t know why!!!!!!! It seems to never end. I have a lot of knowledge pertaining to computers, but get stumped when it comes to PHP programming as it leaves me naked like a newborn babe.

    So for what it is worth, lets keep banging heads here as its good for the soul.

    have a good day



  28. All’s good🙂
    Maybe Luke should resist calling us “all idiots” in the future. Being book smart and an engineer doesnt make him wise on human beings, their motivations for things and their greed and lust for power or on the belief-systems our world leaders adhere to. Nor does it make him even 1% knowledgable on HAARP or its engineering and electronic make-up, after all he has never worked for HAARP or ever been in that facility. But you are right on one thing, none of us really know what its capable of nor what its true function is beyond the propaganda.


  29. you still do not understand, the whole thing behind this is POWER SUPPLY, you cant run HAARP on hopes and dreams, the amount of power required to create the weatherr conditions that are likely, meaning in the 90% range, to spawn a massive storm or hurricane are far beyond what one countrys power grid could handle, NO MACHINE CAN RUN WITHOUT SUFFICENT POWER SUPPLY, its simple physics, a single country like america is not capable of producing enough power to run a machine like this while also running the country, youd have rolling blackouts all across the country if it was capable of the things you are claiming.

    you say im the idiot for calling you guys idiots, well i wasnt specifically targetting you believer, i was merely regarding to the cohort of ‘experts’ who claim to know exactly what it does, i dont even know, i didnt create nor design it, i am merely making informed deductions based purely upon basic theories of physics, in lamens terms; using logic.

    Do you realise that a single bolt of lightining releases anough power that a fully fledged lightining storm could power our planet for centuries if we were able to harvest all its energy, now think, if in your opinion HAARP creates storms and turbulent weather anomalies then the power that the machine would require to jump start such a storm front would have to be appraching insane levels of power consumption, im talking TERRAWATTS of power, meaning it would require 2 or more power plants to power it ALONE. Now that sort of a thing doesnt go unnoticed. (keep in mind, this sort of power would be required to keep the storm controlled, if they wanted to ‘seed’ a storm and let it loose it would require alot less power, but science doesnt deal in chance, as i said before the storm could destroy their own facilitys if they left i in natures hands)


  30. I agree with Daveyo and Luke. This is a forum for people who want to explore these phenomena, whether it be made-made or possibly otherwise.
    If no one is allowed to challenge anything here then we may as well accept the Facists have won.


  31. Luke calls us “all idiots” now Morris infers we are now “facists” Unbelievable. No-body is challenging your book learning ladies, but you are stuck in the mind-set of ‘mundane technology’. Some of the precepts of what is known is for sure mundane technology, but to say “emphatically” that, that is ‘ALL’ they are using is ignorance, closed-mindedness and very limited understanding in terms of the big picture and what has changed in the last 30 years. Technologies that you have been taught are based upon finite resources and explosive and electronic technologies, its not advanced in any degree and to any advanced race it would be laughable, and lets put it this way neither of the three of you with all your book learning and engineering and self-assuredness understand how a UFO operates and what kind of power sources all these many individual crafts run on, and Im quietly confident that there are numerous advanced power sources completely unknown to traditional engineers and rocket scientists today, simply for the reason that no two filmed or photographed UFO’s have ever been found to be identicle. Existing rocket sciences were founded by the fucking Nazi’s and later hijacked by the US space program and THE father of modern space technological understanding Hermann Oberth himself admitted on more than one occassion that they were helped and re-educated on space technology by “people from other worlds” ie aliens. Therefore to say with all confidence that 30 years after Apollo 11 they are still ONLY using mundane power sources and as Luke says that “no machine can run without a sufficient power supply” says to me you think the powers that be are STILL using old-school technologies even behind the scenes. They wouldnt tell you what they are 30 years later capable of, as if such understanding would be added to the curriculum in your degree for Engineering Luke! C’mon. These people protect what they know, secret advancments is where their power is. Its not a shared commodity. It genuinely surprises me that you guys cannot fathom that the world has moved beyond what you have learnt at University, that you think the worlds present knowledge of energy and power sources is still where it was 30, 50 or more years ago or that all that is known is what you have learnt and ends there. HAARP’s elite workers and thinkers im very confident would not be indulging much of the learning they picked up at Uni, but rather would be working with very advanced ideas and concepts and playing with energy sources of which you would know nothing. It is also a fact that the powers that be have been actively ‘dumbing down’ its peoples and their education and knowledge bases for the last 20 years and that is evident in the lack of change to almost any of the study courses available across the world. The twenty years prior to that, education was the biggest advancement to human consciousness in the last 3000 years. What happened? I’ll tell ya, there has been such a massive advancement in pseudo-spiritual-technological and alternative technologies that it has become the worlds final frontier and the last true bastion of what REAL power is, and these children do not want to share with the other kids, so you guys are stuck with the ol’ combustion, ignition, fuel-based and electical handbooks and it seems you are sure that that is all there is! Even third world countries have ol’ nuclear power and that is mundane at this point. If you think you understand how HAARP operates and where they source their energy and indeed what kind of energy they are actually using, then good onya I wish you well with that. Take Care.


  32. @Morris, dude the problem is you, Luke and ol’ Dave dont want to “explore” these phenomenon, you just want to lecture us on how book clever you are and how we dont know better. Well im here to tell ya chump, Ive been around this world and spent time with individuals who would leave you lost in gagaland and Lukes and Daveyo’s degrees in engineering and astronomy are like grade 1 to a child and ultimately would mean zip and zilch to these people who have REAL knowledge. The bottom line is you three dont know who Pegasus and I am, you just presume under the weight of your own ego’s that we know nothing lol… you dont what our background is, and as you have shown your hand as it were there seems no point sharing even with coded talk, so for either of us to make comments and to express what we understand in relation to the posts and stories on this site, at this point we will say no more except to say the world is not what you think it is and neither are the people to whom you pay taxes and give your vote to every 4 years. The world has moved on secretly lads but they are telling you it hasnt and you seem to believe that BS with great assurity. Anyway that is the last post here from me as well, you three geniuses can enlighten everyone else here with your Phd’s and lectures on how it is… strange I have a number of degree’s as well, from a number of different countries but I dont shove that shit down your throats and tell you the LAW on how it is!…

    …funny I thought this site was called ‘The Truth BEHIND The Scenes’ not ‘The Truth As They Tell Me At University And In My Ol’-School Handbooks’ Its the BEHIND the scenes ideas we have been interested in exploring and sharing with you but it doesnt fit in with your educational conditioning, so I leave ya with it. Good luck and enjoy oiling and massaging each others ego’s. 🙂


  33. @ pegasus

    when did morris call you facist? he merely commented on the fact that if we dont debate and reason on topics here then the top guns in governement etc have already won… dont really see how that correlates to you?

    Also you are correct in the assumptions that the powers at be may possess power suorces that we dont know about yet (in fact it is an almost certainty), but the main point which you two continue to bypass in my argument is that, the power requirements wouldnt go unnoticed IF the HAARP machine was capable of creating such terrible forces of nature.

    also another point at Believer, at what point did i thrust my degree down your throat? as a matter of fact i dont recall ever using it to enforce any points i have made. The way i see it everybody is entitled to an opinion but what i fnd is that you and pegasus cant take the fact that others have their own opinions that dont coincide with your own. Im only 19 and it seems im more open to outside opinion than the two of you as all ive recieved from my posts is personal backlash that has had no contribution to the topic at hand, HAARP.

    Also could you enlighten us as to your degrees etc? if you claim to be so knowledgeable and so well travelled, share your wealth of knowledge. Knowledge is power, caging it is of no benefit.

    Now back to HAARP, ive been doing some digging as to possible power sources that could go unnoticed and possibly could power this thing.
    1) Geomagnetism: Two magnets placed above each other in a vaccum with seveal positive and negative ports around them are rotated inside if of a conductive shell, once the magnets start moving they will not stop meaning it is basically a never ending dynamo battery! Now ive discussed this with daveyo and the australian team who are poineering this new tech, but who knows if it is use already.
    2) Enhanced fission and fusion reactors: While many argue that nuclear tech is dead and by gone, it has still got alot of potential, im no supporter of nuclear tecchnology as in my opinion it is wrong to use something so dangerous as a form of energy, however a team of russian scientists are working on an imroved fission and fusion reactor that will make use of every atom of uranium in the reactor (at present time only a small 20-50% of each gram is used), the new reactor will seek to use every molecule in the creation of energy, thus increaasing power output,
    3) The Hadron Collider, everybody gets too caught up in the black hole possiblity of the HC, but most people fail to see that if succesful the hadron collider could create enough sustanable energy to power our planet for eternity, and only one plant would be needed for a constant output. the HC speeds up particles to near the speed of light in opposite directions, and when they collide they release a huge amount of energy proportional to the BIG BANG, in other words a safe form of nuclear energy in a controlled vaccum environment, of course with all new technologys they are sure to have several side effects that could be bad or could be unforseen positive outcomes.

    Anyway thats my bit for now, id like for this conversation to go back to being about the HAARP machine and not resorting to personal attacks again,

    @ pegasus and believer, your input is valued and contributes to the conversation as a whole, this website is for people to debate thei own point of view on the unknown, you may be offended at someones wording, however you should always take a post as a whole not as small sections, when you take something apart it is easy to twist it into something that was not its original intention, this was the case with my ‘idiots’ comment of which i explained in my last post.



  34. @Pegasus @Believer, c’mon guys, I think there are a lot of crossed-wires here creating unnecessary antagonism.
    We are all on this forum exploring these various topics because we all believe, perhaps for different reasons, that the truth may not always be visible and the explanations to events, questionable.
    No one is trying to push their beliefs any more than anyone else but a conflict in thought on a subject should be tolerated as an individual may have something important to add, no matter what that info may be.
    I agree that sometimes things get heated but I know for myself, I sometimes go away from here thinking seriously about some of the things I have been reading.
    Its just as easy to get caught up in the hysteria of a new event as it is to be highly sceptical and most of us sway in how we perceive new or differing knowledge.
    I am learning a lot and wouldnt want anyone to be told off or put off posting here.
    Im not going to stop making comments if the mood takes me and I look forward to reading future posts by @Pegasus @Believer @Luke and @Daveyo as well as everyone else.


  35. Jesus H Christ!!!!!! To Believer and Pegasus. Granted you have voiced yourselves but it seems that the HAARP issue is setting both of you off to no mans land.

    Now I will confront both of you and please don’t take this literally because I myself would like to know some things myself. OK.

    Since both of you believe that the HAARP is more advanced that what has been spoken of, tell us of what means of power that this unit is using to create such an energy source to literally control the weather???? OK. Fair enough.

    Now I will say this, the rockets that it went up on, was only half the size that is used to lift off the astronauts. This I think we all can confirm unless the military has sent something up out in sea on a top secret mission which is very much possible so that no one will know about it, but again even if they did so, someone is bound to see it sooner or later or even know something is up.

    I have a hunch and some suspicions regarding the power that they might be using, which is very much feasible and can be done, which is over and above what might be generally known, and I have not yet said what it might be.

    Since you talk of the powers that be, I would like to know in more specific terms WHO is the powers that be, and can you provide some evidence of it???? Not the Illuminatiae bullshit OK.

    So I am saying here speak out and back it up.

    I don’t know how the banging of heads here got to the point of serious friction and somehow we have a right to all means of FREE SPEECH, and FREE EXPRESSION, and FREE OPINION. Damn, so why you turn around and say this it it or that is all folks. No one is condemning you for saying what you have said right????

    Believer you asked me for proof and I finally gave it to you. Several others asked for proof and I did the same and complied. I backed up on what I said. I will not say something if it is not true or if I cannot back it up so if that is the case its considered an opinion or theory. Fair enough. The same applies to everybody else.

    I don’t demand anything from anybody, and if you wish to offer something then you are free to do so and offer it up so others can have a better understanding of what you are trying to say.

    Here is the bottom line. This has nothing to do with egos so dump it into the garbage can. If this world depended on egos, we would never get anywhere let alone even make it to first base.

    We are adults with a common agenda in mind here and that is HOW TO TRY TO GET ALONG, without letting feelings get in the way and stay logical and be sensible and have respect towards others even though we have not even met each other. Someday we might and it would be a good day so that we all can shake hands and give each a hug and say thanks for giving me a change to get to know you.

    Making good and true friends and having good and true friends that don’t backstabe at each other is the hardest thing to achieve in life. It is rare to find a good true friend who would let you voice yourselves, and allow you the room and the time to work things out, besides listening , and this same person be allowed to chew your ass out from time to time without fear of offending you because the person cares about you. None of us is perfect in this fuckin world, so really you and I are EQUAL no matter how you want to look at it from front to back.

    So I say peace to both of you and is asking both of you to get your ass back in here in this forum cause your worthy for my soul. OK hehehehehehehehe.

    Jesus H Christ.


  36. Very interesting website and conversations to be had here.


  37. Thought this might be of some interest given the absence of Believer and Pegasus over the HAARP issue. It seems that new concrete evidence is emerging that HAARP can and does use it facility and technology to induce earthquakes as part of America’s national security strategies. Magnometer results are indeed confirming HAARP as being an earthquake creating technology and this as a matter of fact has resulted in the US Govt taking down its HAARP website as of the last three weeks, until the last few days it under pressure from other powerful interested parties being ‘forced’ back online but with edited and docted data with periods of ‘missing’ data specific to earthquake incidents. More and more scientists and independant studies are finding fact in HAARP actively inducing earthquakes around the globe, including, Japan and Haiti. For the full story enlighten yourselves,


    • optic

      i have also read up on HAARP and some of the evidence does actually point to it haveing a regional earthquake ability, BUT, this has only been observed when the ELF’s were used along unstable or fequently moving fault lines, now these area’s. when subject to any force creating vibration eg, explosion, drilling etc have the same effect, via the same medium, vibration. Now vibration falls into the elements of the molecular structure, Now all people know that every thing starts on the atomic level, and everything, including us, is made of various atoms denoting specific molecules. Now these atoms come in 3 forms; solid, liquid and gaseous. Thes 3 forms can change through each level or can quickly sublimate into each other skipping the intermediate states of matter. with these forms, each is defined by different levels of vibrations; Solid; atoms are rigid with little movement, liquid; atoms are vibrating but not vigourisly, gaseous; atoms are vibrating vigourisly with large gaps in between each atom. Now with the ELF waves being pumped into the ground, the ELF’s fuction like a subwoofer in that they send massive vibrations through materials, thus the ground vibrates in the same way as a earthquake but is regionalised and so isnt as destructive, So in conclusion, yes the possibilty that the HAARP devices could be used for earthquake warfare is true, and most probably has taken place. But I remain adament that the HAARP device could not be used to create hurricanes, tornadoes or super storms. I do however hope that im not porven wrong on my final note as that is the day when sciece will have gone beyond the point of logic and reason