Alien Body Discovered In Buryatia, Russia? April 2011

Possible Extraterrestrial Body Discovered In the Republic of Buryatia, Kabanskiy District, Russia.

Around one month ago, a major UFO event that occurred in the region of Irkutsk in Russia’s Siberia. Hundreds of villagers saw a huge object, glowing pink and blue, hurtle towards Earth before loudly impacting the ground  in a wooded area . The event received widespread coverage in Russia and was reported by Inter-fax, Russia’s government news agency In the West the event was completely ignored if not deliberately kept from public view.
An enormous team of government officials, including military personal, secret service agents and science ministry officials made their was to the UFO crash site within hours of the event occurring.
Now it seems a video has been leaked onto the Internet showing a dead Alien (see video below), found in the Republic of Buryatia, not far from the site of the UFO crash. Is the alien seen in this video a survivor of that crash who managed to leave the area only to die as a result of Russia’s harsh conditions? Warning: the below video contains graphic images. allnewsweb

“we found him over there”
“We found him around two hours ago”
“It must have been lying here for days”

Real Or Hoax?, You Decide..

Source and author:  * allnewsweb  (youtube)

41 responses to “Alien Body Discovered In Buryatia, Russia? April 2011

  1. This same pic seems to be the same one from Canada found in 1992~~~~ so I rule this one out. Not worthy of its salt. Why?? because the dismemberment of the body is so identical, both the same spots, lost the right leg, and lost the left arm. What are the odds that when an alien is killed that it would have both identical injuries practically 10 years apart?????

    We do know that the Grays itself stand only about 4 feet tall as adults. What I saw on both videos these so called aliens are not bigger than 2 feet. If so these are kids not fully grown. We are Giants compared to them believe it or not.

    However I do believe they too have Giants who are Masters to the Aliens. These stand about 10-12 feet tall. In other words these tall aliens are their leaders or commanders or rulers for their race.

    I have played basketball against 7 footers and I stand 5’6 and that is tall for me. In fact kareem abu jabbar who played basketball at UCLA, stood 7.3 and the aliens leaders still will tower over him. Lets put it like this>>> those who know basketball also know how high the basketball rim is OK. Now consider the backboard. The aliens leaders stand as tall as the top of that backboard folks.

    To my understanding they hold tremendous powers and are considered the aliens ancients.

    Do humans still wish to encounter them??? and to see them???? Its fine but one wrong move and its bye bye for you.

    If any harm is done to these small aliens from human works, you can expect severe retaliation indeed.

    Need I say more. In considering their physical strength, they don’t have much at all. Their main strength is inside their heads using telepathy powers. They can do things simply by mental will and they can kill you without lifting a finger simply using their mind power should they have a grievance against you great enough for them to use it.

    Why I say this tonight don’t ask me. I simply put all this down as tired as I am tonight.

    This video is not true and considered a fake in my opinion.



  2. Why the heck aliens are always naked… Make no sense….


    • What doesn’t make sense is that we always are fully clothed! why? damn cultural “evolution”. I’ve been naked for 3 days in a row and the relaxation of the skin (the touch sense, as any other, gets stress even though you don’t realise it) makes a real difference, just as going away from the city to a peaceful, noiseless town.
      They’re right. We’re wrong.


  3. With so many hi-tech sculpturing and molding materials available, plus digital cam-recorders, it’s very easy for anyone to create fake aliens or ufos and put them on YouTube just to get attention. In this video, the alien looks tiny, and it’s covered with slime (which lot of special effects people love to overdo). If it is that cold in Russia, the alien would be lot better preserved and not look that decomposed. If it is that far from the site of crash, how come did it get so far on only one leg? The leg looks kind of like chicken to me, after you rip a drumstick off. Maybe I am wrong, but this film just seems fake to me.


  4. They didn’t show the ufo crash just the alien. If the crash is further away from the alien then if the ufo isn’t messed up to much how did the alien walk or drag it’s way to where it was if the UFO blew up the wouldn’t the Alien look worse?? Think someone made this up.


  5. Now I know there must be some truth to this if Daveyo pooh poohs it because he has pooh poohed everything especially the Dome of the Rock UFO which we know is for sure real because of multiple witnesses and footage. Daveyo, if you are so sure this is footage from another place, can you prove it by providing a link? I didn’t think so. Provide the link you are talking about for the Canadian footage. I don’t think you can because you are a liar and a govt disinformation agent.


  6. I actually hope it is a hoax, because otherwise it is a sad, heartbreaking tradjedy! Poor little fella!


  7. i love your imputs daveyo, thanks.


  8. supppose to say inputs, sorry, lol.


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  10. @ zehutti

    I agree, youd expect them to be in some sort of advanced suit or something as if theyre as intelligent as we think they are, theyre sure to know the frailty of their own bodies…

    also im with daveyo this thing doesnt look to alien really, unless it came from a planet similar to earth its decomposition would go through different colourations, the bbrowny colour is an indication that its skin would have been of a similar colour (brownish), so if it is an alien it wouldnt be one of the grays that we always hear about because they are always decribed as having very light or grey skin…

    I guess it couold be a body that has been trapped beneath permafrost for centuries and has undergone torsion stress, thus distroting the overral shape of the body.


    • Unless you know the physical makeup of greys how would you know how their bodies decompose? Its pretty compelling evidence to me. They creature is the exact same size as the stroies of encounters everyone hears. Especially with the stories hitting the net right now on how its a fake. Their explanations are very poor and it looks more like government troll sock puppet cover-up crap to me. Read the debunkers story on its funny as hell.


  11. If this was true why nothing about an autopsy, there would have been plenty of medical examiner’s who have performed it


    • Why on earth would you think that they would tell us “ya, we have the grey alien and we’re doing an autopsy right now, stay tuned for details”. That makes no sense.


  12. It is inevitable that people will conspire to create hoaxes as well as disinformation regarding events.
    People make good money from book sales and dvds and the ufo and alien agenda is big business.
    Some people make a living from it im sure.
    Maybe one day a real alien will make an appearance.


  13. clearly a hoax, and a bad one at that.


  14. Natasha

    You say I pooh pooh about the Dome of the Rock. You are dead wrong. I said it was the real McCoy girl and it hovered above where the former Temple of the Jews was located. Quit making accusations before you check out the facts cause you really pissed me off and now are in the Cross hairs of my bullseye. Why you cannot investigate the frickin links and keep expecting me to provide you the goddamn links, and go on you tube and look up about the Canadian crap yourself and you will see the same similarities and that one was done in 1992 kiddo. You got some fingers on your hands to do some walking do you??? If so cut out your BS on me.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Condemnation without proper investigation shows your total IGNORANCE.



  15. I was thinking … maybe their demise is deliberate and therefore staged … similar to a suicide that what to go our looking a certain kind of way …

    Maybe they have to give up their original celestial bodies in our atmosphere so their light consciousness could reincarnate in this world …

    Hoax or no hoax … celestials are here in both humanoid, reptilian and ancient celestial forms as this one in the video ..

    did enjoy the posts ..


  16. The alien is too small in relation to the tree. The man in the video seems like he’s daydreaming. In reality, he should be excitedly pointing to this alien. I always look for emotion when someone sees or comes upon something strange such as an alien. It’s a hoax in my opinion.


    • You assume too much. First you have to know what they are saying in the video. They allready knew it was there over 2 hours before shootong this film.

      Transcript of the alien video, roughly:

      -We have found it over there, lets go, look, over there…
      -look, over there lies this ugliness…
      -When you found it?
      -About 2 hours ago… a dog smelt it…
      -what the f#$@…
      -it is clear that it is dead… a corpse…

      -has been down here for a week or so…
      -…if not more…

      Now that you know take another look. I thinks its pretty compelling evidence. It makes more sense that governments would put people out there to try and debunk this which is happening all over the web right now. Why would they put debunkers out there only one day after the video was published? Thats fast too fast


  17. looks like part of the root system they dug up from under the tree…


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  19. Alexey Sapozhnikov

    Most of the hype in the global network has produced a video which has been laid residents of Buryatia. In the plot you can clearly see the dead creature, apparently remotely similar to a human.

    “Cameraman” has shown a doll “under the Alien” made his own dough and covered with chicken skin
    Youtube video appeared on April 14, it posted a user SashafromBaikal. It was assumed that the video was captured alien corpse, lying in the snow. Go to the video attached comments that the shooting was done in Russia, particularly in the area of ​​Buryatia Kabansk near urban settlements, Kamensky. Alleged in the adjoining village forest was found UFOs.

    In the video clearly you can see the badly damaged body, which is missing his right leg. The growth of a creature is not large, about 85-110 cm, most likely a female. Tuesday at the site of the newspaper Novaya Buryatia appeared assumption that finding may be due to the frequent appearance of “saucers” over the territory of the Irkutsk region.

    Uploaded video caused a major stir. By the time published an article, video viewed more than 40,000 times. And on April 17 at the YouTube website was copied videos in English, which so far visited over 630,000 times.

    The mysterious appearance of a “stranger” will soon be solved. Police found an e-mail the author of video and his place of residence. Visiting author, representatives of law enforcement agencies asked the whereabouts of “the alien corpse.” In total numbness, “cameraman” puppet show “under the Alien” made his own dough and covered with chicken skin.

    It turned out that the stranger-homemade two friends put on the snow in the nearby woods. Shooting, making the mobile phone, one of them and posted on the Web. Several days later, local police found a young man in the picture and decided to visit him.

    It turned out that the authors of the video were Timur Hilal (18) and Kirill Vlasov (19 years). And because of the crime in the actions of pranksters police did not find it, and show them anything they could not.


  20. The alien in this video was about 3 ft tall, isn’t that what you hear when people tell of their encounters with these creatures? Pretty compelling evidence to me. I’d like to see someone in Russia make a duplicate of it in the exact same way if its fake. It will never happen because it wasn’t fake. Get a grip debunkers, look whats happening all over the world. There are more things pointing to this being a possabilty than a fake.


  21. Aaron Perez Raymundo

    I’m not convinced by this video.


  22. Looks like a reject from Sesame Street.


  23. …..But anything in an advanced state of decomposition can look ‘unreal’. Has anyone ever met a live one to compare?


  24. Welcome back Morris, I sure missed ya. Was so lonely I cried.

    hehehehehehehehe, good comment.



  25. Likely a fetus of a bear or other large animal.

    Pay attention to the long for-limbs.


  26. It is hard to tell if this is a fake or not. I find the lack of eyes on the corpse, and the shape of the eye sockets compelling. I also find the size of the creature to be very small, and there is really no way to reference what the real size could possibly be (no frame of reference for size), but it looks to be two-feet tall, or maybe smaller. The difference in color of the grey head and the mottled skin is also very compelling. Maybe the creature was burned, or oxidized below the head. Or maybe it was wearing a suit of some kind that it is not wearing in the video. There is also a distinctive shine to the skin below the head, which could possibly be a transparent layer of protection of some kind. All of these possibilities are plausible. If it is a fake, or is a type of Earth-manufactured doll, it is a very good one and these people should be working in Hollywood instead of the popsicle aisle of Russia.

    @Zehuti and Luke:
    As far as why these creatures are always seen ‘naked’, the fact that they are naked is only an assumption. The shiny surface seen in this video might indeed be a protective covering of some kind, only a transparent one. If you believe in the story of Ingo Swann and his remote viewing sessions of the moon, he describes the ‘miners’ there as being naked.
    They must have not been truly naked or they would have died on the moon. The miners must have been wearing a transparent covering of some sort. Also, there are many creatures here on Earth that have transparent protective coverings of some sort, like various types of fish, for example. It just happens that we, as humans, obviously do not have a transparent protective coating.

    We, in general, have a tendency to think in purely human terms and think purely with human ideas, or with Earth as our only point of reference when analyzing things. Many times thinking ‘outside of the box’ (as much as I dislike that phrase) is really what is needed. Not all worlds are like the Earth, so why should all extra-terrestrial creatures, their clothing, spacecraft, technology, or anything about them be disseminated or be judged as being real or practical solely by using Earth’s particular type of physics and atmospheric/cosmic conditions? This would be a mistake, and a very primitive one to make.


  27. Hi all,

    Please let me know something more about this.


  28. The strangest thing about this story is the police work. On the 19th, the MVD gave the names of the two hoaxers, with photos. But a few days later, it’s two other guys that are in front of the camera to confess they are to ones.
    The april 19th press relaease also mentioned that the police had identified the man in the video and had met him. That man is part of the second duo.
    So they knew who had made the video but named instead two other persons.
    it’s on my website at


  29. Another odd thing about this story. The maker of the video was interviewed and gave a detailed account of how he made the fake alien.
    But according to his testimony, he did not put any color on the skin.
    None. Yet, we can see many different colors on it.
    I have the translated interview on my website


  30. PLEASE! ! ! !- anyone with major documented coverups, images of actual political subjects with extraterrestrials, leave in my email. Id love to be offered a steady financial income by the government to interact with the outerlimit beings: simply because they are essentially cowards and we the common folk are pretty fearless in our approach to gain knowledge of the unknown. Hell, i hope to become a protige under them-id beg of them to teach me the mind strengths and to never let me go. This government cares not for us and to be able to live in true peace and to try to adapt with an alien with utmost humblism would be a dream fulfilled. . . i wish


  31. I do believe all the ideas you’ve introduced on your post. They’re really convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for starters. May just you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.


    • those posts were a while ago, I’m still updating the site now. Say, can you tell me the meaning of this quote from kabansk-info :
      Посовещавшись с сотрудниками, редактор решил, что это может быть фальшивкой, и заметку, подготовленную по этому видео, в номер не пропустил.

      I know it begins with ‘After consulting with staff, the editor has decided that it might be fake, …’
      Google translator can’t handle the rest in either english or french.


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