Amazing UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program (video)

NASA’s Anomalies above the Moon – UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program

Author LunaCognita: This presentation is a simple compilation of some more anomalous photographs and 16mm DAC film footage that I have archived during my years of research and investigation looking into the activities of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The images and footage shown here were taken during the Apollo program, filmed by the astronaut flight crews during their journeys to and from the Moon.
Most of what I show here involves “lunar transients” – unidentified objects in space that were captured on film as they transited in front of (or passed near) a celestrial body such as the Moon or Earth. I believe many of these objects are not on the lunar surface, but rather were above the lunar surface when captured on film.

I also include several examples of NASA image obfuscation as well, just to help highlight the fact that the space agency also removes anomalous objects from frame in order to “sanitize” scenes prior to official archive release so as to ensure they do not reveal too much of the truth about what is really up there.


Regarding frame 20680 – the “PYRAMID” frame from Apollo 17 (the very last image I show in this presentation) –
here below is a link where you can read my direct rebuttal to the skeptic claims that the “Pyramid” frame from Apollo 17 (20680) is actually just showing a part of the LRV during EVA2 @ Nansen. That debunker claim is entirely inaccurate, and the fully verifiable evidence I provide you at this link PROVES that you have been grossly and deliberately misled by NASA and the ALSJ online archive website as to the true “where and when” that frame 20680 was actually exposed.…

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5 responses to “Amazing UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program (video)

  1. hi, this video is the one I love to watch. I just can’t believe that NASA would try and hide all of the pictures it even scares me. cause when your hiding things means something really big is up, then again not always can one keep things hidden for too long…see what I mean. just look at all of the hidden videos now slowly leeking out for all to see.


  2. Part 2 time: 7:03 – 7:12 very bad job of adding an image to the background. When you added the FAKE background image, you cropped into the American Flag and into the spacesuit. Plus you blocked out the anntenas on the spacecraft, and part of the background landscape. FAKE!
    As far as the black dots on some of the images. I worked in the photo field for 30 years. When a film processor is dirty, (tar) is stuck to the film. Guess, what, it’s tar! We know there are others out there, why do you need to promote fake objects and pinpoint little dirt spots as aliens?
    Finally, you show the main picture for a nice period of time, but show the so-called whatever for a brief second. I know I know!!!! Because it was nothing!


  3. Very interesting videos. When I see pictures and videos of the moon and moon anomalies I think about a book I read a few years back written by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara titled “Dark Mission: A Secret History of NASA”. It is a very compelling book about the U.S. space race to the moon and the U.S. surveys of Mars, and I recommend it be read. I also think that not all of these space/moon pictures depict alien craft, but some are most likely of alien beings who are able to survive in space. Especially the bright or colored filament or “wormy” looking ones. It also seemed strange to me that so many of the pictures taken on the moon had a completely dark background. To me it almost seemed like the information in the sky or the horizon was deliberately removed or artificially darkened. The more I research this topic, the more it becomes aware to me that this is definitely the case, and these pictures are definitely doctored in some way. I guess it is easier to eliminate the information from the pictures than to admit there has already been civilizations on the moon way before we got there, and there are glass domed structures covering various craters that have been broken after thousands, or millions of years of neglect. The easy way is usually not the right way.

    I also find it strange when researching the STS mission videos (particularly) and other space film is their extremely poor quality. It seems almost inconceivable to me that after spending trillions of dollars worldwide for decades that while we are able to create these incredible craft to orbit the planet and visit the moon, put satellites in space, and use light to transmit information, that we are stillunable to create a camera that takes a decent picture of the space missions and what is happening out there!


  4. some good stuff here interesting to watch, some of the images do seem to be simple camera faults maybe, and some others (if taken from the ground) could be sattilites passing over the lunar surface.

    however i love to think of howpissed nasa must get each time someone posts one of these photos with the deleted information reinstated or with something they missed (eg reflections), always makes me picture this guy fuming at his team of cut and erase guys hahaha,

    to the world government: we arent as stupid as you all think we are, we too are humans with brains and are also capable of rational thought and comprehention



  5. There are evidence that there are artificial constructions and areas on the Moon’s surface that are being intentionally obscured from view. There are weird things found on the moon which are beyond human comprehension.
    See these links