JFK – The Last Real President!

Amazing JFK speech! He speaks the truth to us?

Watch this video and listen to him closely, and what follows. Notice what our leaders are saying to the questions they are asked.

Kennedy tried to warn everyone about the Illuminati control.

Another person who tried to warn everyone: John Tod

John Tod came out in the early 70s warning the American people about the illuminati and their conspiracy to take over the planet. He warned about the illuminati’s plan to bankrupt America and thus the financial markets of other countries in an attempt to disrupt the economy of the world.

He said that the illuminati would make moves to take control over more oil so they can destroy it and rise oil prices.


John Tod was especially known for talking about UFOs and how it tied in together with the Illuminati. John tod was set up for rape, put in a mental institution before he disappeared never to be heared again!

Set up for rape? where have I heard that before? Yes, also Julian Assange has been arrested in London on suspicion of rape…

and… JFK Sought UFO Files 10 Days Before His Death

President John F. Kennedy wrote to the head of the CIA demanding to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs.

Author William Lester, who is researching a new book about Kennedy, says the CIA released the letter to him under the Freedom of Information Act.

Kennedy’s letter, dated Nov. 12, 1963, has the subject line “Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting National Security,” and asks for access to those files.

A second Kennedy letter released to Lester, written on the same date, was sent to the administrator of NASA and expressed a desire for cooperation with the Soviet Union on mutual outer space activities, according to Britain’s Daily Mail




Was JFK shot to stop him discovering the truth about UFOs?

Perhaps his interest in UFOs contributed to his assassination, but
his speech (video 1) was probably what led to his assassination, November 22 – 1963

JFK – The President who told the truth!

This may help awaken some, please, decide for yourselves, what you are comfortable with, and what you are being lead to believe. Or NOT to believe!

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7 responses to “JFK – The Last Real President!

  1. wow, informative, i also believe that speech could have been a defining factor in his ‘dismissal’.

    its funny though that when the politicians etc are asked about that ceremony they know exactlly what the interviewers are talking about, but they still deny any knowledge… suspect much

    ps that ritual seemed pretty bloody messed up, yet those are the people running the world of today, no wonder the worlds up shit creek without a paddle.



  2. Deborah Hart

    XLNT post and video. All true, all extremely relevent! Kennedy died for his honesty, as have many others. I am glad Alex Jones and George Noory are still around! And you too, btw!
    One thing worries me right now though. I have heard the rumors about Google, but never gave it too much concern, even though I have have Google as my home page, and Gmail as my primary email. I really don’t have anything to hide, and am proud be admit to my interests. Anyway, it was my boss (go figure) who had everyone in the company get on Gmail, so that we could streamline our business communications. So far that part of it has worked very well.
    But lately I have had quite a bit of problems with my homepage and Gmail page loading, even to an extreme point. I ask myself, after doing all of the normal troubleshooting, what is causing it. ???
    After seeing the end of the video today I am feeling just a leetle beet paranoid. I have to tell myself that I am such a “small fish”….but then again, I am part of a very large movement, right?


  3. dude are you preaching or do you actually have some sort of fact too back up your ideals, (ps. the bible is not a factual document). To me your two posts dont have any real relevance nor substantial credibility to be taken seiously, also they are quite confusing, i get the reptilian rulerrs stuff but other than that most of it seems to be very religiously driven.


  4. @ Godsend

    I have already read most of the bible as i was educated in the christian community, while i do agree that there are several loosely coincedental events portrayed in the bible, there are many things to discredit the bible as well, do you really believe that we all are the spawn of two people? this would make us all inbred which is fround upon by the ten commandments handed to moses, this contradictory pattern repeats itsel;f time and time againt hrough out the bible and it for this reason that i no longer practise religious belief BUT i am open to discussion about its relevance


  5. God Send

    If your trying to convert me, your barking up the wrong tree.

    also you state ‘the importance of spiritual understanding PRECEDING the application of reason and logic’, so what you are saying is that i should believe in it before i use logic?! obviously you have no scientific background, thats like me believeing that i can levitate the remote to come to me before using my logic to think otherwise, also you say symbolism of the bible proves its verses true, again this is purely speculative and like codes they can be intererated in many numbers of ways, just like mathmatical equations. Im not saying your interperatation is wrong but its quite austentacious to claim it al to be true based on your own defintions.



  6. Again your trying to convert me… it isnt going to happen.

    I am a literal thinker, im not one of the guys who hears a voice telling them to jump off a bridge and they aresure to fly, and blatently follow its advice. Logic and Reasoning are the true factors in discoveries, blind faith alone creates a narrow corridor, if you truley want your eyes opened, open them to the world of science, reason, logic and also take hint and tips from religious reading and not just the bible, there are texts from ancient civilisations that have taughtt us much today. True enlightenment cannot be reached in the pages of a book, it comes with exeperience.

    Also you cliam that the bible knows all and has all the answers, then why does genesis say the earth was createdd in 6 days? why does it also state that the planet is onlt 5000 years old? both of these ‘facts’ have been misproven and are in the opening verses of the genesis chapter, Godsend i think you need to, like i have, take a strong look at the difference between the proven facts of science/logic/reason and compare them to your biblical ‘truths’. Also please dont be one of those overzealous religious fanatics that say ‘well you werent there so how could you know the earth is older than 5000yrs?!’



  7. They’re all liars and thieves…this country needs another revolution.