Proof that Weather Modification Exists – Openly Shown on TV in China

Proof that Weather Modification Exists.

Openly Shown on TV in China

Proof of weather modification .. live shots!

Weather Modification is REAL and several companies work for the Government.

YES.. these are “real” companies.. they have been HIRED BY THE US GOVERNMENT and major corporations like PG&E !! also, they have been sponsored by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas.

they have a name for it.. and its not “haarp”…

its called “weather mitigation” aka HAARP and Chemtrails.

quote “eliminate fogs that reduce visibility, USUALLY AT BUSY AIRPORTS”

there is the airport NEXRAD connection! It excites the CHEMTRAILS .. listed as SILVER IODIDE, LIQUID PROPANE, DRY ICE, and VARIOUS SALT COMPOUNDS! OMG!

North American Interstate Weather Modification Council – Link:

West Texas Weather Modification Association – Link:

Quote “making it rain” .. is an understatement.. several people have died as a result of these man made storms.

See the weekly precipitation levels .. see and “rings” on the map. I wonder what is at the center of those rings.. maybe a nexrad radar station at an airport or National Weather Service location?

here is the link:

Image: NEXRAD stations overlayed with precipitation amounts

Source and author:  * sheilaliens (youtube)

4 responses to “Proof that Weather Modification Exists – Openly Shown on TV in China

  1. People have been seeding clouds for rain since the 1930’s. No big secret there…..


  2. Wish they would seed the clouds when the farmers need it and for all the wild fires … :o/


  3. Well the compounds in the spraing is also BARIUM Sulfate and it will kill you. What other compounds are they spraying? This spraying effects also break down your immune system and with HAARP has mind control intentions.


  4. Thought this might be of some interest given the absence of Believer and Pegasus over the HAARP issue. It seems that new concrete evidence is emerging that HAARP can and does use it facility and technology to induce earthquakes as part of America’s national security strategies. Magnometer results are indeed confirming HAARP as being an earthquake creating technology and this as a matter of fact has resulted in the US Govt taking down its HAARP website as of the last three weeks, until the last few days it under pressure from other powerful interested parties being ‘forced’ back online but with edited and docted data with periods of ‘missing’ data specific to earthquake incidents. More and more scientists and independant studies are finding fact in HAARP actively inducing earthquakes around the globe, including, Japan and Haiti. For the full story enlighten yourselves,