UFO Sighting On The Uprise – What Is The Real Agenda

UFO sighting are on an uprise increasing more and more each year. What is the real agenda behind these sightings? Are they aliens or our very own governments using advance technologies? Are we being prepared for project bluebeam, where the government plans to use a fake alien invasion to jump start the new world order?


Whatever the real truth may be we must be prepared, we must keep an open mind and learn to think for ourselves.

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3 responses to “UFO Sighting On The Uprise – What Is The Real Agenda

  1. there was a huge surge in sightings across the globe in late 2010 that climaxed in early (jan-feb) 2011, these were the pyramid assortd gloing orbs tthat were seen from sweden to new york, as of this point these sightings have since diminished and at this point no new sightings have been recorded (that we know of) i think this reports a bit late as its now april and they have definatly pulled back out of thee situation… or so we think


  2. PS The bottom line is: You don’t have much time to get “your house in order”.


  3. Time to return to god and give ur life to him.the devil is at work.