Actual underwater earthquake sound

Underwater Mics Capture Earth’s Terrifying Rumble in Japan Quake
You’ve seen the shocking video of Japan’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake and its devastating aftermath, but a newly released audio recording offers yet another glimpse of mother nature’s awesome power.

A network of underwater observatories belonging to the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) surrounding the epicenter of the massive earthquake captured rare and haunting audio of the earth’s violent rumbling.

“Equipped with hydrophones for monitoring underwater sounds in real-time over the Internet, the LIDO [Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment] system has been continuously recording the sound of the earthquake and its aftershocks”


And if a ship heading into tsunami wave..

The Japanese coast guard released a video showing the massive tsunami waves swelling in the sea off the coast of northern Japan, after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck offshore on March 11. The footage showed the first huge wave rising up above the prow of the coastguard ship as it sailed straight towards it. Two more waves followed.
Video courtesy: JAPAN COAST GUARD

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2 responses to “Actual underwater earthquake sound

  1. a very smart move by the ships captain. That wave was big enough to capsize it had it been hit on the side.

    Wondering if the captain was able to radio to shore to warn them of a Tsunami heading to Japan. Also the speed of that wave was surprising indeed of the area it covered inside this video in short duration.



  2. Thats a bit scary…😦