WARNING! Expected Super Tornadoes 2 miles to 3 miles in diameter!

To all residents in or about and around the Midwest. Due to the death of the North Atlantic Ocean Conveyor belt, the United States will be experiencing super cells and it has now started and tornados and storms will be of massive size and enormous strengths.  Do expect E-4 on up tornado strengths and the average will be around E-6.  There will be more in the range of E-8 as summer approaches.

Also all residents along the coast lines of the Gulf and the Eastern Seaboard of USA please start now to take precautions to massive hurricanes that will strike in the coming few months from now.

With the North Atlantic Ocean Conveyor belt dead, the warm waters will now be on the upper surface thus spawning huge super hurricanes of winds reaching 200 plus miles per hour and possibly more up to 300 miles per hour.  These super giant cells will form as many of you now are starting to experience this kind of weather and it’s not a joke.

These storms will destroy anything and everything in its path and the tornados will reach 2 miles to 3 miles in diameter packing winds up to 300-400 mph.

The only safe means you have is to head for the lowest floor or a secured basement and tie yourselves to some solid post that will not uproot from the ground.  By tying yourself to some post will increase your chances to survive a direct hit so you do not get sucked out from the vortex point of the funnel itself.  Make sure you are tight up against some concrete walls at the nearest – repeat nearest corner towards the funnel direction.  You do not want to be on the opposite side of its direction. Example  direction of funnel >  be here   L <<  the closest point to funnel direction before it hits.  If you have any bicycle helmets or motorcycle helmets put them on to protect your head and LAY FLAT ON THE GROUND SECURED BY THE TIE THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.


Keep going until you are at a safe distance from the funnel.  These twisters will be of E-4-to E-8 of strength, so watch out for flying debris falling down around you. Yes it can lift a large heavy locomotive with relative ease and toss it a few miles away, even loaded fuel tankers like it is match sticks.  Those stuck in skyscrapers get down to the ground straight to the basement level and stay back along the walls especially in the corner areas if such twister appears in your area.  Don’t stop to gawk at it, and just drop whatever you are doing and get the hell out of there pronto.

Wish you peace and hope you survive.  Don’t panic but use your heads OK.

Author – Contributor: Daveyo

EEF4 Tornado Tuscaloosa

This video is from the EF4 tornado that went through Tuscaloosa, AL on 4/27/11. It was taken from the University Mall parking lot. Probably the closest video to the storm your going to see.

Supercell Storm over Starkville, Mississippi
A potent supercell thunderstorm drifted over the campus of Mississippi State University at around 5:30pm CDT on April 20th, 2011. This storm packed up to baseball-sized hail and dropped a rotating…
Click the following link to view the full article:

Video source:   (youtube)

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  1. Folks, granted this is a site for UFO and such discussions, but I am compelled to also give such warning out to all of you in the hopes that you become definitely aware that the weather patterns worldwide has made a significant change and its going to be very very bad for many places.

    The main particular cause of all this is the DEATH OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC CONVEYOR BELT. Many of you will debate on this and even Oil Companies will try to dispel and even do PR damage control, and even the Governments will try their best to cover things up and these people and some scientists will also try to say the opposite of what is happening. DON’T TRUST THEM AT ALL. Trust yourselves, trust what you see live on some of these pictures, trust some other people not connected to those who speak of fork tongue, and do make such reports that try to warn you, and most of all TRUST YOURSELF. You have a brain and can think and can see so why deny it???? Its very obvious so stay with reality. OK.

    This is not caused by any UFO, as they play no role in any of this. This is caused by the assholes who gouge you at the gas pumps, caused by the Government who gives such permits for deep off shore oil drilling without any regard to the safety of the environment and have really no real emergency provisions to cap and to stop the leak when such rig hits a failure mode be it of excessive pressure or damage etc.

    How is this so, first of all on a lot of these Oil Platforms, from the top to the bottom of the seabed can be as much as a mile in depth. From the seabed to where they wish to strike oil can be as much as another few miles down. Depends on how far they have to go. When a problem happens like the recent incident at the Gulf, and of such depths, when the leak starts that pressure is going to push out hundreds of thousands of barrels a day spreading all around the floor bed.

    In my opinion they are woefully inadequate to stop such a leak because first they have to dive down 5,000 feet just to reach the seabed, and from there they can see a tremendous amount of oil coming out.

    Same thing on the surface as some of you have seen, when they have a blow out the oil gushes very high into the air and by the time they are able to cap it the damage is great. It is 1,000 times harder to cap such blowout at extreme depths such as a mile down!!!!! The only alternative to cap such and to stop such is to set off a small nuclear device enough to push the ground up and with all that water it will push the ground down and seal it. Now you don’t need much cause a nuclear device is quite powerful even 1 ounce of it. Such explosive device is only meant to cap the leak as quickly as possible. Any radiation leak will be at minimum provided the device explodes at a reasonable depth below the seabed. If they put the explosive device parallel to the drilling hole at the proper depth, they can can solve a serious problem very quickly and it will cap the leak permanently.

    They claim to be the experts, so now look at what we have to deal with on the surface having super cells develop and massive storms of enormous proportions are about to and will hit all around the world. Its now started folks. Who is going to pay for all this damage???? Will BP Oil take up on such responsibility? Hell no, its coming out of your own pockets and if you have insurance, I hope it was up to date value wise otherwise you will lose your ass rebuilding your life back again.

    Then again a cow survives a direct hit of a E-5 tornado and the camera saw it walking after the twister passed by over the camera!!!!!!! and a lady made it while she was still inside her bathtub!!!!! Her neighbors were not so lucky, as they were all killed!!!!!.

    I still remember when a city north of me was hit by a twister. About 20 families ( a total of about 60 people) disappeared yet their homes totally destroyed were never to be found again. This was back in the 70’s. The place is Zion, Illinois. Also I did encounter a twister myself in my own town. I was stopped at a goal light and just happenned to look at the rear view mirror and I see this twister heading right behind me. I hit the gas pedal shoved the car into lowest gear and shot out of there as the back of my car started to lift up. I did not give a damn who was in front of me and raced down to the end of the street and made a right hand turn away from the funnel. After it left I went back to survey the damage and came across a tree. Guess what. I saw a drinking straw practically embedded into the tree in perfect condition, and saw a piece of sheet steel completely wrapped around half of the same tree. When I saw that kind of power demonstrated coming from a twister, believe me it is powerful. Everything around that area was totally destroyed, a tavern, 2 gas stations, 7 homes all around the 4 corners including a apartment building. The tree minus its leaves was the only one left standing intact!!!!! I think about 30 people were killed in that incident if I remember correctly.

    A nice tit for tat ehhh.



  2. Thanks for the concern Daveyo. However, an E8 tornado is almost inconceivable to ever occur. The wind speed would need to be at least 319 mph (513.38 kph) for an E6 tornado and at least 446mph (717.77 kph) for an E8 tornado to occur. The highest wind speed ever recorded in a tornado was only briefly 316 mph (508.55 kph) and was also not recorded at ground level, but was recorded higher in the atmosphere. The highest sustained wind speed ever recorded was in Cylcone Olivia in 1996 in Western Australia. This was a 253 mph (407.16 kph) sustained wind speed. None of these speeds are even close to an E7 tornado, never mind an E8 tornado. I would have to say that 400 mph tornadoes and 300 mph hurricanes are not going to happen unless there is a highly detrimental worldwide collapse of jet stream winds and worldwide ocean currents at the same time. This is very highly unlikely to happen. Then again, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
    There has definitely been an outbreak of tornadoes and severe weather in the U.S. this year, but this has also been the case in many previous years. Here is a good link for tornado frequency in North America. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_North_American_tornadoes_and_tornado_outbreaks The number of tornadoes that occur is not directly related to the amount of tornado fatalities either. Some small outbreaks have higher fatality rates than large outbreaks. We have had problems with tornados and hurricanes in the U.S. for a very long time. What concerns me more is the increasing frequency of these tornadoes, not their strength. I would venture to say that “El Nino” and “La Nina” are not the only cause for these frequent outbreaks. I believe that various governments of the world are conducting weather control experiments, and this is helping to cause these unusual weather patterns all across the globe. (The “Russian Woodpecker” is a good example of this. http://www.rense.com/political/weapons/weather.htm ) There is also the possibility of a magnetic vortex in the Gulf of Aden which is exacerbating the problem. I have only seen a fragment of reporting on the phenomena, but all the evidence presented seems very plausible. https://thetruthbehindthescenes.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/the-us-secret-bunker-the-gulf-of-aden-vortex-contact-made/


  3. Link to the NOAA Fujita scale:


  4. Thought this might be of some interest given the absence of Believer and Pegasus over the HAARP issue. It seems that new concrete evidence is emerging that HAARP can and does use it facility and technology to induce earthquakes as part of America’s national security strategies. Magnometer results are indeed confirming HAARP as being an earthquake creating technology and this as a matter of fact has resulted in the US Govt taking down its HAARP website as of the last three weeks, until the last few days it under pressure from other powerful interested parties being ‘forced’ back online but with edited and docted data with periods of ‘missing’ data specific to earthquake incidents. More and more scientists and independant studies are finding fact in HAARP actively inducing earthquakes around the globe, including, Japan and Haiti. For the full story enlighten yourselves,



  5. john lee sullivan

    Hi Daveyo. I live in the UK, so I don’t get these Hurricanes or Tornado’s
    ( not at the moment, anyway) like you guy’s do. I will not cast aspersions on what you are reporting, but I will ask you where do you get your facts from? As you say, this is very serious and concerning events, and it would be easy to scare people with what you are reporting.
    Also you said, this is the start. I take it you mean the start of Worldwide extreme weather. I don’t doubt you on this, I believe you are right. My concern now is to ask your opinion on the weather that the UK faced over 2010 to 2011 winter. For once, we actually got a winter when we were supposed to. This cold snap lasted for some time, and covered a fair chunk of Europe. If winter 2011 to 2012 repeats the same as last year, and the cold snap is longer, and colder, do you believe that we could be heading for another ice age? This too apparently could be down to the slowing of the Gulf-stream.

    John Sullivan


  6. Michael Edwards

    Some folk on here are saying the North Atlantic Conveyor Belt is dying because of global warming.

    Other folk are saying that HAARP and human-made scalar squares are to blame.

    I am not a meteorologist. How do I know which is correct?


  7. Folks please pay attention. I have lived in the Midwest of USA for 50 years, and I have experienced some of these tornados.

    For the most part during all these years, the tornado funnels were of small variety like bent pencils or similar to one part of a swatsa emblem. Hmm, another description would me like a electrical symbol OK.

    What we are seeing now is totally different, as these storms are now MASSIVE in size and the funnels have tripled to Quad in size. In USA we hardly ever for the most part ever see such occurences.

    I have read of Faceless comments concerning the wind speeds. Also at the same token they have changed the F scale now to EF scale and to me its bullshit on how such is being rated. OK. A 150 mile per hour wind is not going to lift a 200 ton locomotive!!!!!! We ARE SEEING LOCOMOTIVES NOW BEING LIFTED OFF THE TRACKS. They even got a clear on board camera showing how a twister came close to a moving train and literally blew down heavy fully loaded coal cars and tankers full of liquid holding about something like 40,000 gallons or more. These things weigh over 20 tons. Keep in mind this train was not having a direct hit but a glancing hit of very high winds. 150 mph side glance wind is not going to knock down a 20 ton car. Some of these full size locomotives weigh 500 tons.

    And to think the winds speeds is not going to happen Faceless. Take a good look at the super cells and click on that link. OK. Look at the size of the damn cell.

    In my 50 years in the midwest I have never seen such a cell, but have seen huge thunderstorms which is obvious. But a cell like such now is appearing, its a total different ballgame.

    At the heart of those twisters my friends the winds will pack a wallop and believe me it will hit easy 300 plus miles per hour. Not to mention besides the winds which you can see how the clouds are moving on these massive twisters, the vortex on the ground has a tremendous suction – similar to like a vacuum cleaner.

    When you encounter a twister folks, you not only encounter wind factors but you also encounter suction factors. 2 at the same time. In case you don’t know it, cars can spin around in full complete circles inside the twister or just on the outside of it and people have seen such. Ever wonder why a car is found like 5 miles from where it was originally parked????

    A regular drinking straw can kill you!!!!! as I have seen it perfectly embedded into a OAK TREE, ALMOST HALF WAY IN BASED ON THE STRAW LENGTH. If you think I am joking you, try taking on a twister yourself. But before you do, let me know cause I will pay for some insurance cause I know I will collect when they find you dead. The pencil type twister I encountered completely destroyed the 4 corner intersection and it just missed me by a mere few feet!!!!!!!! All that was left standing was a tree (oak) minus its leaves and most branches broken off.

    Anyway, there is plenty of evidence now on the size of these twisters and the size of these monster super cells.

    If you have any doubt, I pray and hope that if you encounter seeing one of these remember Daveyo gave you this warning, and get the hell out of there but if you are trapped or find it too late to escape then seek cover in your basement by a corner closest to the twister that is coming at you. When it does hit, Pray and hope you not get sucked out.

    A twister does not blow a house down like a hurricane does. A twister will pack winds and have a powerful up lift like I said being a vacuum cleaner. So homes are RIPPED UPWARDS OFF THE FOUNDATIONS, not blown down. They get ripped up and then travel some distance.

    So if one twister is hitting a locomotive weighing 200 tons and lifts it off the tracks I can guarantee you the wind and suction factor exceed over 400 mph.

    I am not talking long sustained speeds. I am talking of short duration speeds that can last 5 minutes or so and the conditions are just right for such speeds and uplift to pick one of those things up. A pencil twister will hardly do a thing to it. But definitely a F-4 on up will.

    When I speak of pencil type twisters its what is on the ground OK. These can ranges like a 100 feet in diameter or a bit more. What we are seeing is twisters on the GROUND BEING 2 MILES ACROSS!! END TO END.

    For one to be of this size trust me its F-5 period. No question about it. OK. F-5 and even a F-4 will destroy everything in its path!!!!!!! Concrete with steel have been known to be lifted apart.

    USA has not hit the hurricane season yet. But when it does, and it becomes a monster do make a jingle here and say dippity doo its here. It will be interesting to see what the wind speeds will be coming from your report.

    As of UK, your severe weather began late on the back end of winter. I am not sure what will be expected this upcoming winter, but you got two conveyor belts still going but they are weaken quite considerably. Also you got the ocean and France nearby that will act as a breaker for you. With the Arctic getting warmer it remains to be seen. As for this coming summer be prepared for extreme hot temps to hit you hard.

    Even Thailand is experiencing very weird weather. Normally its hot, humid and dry at this time of the year. Instead we are getting severe thunderstorms heavy rain deluges, and COLD WEATHER!!!! in the low 60’s. Right now at this time of the year we should be popping over 105 to 110 degrees, and its not happening. Its only 85 degree weather!!!!

    I hope we don’t have that super hot weather. Last year my electric bill for one month exceed 14,000 Baht!!!!! So far its hovering at 7,500 baht. Figure 30 baht to one dollar OK. So for the last two months I have been spared that huge electric bill.

    Good luck to you all.



    • Daveyo,

      Looks can be deceiving. Just by looking at a thunderstorm you cannot predict its strength. None of the tornados this year (yet) have exceeded the maximum wind speeds that have already been established on Earth (at a burst of 316 mph (508.55 kph) and sustained at 253 mph (407.16 kph)). The tornadoes in the United States have their wind speed measured not only by radar, but also by weather stations on the ground. I would have to say this combination of modern technology and field observation is quite reliable in their measurements of wind speed. This does not take away from the power of a tornado, and does not trivialize them either. However, it is virtually impossible for an E8, EF8, or any similarly rated tornado to exist the same way it is virtually impossible for a 10.0 Richter scale earthquake to happen on planet Earth.

      Regarding the 200 ton locomotive, this is also not a new situation. There are documented cases from 1919, 1931, and 1974 which show tornadoes of “garden variety” F2 and F3 strength lifting 100 ton locomotives into the air and derailing trains. Because of the shape of a train, it allows the ‘lifting force’ of a tornado to propel it into the air. If the train were a different shape, there is a much greater chance it will not be able to be lifted by the tornado. The aerodynamics of an object is what causes it to be lifted, not purely the wind speed or rotation. If there were no space under the train for the wind to get under it (like where the wheels are located), there would be no chance for it to get lifted into the air by the tornado, and it would stay on the ground. Air causes an object’s “lift” It does not exert “pull”.


  8. All you have to do is look to see if the North Atlantic Conveyor is dead or not. Either You Tube or do a search on the internet. Plenty of referances to it.

    It died last year after the oil spill. The oil is still there but on the bottom and its held there from the detergents applied to it. Otherwise it will float up to the surface and contaminate the beaches.



  9. Michael Edwards


    There’s a guy on YouTube, who often has stuff posted on here, dutchsince, who is busy tracking apparent HAARP rings and human-made scalar squares which he blames for all this craziness.

    So I guess I wonder what all this means….

    Are you saying you are correct and he is incorrect? Or are you both somehow correct?

    Many thanks!


  10. We got pretty brutal wind up here in the capital of Canada. Took out trees, roof’s, fences and powerlines, wiped out alot of power too. Tornado watches were in effect. We RARELY get those. Somethings entering our inner solar system, combined with the sun waking up and causing more intense storms.


  11. 1979 Wichita falls tx had a mile wide F4
    1999 Moore ok had a devestating wide F5

    In the ’79 some homes were blown down due to straight line winds in the storm, others ripped to shreds. Trains were pulled/blown off tracks. A tornado has much more going on than just spinning air, there’s straight winds, an ridiculous pressure changes. There were places a line of cars were tossed like toys while some didnt move more then an inch.
    “super tornadoes” do happen they’re just rare. Sometimes mother nature just likes so show man whose the real boss in the end!


  12. Well, if you were to see Tuscaloosa folks, even stupid Obama admitted outright he has never seen such destruction. In Alabama over 300 were killed, and some have survived and almost got sucked up by the twister.

    The way they rate the power of the tornado is all wrong.

    You have to put in the factor of the uplift, the factor of the spin, the factor of the tornado twister end to end (the size), the factor of the upstream, and then the wind speed. When its all combined then you can rate your F category.

    You cannot rate what it can do so buildings here and there as that is total bullshit. Example>> Say the twister is 1 mile wide and lifted up a 250 ton locomotive off the tracks, and continued down to town. A store built of concrete and steel gets ripped opened and further down another store of the same does not and only loses its roof, some homes get some damage and some homes wiped out, etc and so forth.

    The wind and power of the twister fluctuates and variates as its ripping thru down its path. Its not a steady speed.

    They have admitted the best recording of wind speed was 205 mph. Trust me it was much more powerful than what is being reported.

    Again Locomotive vs a small well built building, having concrete and steel re-inforcements etc., >>>Locomotive still sits, but the small well built building ripped to shreds.

    A cow was seen walking down the street after encountering a F5 twister which destroyed everything in its path, yet the cow survived. Understand what I am saying here OK. You cannot compare, but only can make a judgment on its power once you view several well built buildings that were directly hit by the twister. Then you can get some idea of its strength and give a rating.

    The warning I have given you is true, and more is yet to come so folks get ready for a wild summer of weird weather having incredible monster storms never before witnessed or seen.

    It has begun



  13. Not arguing with you on the garden variety type tornadoes. Today most locomotives weight in excess of 375 tons and a lot of them on the 500 ton range.

    The recent F4 rated tornado lifted a 300 ton off the tracks my friend. In fact one engineer saw a monster twister bearing down right at him in front of him and slammed the brakes and he reversed the train to go backwards and he had the 500 ton baby. He was not taking any chances. There was a video that showed this incident.

    Did you recently see the size of a storm brewing out east from Maine in the atlantic ocean???? That storm is HUGE. I have never seen something that gigantic and its still picking up steam and its going to pack a wallop.

    Tornado season just started now. So lets hang on to our seat belts folks cause from what I am seeing what is developing out in the Atlantic is by no means going to be nice.

    The problem as I said before Faceless regarding tornados is they do not account for the suction power. That is the power that can literally take steel and concrete and rip it out like its a pretzel. When it starts lifting 500 ton locomotives, that twister is packing a punch and if a human was in its path and tied down to a solid stake, your body is going to be ripped into pieces.

    Its very similar to like a vacuum cleaner folks. The main power is right near the twister itself, and its the suction power we have to worry about the most. The wind also plays a role in it, but that suction is what is going to tell you the final story of its aftermath.

    Listen I still am in awe watching on the video of a cow practically surviving a F4 twister, landed down on the street and it walked away. What are the odds on that????? And to find a woman still in her bathtub a few blocks away still alive while everything around her was totally destroyed??? and neighbors near her dead.

    If I see such twister, I am outa there pronto if able to do so without getting killed. If trapped say a prayer and head to the lowest and nearest corner closest to the twister itself and hope you survive. That is the best I can tell ya.

    You might see your entire house get literally ripped out from its foundations and watch it go bye bye and you might be lucky enough to be alive. If not well someone hopefully will find your body and RIP.

    So far we have a 1.5 to 1.7 mile one officially confirmed. Waiting now to see what the Atlantic storms are gonna bring in to USA and if its going to be spawning the tornados.



  14. Theoretically, what is the BIGGEST(in terms of miles wide and windspeed) size a tornado could ever get?


  15. Oh wow.
    This is absolutely, far and wide the most sensationalistic bullshit I’ve come across on the internet since that idiot claimed Planet X was going to kill us all in 2003 shortly before eating her own dogs. (True fact. Check it out)

    I hope the OP of this thread feels like a complete moron knowing that no tornadoes of F8 (F in this case standing for FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE) standard have occurred, nor have any Super cyclones or Hurricanes of that manner occurred in the months since this post. The biggest cyclone was Yasi, which, while a monster (I should know, I live in the state that it hit and my girlfriend lived in one of the affected towns) was well within feasible parameters given the right conditions and didn’t directly cause any fatalities (the only death due to a man running a generator with no ventilation caused him to suffocate in the fumes).

    I’d also like to address the stupidity of telling people to run left to avoid a tornado.
    Are you familiar with sidewinders?
    Also let me ask you this.

    Lets say for arguments sake you are face to face with a twister almost 2 miles in diameter, or even a really fast F3.
    You reeeally fucking think that running left is going to let you get out of range of the suction, or the twister itself given the speed these things move at?
    Tornadoes are some of the most unpredictable weather phenomenon in the world. Telling someone that running left is the best way to escape one is like telling someone they can pass through a brick wall if they try to run really really fast. You can hope like hell, but it ain’t gonna happen.

    This is complete hype and sensationalism at it’s finest.
    I’ve seen no ACTUAL scientific facts stated to support any of the claims made here.
    I’m sorry but stuff like, “I’ve seen a tornado knock over/pick up a 500 ton train!” Doesn’t count as science driven fact.
    I’ve seen a man pull a fully loaded semi trailer with his bare hands, it doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things, just means he’s really fucking tough and a bit of a freak. Doesn’t mean every human being on the planet is going to suddenly start pulling trucks around.

    Any twister that’s picked up a train or anything of that weight range would have, by fluke, struck it on just the right angle to allow the airflow to get beneath it and lift it. A lucky strike and aerodynamics.

    Faceless was the only person to approach the situation sensibly and with actual facts and statistics.


    The Atlantic/North Atlantic belt is still going.
    It’s slowing, but hasnt “died” nor will it. It may reverse, but will never die.
    And no. It’s reversal won’t cause Some giant Cyclone or wicked huge Tidal wave of infinite destruction.

    Next section.
    PAY ATTENTION CAUSE THIS IS IMPORTANT (fucking caps caps caps.)
    S’cuse the language, I am an Aussie after all.

    “The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), which carries warm water to high northern latitudes near the surface and returns cold water in the deep ocean to the Southern Hemisphere, affects and is affected by global climate change. There has been debate as to whether the AMOC has begun slowing down due to global warming, but research on AMOC variability based on instrumental records is limited. One possible indicator of change in the AMOC is the North Brazil Current (NBC), a strong current that flows northward in the tropical South Atlantic, connecting the North and South Atlantic oceans, and plays an important role as a major pathway for surface return flow in the AMOC.

    Zhang et al. calculate how the NBC varies on multidecadal time scales based on a record of 50 years of observations off the coast of Brazil. They find that NBC transport changes are correlated with Labrador Sea deep convection (important for deepwater formation) and with a broad pattern of sea surface temperature anomalies in the Atlantic (sometimes referred to as the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation or Atlantic Multidecadal Variability), both of which have previously been linked to AMOC fluctuations. The researchers therefore suggest that observed NBC variability is a useful indicator of AMOC variations. They confirm this using a climate model simulation. Furthermore, the authors note that although some studies have suggested that the AMOC is slowing down due to global warming, the NBC shows multidecadal variability but no significant slowing trend over the past 50 years.”

    Unless it’s directly cut off by a rising landmass or hit by a fucking meteor, it’s not going to spontaneously stop on its own.

    Oh and FYI Tornadoes form over land 90% of the time, any water spouts that do form over the ocean, will never reach 2 miles in size, nor could they ever have the energy to sustain themselves for long enough to make landfall from the ocean.

    and if ANYONE says I’m a government spy trying to cover up some doomsday theory that the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Sector 7, NCIS, CBS, PETA and the fucking MAFIA all know is coming and refuse to tell us and I’m somehow working for them, I’ll shit literal fucking bricks of hilarity.

    I live in Australia. The land of polar opposite weather.
    We just had the biggest cyclone by way of size in recorded history. Bigger even than the monster Typhoon Tip.
    You don’t see us running around spouting apocalypse bullshit.

    YES it’s true the weather patterns are undergoing a change and are becoming more intense than usual. But historical records show that this kind of thing happens in cycles and is not instant but happens over a period of decades.

    Also, finally, to the idiot who said that this was all the cause of something entering our solar system, like a fucking rogue planet or some other super size astral body, or that the sun is “waking up” (Not only is it in remission, but the solar sun spot cycle will be one of the quieter ones this year and will have a very simple solar maximum, but seriously, like a G2V class star with an output capacity of 9.192×1010 megatons of TNT per second, was ever asleep in the first place) needs a headbutt and a date with his shrink.

    Sorry if this seems overly aggressive, but I’m sick and tired of people like the OP causing panic and fear with wild claims and no real education background in the sciences, or evidence short of youtube videos and fucking website links.