NEW MADRID -Levee Detonation – Flooding the fault line WILL cause seismic movement

Levee Detonation Under Way potential New Madrid earthquake underway

NEW MADRID – Flooding the fault line WILL cause seismic movement


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3 responses to “NEW MADRID -Levee Detonation – Flooding the fault line WILL cause seismic movement

  1. I don’t think surface detonations is going to trigger it. The explosions is not like it is being done 10 miles down.

    All they did was detonated the levee walls to release the water build up so it goes into the Missisippi River. The only part they are concerned about is in Cairo Illinois where that levee is going to take a brunt hit as the floods from the north come down and they don’t know if it will hold up.

    Give it a rest OK.



  2. I don’t think the detonation will do anything, however if water seeps deep into the fault and into the deeper rock with high temperature, it could have an effect. Plus shifting the weight of water have been known to cause small earthquakes (for example, when the Hoover Dam was built, there were earthquakes when the man-made lake was filling up.)


  3. Cool site! I got ya bookmarked.

    Folks don’t forget fracking done to tap natural gas……imagine all that displaced space filling up with volumes of flood water….AND they are talking about blowing several more levees. Combined that might be what it takes to cause the major quake IMO.