UFO’s recorded near Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in London, days before the Royal Wedding

April 19, 2011: Dutch witness: While visiting London with our family, my daughter spotted a small white ‘thing’ across London sky. We are standing with our back to Tower of ‘Big Ben’. First we thought it was a parachute, but it was way to high up in the sky. As i zoomed in it looked like a cloud that changed shape. It stayed there for at least about 30 minutes. As the rest of the family wanted to proceed with the tour, i was not able to check how long it stayed there during the day. I lost sight of it.

The ship seems to be moving and changing shape and consists of at least threedifferent parts.

April 28, 2011: Witness: Filmed over London, it is not very clear but the object has both blue and red lights, and moved up and down in a weird way; it was like nothing we had really seen before and couldn’t explain it.  I know it’s not that great quality, we were in a rush and run out of camera memory.

UFO researcher George Filer commented that UFOs are often seen during major world events and RAF pilots already report about increasing number of recent sightings in the sky over English Channel.

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6 responses to “UFO’s recorded near Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in London, days before the Royal Wedding

  1. The UFO videoed in London will take some debunking, I’ve enlarged & studied it, it’s certainly a genuine unaltered video of something at least I have never witnessed. It appears to actually morph in size & density.
    Unless the military has made a quantum leap into dematerialisation & back again it would appear we are being visited.
    It actually looks like a display of some kind but whether or not it was for us to witness is another question.
    It was a great piece of observation, well done.


  2. I was recently telling friends to expect to see something during that.
    Nothing big happened, but this popped up.


  3. john lee sullivan

    LMAO! Do you guys not know a helium filled balloon when you see one? Come on guys, it was a day of celebration, there were dozens of helium balloon vendors in the streets. This plain and simple looks like 4 or 5 balloons tied together with string, let loose from the crowds.


  4. It does not look like balloons to me…. Balloons don’t morph…. For those of us who have witnessed UFO’s often enough, many can testify that UFO’s do some very strange things; the shapes that they take are vast. Excellent video by the way to The Truth Behind The Scenes.


  5. LOL


  6. i could not watch the films it tried 3 times o each one and they did nto work . please could you put more writig in this because it has not told me any thind thanks 🙂