Weather Warfare International Mash-up!

Weather Warfare International Mash-up!

Weather warfare is the use of weather control techniques for military purposes.

According to a report produced for the United States Air Force written in 1996, weather modification technologies “do not currently exist. But as they are developed, the importance of their potential applications rises rapidly.” Such emerging technologies are described as “a force multiplier with tremendous power that could be exploited across the full spectrum of war-fighting environments. source:

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  1. hurrricane katrina was a by product of global warming NOT HAARP, the reason the storm intesified is because it crossed into the gulf of mexico and into unusually warm waters (which ave been on a steady rise in temperature since the late 70’s) the warm waters super charged the storm overhead forming a massive storm. The same thing has been observed over australia just this year, Queensland was hit by a catergory 4 cyclone borderline 5, because of increase oceam temeratures, this was not becasue of atmoshperic changes but temperature changes in the seawater, people need to sto trying to find sme machine to blame and rather look at our own impact on the planet, so many people get wrapped up in the blame game that they forget that we, humans, have had more effect on global temperatures and global destruction than any one thing we have created.

    However this video does raise some interesting points about storm creation, i would like to know if it was capable of seeding storm clouds, are the ionised particles capable of creating static interfernece in clouds eventually making lightining? its amazing and scary that we are begining to cross borderlines we probably shouldnt and yet these scientists creating these machines are so caught up in the “we can make it” they dont ask “should we make it”, to me the weather is onne thing i would rather let our planet keep control of, only a fool plays with natures toys as if they were a simple rattle. I only can hope that we dont end up destroying ourselves in this pursuit of weather manipulation.


  2. Tracey Armstrong
    weather manipulation does exist and is in full use… look here at this site… they advertise to farmers …. Ruin the planet and charge the farmers to do it… go figure.
    so therefore if it doesn’t exist … why is there a website for access to it?


    • that site looks pretty legit, they do describe cloud seeding etc but not anything to do with HAARP and ELF waves, cloud seeding is not illegal and doesnt have as much of a negative impact as it is only creating or disapatting cloud formations, the weather modification people are really scared of is the stuff that is capable of creating storm clouds, and manipulating destructive weather, i guess also if you made people pay for rain clouds it could be used as a profit organisation


  3. Thought this might be of some interest given the absence of Believer and Pegasus over the HAARP issue. It seems that new concrete evidence is emerging that HAARP can and does use it facility and technology to induce earthquakes as part of America’s national security strategies. Magnometer results are indeed confirming HAARP as being an earthquake creating technology and this as a matter of fact has resulted in the US Govt taking down its HAARP website as of the last three weeks, until the last few days it under pressure from other powerful interested parties being ‘forced’ back online but with edited and docted data with periods of ‘missing’ data specific to earthquake incidents. More and more scientists and independant studies are finding fact in HAARP actively inducing earthquakes around the globe, including, Japan and Haiti. For the full story enlighten yourselves,